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  1. Hey, guys, friends who could help, I've been wanted to watch Zootopia and want to know which movie site is what they say it is meaning free.

    1. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      I found one called Livespy: it says you can watch high quality movies, watch all your movies without limits, 100% free advertising and able to watch anytime and anywhere. How many of you have used this? Is it reliable and guaranteed to be everything it said?

    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      It sounds a little to good to be true.


  3. O)h my god, why is both Ponysquare and Derpibooru having problems? That never happened..

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Inb4 MLP Forums goes down.

  4. Well... thank you for answering back so quick it was good to get a reply I suppose. Really though, thanks for the reply, so hopefully if you or someone else can help me with my stories by proof reading and stuff, it would be good.
  5. I need the exact same thing you're looking for, so if you find anymore extra help let me know through here please.
  6. My dream job would to become a good artist, animator and cartoonist. I want to make western and anime toons. The next thing I'd do is hopefully... if it's possible for my dream to come true, I would want to make the next generation of MLP see it become just as good as Lauren Faust generation of MLP, but I know I'll have to work for that dream job to become a reality.
  7. Actually Actually, I believe it was all because of the mountains upon mountains of Human fan art that the Bronies drew that enticed them to make Equestria Girls which sounds like a whole better possibility than Hasbro taking things from a whole another fanbase made to sell cheap toys like those.
  8. Why is there no information in content I follow? Is this a bug?

    1. Malinter


      might be. especially as they've been doing a server transfer thing for the past few days

    2. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Are you serious? Now I can find the forums I been i!

    3. Malinter


      Well when i click on the topics on your page I can see the topics you've joined in. maybe to can locate the stuff you follow that way?

  9. I second those things and I'll respect their authority as my lord and savior then do what they wish of me.
  10. The similar coloring they both share if not the same? And at the same time, yes, the way she interacted with her was somewhat casual to how you talk to someone you know personally, if you know what I mean. The evidence I have to back this up is during the musical events of the Friendship Games when Suri faced Cinch's evil glare, and started getting all tensed, scared and nervous that may she that all the students are (or at least were) intimidated by her however, she was actually the first called Cinch out bravely without really sounding scared at all. That's when I thought she may know her somehow. It might jot make sense to some and might not have to much evidence, but that really kinda gave me that idea.
  11. Could Principle Cinch be Sunny Flare's mom?

  12. Could Principle Cinch be Sunny Flare's mother for the obvious reason from looking at them? Could it be possible or too far fetched to really be true? THIS WAS MADE COMPLETELY FROM BOREDOM!!
  13. If any of you saw this topic I made how many of you don't care if Earth and Pegasui have magic?

    1. Show previous comments  24 more
    2. Black Sabbath

      Black Sabbath

      No, you called me close minded because I didn't share your opinion.

    3. Echo Narcissa

      Echo Narcissa

      Okay, look, you said what you needed to say, so you can either leave now or stay on topic cause just like before, I don't feel like getting into this with you.

    4. Echo Narcissa
  14. Sir or miss, what did I just say? Discussion closed okay. No need to respond let us both just stop right here if I had a lot of time to elaborate, but I don't so, I'll just stop right here and justify myself when I can. But you made good point with Chrysalis though. I Apologize for the other night ma'am/sir it was a long day and night for me, so anyway, you made good points above that when you mentioned Sombra and Chrysalis for King Sombra, I only thought about what would scare the small kids if I saw it as for Queen Chrysalis, the possibility of thought would be better discussed, but as everyone can see, King Sombra have most likely died from the exploding blast.