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  1. Jennabun

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I loved my makeup and hair yesterday so I thought I would share
  2. Jennabun

    Are Cheerilee and Big Mac old?

    I always thought that they were a little bit older than the majority of the Mane 6 ponies, but not by much. Like maybe they're just like 5 years older or so. I don't have any definitive proof though; I'm just going off by how they seem to act.
  3. Jennabun

    Things you do when nervous?

    I find that I need to hold onto something. My hands being free really bothers me when I'm nervous. I need a pen to flip around, a drink to sip, hair to braid, a paper to fold, SOMETHING...
  4. Jennabun

    Health How often do you wash your hair?

    Every other day usually. I have thin hair and it can get oily at the scalp fast, but at the same time it is quite dry at the tips and I can't overwash it without it all falling out or breaking off. Washing every other day and using dry shampoo on the day i don't wash it usually is perfect for my hair.
  5. Jennabun

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I participated in some pride events during the last couple weekends! Happy Pride to anyone else who is celebrating! <3
  6. Putting some food in the oven
  7. The brony community is more diverse than people think. We have all many different kinds of people here. Especially as far as sexual orientation goes, the fandom is most def a mixture of many different sexual and romantic identities. The assertion that "all bronies are gay" is a stereotype based in homophobia and misogyny. It's important to remember that boys and men can like cute ponies without it having any effect on their sexuality or gender expression.
  8. Jennabun

    Web Any old famous websites that are barely used now?

    I still log on to Neopets from time to time. It seems like all the people there are older people looking for a dose of nostalgia. I remember when the neoboards were so busy. I'd do the high school rps and it would be so much fun. Now barely anyone talks to each other anymore and it is sad. But I still like to play the games, customize my pets, and collect items. I also used to go on Xanga, Livejournal,, doll maker sites, AOL chatrooms... Ah, it makes me miss the good ol' days.
  9. Jennabun

    Mega Thread Feminist Club!

    The new feminist frequency is worth a watch. The title is "Lingerie is not Armor" and it critically discusses how female characters are designed in games. I think my favorite part was how she talked about how it's not necessarily the amount of skin showing that's the issue, but rather the lack of functionality. I like the idea of using female athletes irl to inspire how female characters in action games move and carry out athletic tasks. I also enjoyed the discussion about female sexuality and how it can either be humanizing or objectifying depending on how it's executed. Other thoughts?
  10. Jennabun

    Gaming Your Gaming 'Firsts'

    - First game ever played: Super Mario All-Stars for Super Nintendo. Playing that game at my cousin's house is what made me beg my parents for a Nintendo lol. - First game ever owned AND first game ever beat: Donkey Kong for Super Nintendo. I felt so badass when I beat that! - First game beat 100%: Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64. Still one I go back to and play all the time. So nostalgic. - First PC game: Catz 3. Hahah did anyone else get really into those Petz games? You basically just bred cats and tried to make cool mixed breeds. Idk why but it was so addictive. - First N64 Game: Donkey Kong 64. It came with the system. I remember it was a limited edition "jungle green" system and controller, which i still have. - First PS game/First game to make me cry: Rhapsody: a Musical Adventure. This is such a cute, romantic, touching game and it's what got me into rpgs. It's a game that always makes me feel good. - First PS2 game: The Sims Bustin' Out. I'm currently replaying this because it is amazing. This is also the first Sims game I ever played. - First game to make me so frustrated that I gave up: Kingdom Hearts for PS2. I could not beat Ursula for years and years. I finally beat the game when I was like 21, and it actually wasn't as hard as I remembered it to be. I suppose I just wasn't as smart back then haha.
  11. I will only eat naked fries. Condiments are gross.
  12. Twilight's "Sweep" remix. hahahahahahahahaha jk. kind of. I actually can't pick just one so here's my top five: 1. Find the Music in You - Big Mac & Fluttershy's voices are dreamy. This always gets stuck in my head. Bum bum bum bada badum bum bum bum bada-aaaaah! 2. Make A Wish - Simply because this song makes me wanna PARTAAAAAY! 3. Hearts Strong as Horses - I loooove the banjo/guitar/whatever-it-is in the background. It is such a joyful and inspiring song. 4. Becoming Popular - This song has a beat that makes me bop along and I just adore the overall feel of it. 5. Smile - It's just. so. HAPPY. <3
  13. Jennabun

    The current state of MLPforums

    I don't know if you are referencing a specific incident that I'm unaware of, but I've never seen a mod freeze a thread simply because they do not like it. Threads get frozen when people are being disrespectful or when discussion stops being productive. So-called "unpopular posts" in this community, tbh, are often discriminatory or insulting. Those type of posts tend to be unpopular because we have a diverse fanbase and people get defensive when people put a large chunk on the fans on blast. To keep our fandom healthy & positive, we shouldn't want people to be able to be rude without consequences, especially since the brony community likes to pride itself on its open-minded, loving nature. I think the mods do a good job at enforcing high expectations for our community. It keeps us more mature and makes people think before they type. I actually feel more at ease here than in most online spaces because of the mods, who clearly want these forums to be classier than your average internet comment sections. If people want to talk about things our community finds inappropriate, there are many, many other sections of the internet that would welcome their dialogue with open arms. Try reddit.
  14. Jennabun

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Happy National Doughnut Day, my fellow Americans! Here's how I look when I am more tan, with almost no makeup, kissing a patriotic doughnut. I really like doughnuts...
  15. Jennabun

    Rank the Mane 6 in terms of emotional fragility.

    1. Rainbow Dash - She has a tough outward persona but inside seems extremely fragile. Her ego is easily bruised, and when one thing goes less-than-awesome for her, she tends to really lose it and doubt herself. She also seems to be the most self-conscious, really caring about what others think of her and wanting to maintain a certain type of reputation. To me, that indicates that she doesn't have very much internal confidence and instead relies on outside validation to boost herself. 2. Fluttershy - When she is in her element, she is very confident and at ease. However, whenever placed outside her comfort zone, she gets very easily anxious. She has many issues that, in all fairness, she does work on. But you can tell her issues run deep and that she has certain triggers that get her irrationally upset. 3. Pinkie Pie - Usually she is quite strong and can be depended upon during times of stress for her boundless optimism and creativity. However, she can take things super personally and get frantic when faced with her own person adversities. Like Rainbow Dash, she also seems to care a lot about what others think of her, which attributes to her fragility. 4. Twilight Sparkle - She can definitely be level-headed, which is why I ranked her toward the bottom. We've seen her be a pillar of fortitude and a true problem-solver during very frightening experiences. However, little things tend to break her and make her go super wacky from time to time. 5.Rarity - She wears her emotions on her sleeve, which many people seem to think makes her fragile. However, Rarity quickly bounces back from being sad and tackles her issues head-on. She doesn't seem to have many deep-seated anxieties or triggers. I actually consider her to be tremendously stable, wise, and reliable. 6. Applejack - She carries herself with a kind of maturity that the other five don't seem to exhibit. She is very much a "go with the flow" type of pony, taking problems in stride and never getting too histrionic. She gets stressed sometimes, but when she does it is pretty normal.