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  1. my 3 year old has a leapfrog tablet. he always used my granny's kindle and my computer, and he's really good with technology even when he was only 2, so i bought him that. might as well encourage his learning. he uses our phones, but i'm not buying him his own yet. i wouldn't say he's spoiled. that was a christmas present. he knows he can't get whatever he wants at the store, and he won't throw a fit over it.
  2. Just in college. I work night shifts then have morning classes, so i never get to sleep. i actually dropped this semester of school because i didn't want to fail the class from sleeping through it all the time
  3. No, but it's actually really common.
  4. I wish i was a dude, or at least just not a female. there is absolutely nothing good about being a girl with functioning girl organs
  5. Nulln

    Mega Thread Do you have any pets?

    the best pets are cats. i have a cat, dog, rat, and birds right now. i like cats because they're calm and cute and are fine with doing their own thing and don't NEED constant attention.
  6. I hate waking up everyday. I work night shifts, then I have school at the buttcrack of dawn, then the rest of my day is taking care of my son. I work weekends, too, so I don't get to relax. lol
  7. nutrition: food for upper gastrointestinal disorders communication: how to interact with other cultures anatomy: meiosis and mitosis psychology: the chemical imbalance in the brain that creates depression
  8. The human race will not evolve because we won't let it. Evolution occurs when a desired trait is passed on and become a part of the whole (with exceptions) race. We don't allow ourselves to get rid of undesirable traits, so we don't evolve as a species.
  9. I've been on tv a few times. I did parades when I was little, and then when I was in band as I got older, we did a lot of parades with that, too. I did the Disneyland parades while I was in band for a couple years as well, not sure if that was filmed or not. I do know they have filmed the parades before.
  10. It could possibly be an intro to a series *crosses fingers* Where human twilight will end up taking normal twilight's place in the group of friends, so they could easily do a series with EG without involving the ponies anymore. Of course, a 3rd movie would be the perfect bridge to the movies transitioning into a series while wrapping up the ponies' involvement with the human world.
  11. I love it. My whole family drinks together, I guess it's just something we share and have fun doing together.
  12. So the earth ponies can plant their seeds on schedule so they can grow the food on time. The snow would melt on its own, but it would take a while, and then they might not have enough food for when they need it if they had to wait. They even say in the song "the food we've stored is running out, and we can't grow in this cold"
  13. Well it's not a fast food place, but Chuy's definitely has the best fries in the world. They taste like onion rings!
  14. mlp is about anthro ponies. they're obviously not anthro in body shape, but anthro also means human-like qualities given to a non-human being. they have houses and jobs and make clothes and use money and blah blah. the ponies are feral form anthropomorphic animals. mlp fans are by definition furries, but not all furries are bronies, since you have to like mlp to be a brony. also, i've seen just as much is not way more nsfw pony art than furry art. i would think bronies of all people would know not to judge an entire fandom on nsfw art and decide that's what the whole fandom is about
  15. I am supposed to take birth control and zoloft everyday, but I'm very forgetful and i miss a lot of days... so none of it works i bet. rofl
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