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  1. Oh noes! I missed a Jennabun appearance. Hope everything is well with you!

  2. Back to school/work tomorrow.......:/

  3. All I want to do is catch Pokemon.

    1. Alpharius


      Yeah you gotta catch em all

    2. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

      Ziggy + Angel + Rain

      You may never "catch them all." Accept this, and you will be the better Trainer for it.

  4. Will I have an emotional breakdown if I decide to watch "Your lie in April"?

    1. Jennabun


      It is definitely emotional in parts but it is manageable!

  5. I loved my makeup and hair yesterday so I thought I would share
  6. I always thought that they were a little bit older than the majority of the Mane 6 ponies, but not by much. Like maybe they're just like 5 years older or so. I don't have any definitive proof though; I'm just going off by how they seem to act.
  7. I find that I need to hold onto something. My hands being free really bothers me when I'm nervous. I need a pen to flip around, a drink to sip, hair to braid, a paper to fold, SOMETHING...
  8. Every other day usually. I have thin hair and it can get oily at the scalp fast, but at the same time it is quite dry at the tips and I can't overwash it without it all falling out or breaking off. Washing every other day and using dry shampoo on the day i don't wash it usually is perfect for my hair.
  9. I participated in some pride events during the last couple weekends! Happy Pride to anyone else who is celebrating! <3
  10. I love that moment when you're baking something yummy in the oven and it makes the whole house smells sweet & delicious. :3

    1. Alpharius


      Same here I love the smell of chicken pie

    2. Kyoshi


      Gotta love the glorious smell of cooking. <3

  11. I am tired... but I don't want to sleep...

    1. ChikoritaCheezits
    2. Frostgage


      Sleep is boring :|

    3. Jennabun


      I know, right? I could be doing so many other things with that time!

  12. The brony community is more diverse than people think. We have all many different kinds of people here. Especially as far as sexual orientation goes, the fandom is most def a mixture of many different sexual and romantic identities. The assertion that "all bronies are gay" is a stereotype based in homophobia and misogyny. It's important to remember that boys and men can like cute ponies without it having any effect on their sexuality or gender expression.