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  1. #1FluttershyFan

    Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    Pretty! No, adorable! I can't chose!
  2. #1FluttershyFan

    How Old Do You Think The Person Above You Is?

    17? Wow. I was way off! Go figure.
  3. #1FluttershyFan

    What are your best physical features?

    I would have to say my eyes. What do you think? jk, I think I'll go with my hair.
  4. #1FluttershyFan

    Who would you have narrate your life?

    I don't know. I don't know many celebrities. Probably Neil DeGrasse Tyson because I like his voice.
  5. #1FluttershyFan

    Slice of life with Cadance and Blueblood?

    I'm not saying they won't and as I said, that would be pretty cool is they did but in Gilda's episode, she was a crucial character and fans remember her vividly as a cruel character. The same goes for Trixie and they both got their returning episodes but Blueblood was hardly a character. He was more of a plot element and didn't have much of a personality. He was also more of an annoyance than a villain, twhich is what made Trixie and Gilda so memorable and more important.
  6. #1FluttershyFan

    What does it take for non-alicorn ponies to become alicorns?

    All it really takes is an uber-powerful god (*cough* Celestia *cough*). Oh, you mean what it takes to become alicorns, like personality traits. I would love to go into that but I would loose control and it would turn into a huge rant about how Twilight wasn't totally worthy and all that and I don't want to deal with that right now.
  7. #1FluttershyFan

    Slice of life with Cadance and Blueblood?

    I don't think we're going to see Blueblood and if we do, it won't be in an important. He was really just part of the plot at the Gala to make Rarity's time suck along with the other ponies. But that kind of episode would be cool.
  8. #1FluttershyFan

    Starlight Glimmer's Fate?

    I hope she comes back in another episode whether it be the season finale or the middle of the season but I love her as a villain because she isn't just hungry for power. It seems that she really believes in what she's doing and that it's right but I hope she becomes one of the first recurring villains. I know that some people might say "What about Trixie or Gilda or Diamond Tiara?" I don't really think of them as villains. They're just nasty ponies but they aren't villainous. Anyway, I do hope we see Starlight Glimmer again.
  9. #1FluttershyFan

    Best episode(s) of Season 5 so far?

    Bloom and Gloom was my favorite so far but I'm waiting for a really stunning one like past seasons.
  10. #1FluttershyFan

    Famous Quotes

    "I would challenge you to a battle of wits but I see you are unarmed." -William Shakespeare
  11. #1FluttershyFan

    What's so bad about 'Slice of Life'?

    I haven't heard anyone say they disliked it but if anyone does, my guess is most people don't like it because of the fact that there were all the background ponies. THis is because a lot of fans had ideas of what these characters were like and they enjoyed coming up with back stories and personality traits for the characters but with this episode, it tells you what to think of the characters so people can't speculate what they're like anymore. For example, however cute secret agent Bon Bon was, it probably shattered a lot of people's fanfics or ideas of the character. All in all, this wasn't my favorite, just because I wasn't a huge fan of the plot but I think it was pretty well done.
  12. #1FluttershyFan

    Are the MLP characters complex?

    Other than Twilight, I think the mane 5 have complex personalities and believable flaws. Fluttershy live up to her name in the shy fashion, and while it may take her a while to get up the nerve, she can also stand up for herself. Rainbow is trying to get to her dreams which is something many people relate to but sometimes she can become full of herself and it could hold her back. Rarity and Pinkie and doing what they love for a living (even though no money exchange is actually shown) and when they feel they aren't good enough to live up to pony's expectations or to their own, they feel deflated (for Pinkie, I mean literally) and have to overcome that. Apple Jack wants to always be there for her friends and family and feels compelled to always keep her word her problems arouse when she can't keep up with herself and bites off more than she can chew. Twilight, on the other hand, is essentially perfect personality-wise and while she does have to deal with problems, they aren't usually caused by her. She was more flawed before Magical Mystery Cure with her constant struggle to be a good student but once she became an Alicorn, that wasn't a problem anymore. Her flaws that she still has are so few and far between that they don't usually pose a problem.
  13. #1FluttershyFan

    Weird/Unusual things You Find Cute

    I love the great and majestic BLOB FISH! It's so adorable! And ugly. But still adorable!
  14. #1FluttershyFan

    Spoiler Season 5 Episode & Synopsis List

    The last two episodes (Cutie Remarked 1&2) look really interesting. I mean, I have no idea what they are about but the title sounds interesting.
  15. #1FluttershyFan

    Spoiler Could these two be sisters?

    I don't think they're related. Most background ponies look very similar in just different colors. Also, the background ponies stay just there, in the background and with the exception of "Slice of Life", aren't given any personality or life whatsoever so I don't think it will ever really be explained which currently leaves it at no.