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  1. I think it is time to retire from the fandom. Still love the show, but the community is no longer a place for me.

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      Sad you go, but it's up too you, good luck outside *Huggles*

    2. Autumn Mist

      Autumn Mist

      NOOOOOOOO...who will have engaging and meaningful conversations with now? You're like the most sane and deepest person I know in the fandom!

  2. Atlantis - it just tried so hard to be Stargate, and it just....wasn't. I think it would have worked as a completely separate concept. As a follow up to SG1, however, it didn't have that punch. Never saw SGU. I could see the writing on the wall, and didn't want to sour the memory anymore. Thank you for everyone remaining civil - rare in Internetopia these days.
  3. I realize this may seem like heresy, but before you bust out the torches and pitchforks and scream "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!", let me explain: I still enjoy the show, and am definitely still a brony. I merely wondered, after watching and rewatching the first 5 seasons, if it could have been wrapped up thoroughly and completely with finally showing Starlight Glimmer the error of her ways. She understands that individuality is necessary for friendship (which in all truth is the entire plot of the show), and the song at the end seems almost like a send-off. With the CMC finally achieving their penultimate goal as well, it seems like a satisfying ending (so rare in television nowadays) could have been done I understand there are multiple loose ends - the two main ones being whatever will happen to Discord and Cadence's baby. These could have been resolved easily in a series finale or, better yet, the various loose ends could have been uniformly resolved in the movie. I love MLP:FIM, but one of my major gripes with TV shows, especially US/Canadian TV shows is the epidemic of dragging shows far beyond where they should have called it a day (I'm looking at you two, Once Upon a Time and Stargate SG-1). It's a major reason I prefer anime, as many have a 26 or less episode total, and the story is able to be built understanding that limitation. Obviously, there are exceptions, but aside from the Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon series, I tend to avoid shows that go much beyond the 26 (or 52 for two seasons) structure. I gave One Piece a chance, but.....whoo, that's ridiculous. 700+ episodes? Come on. This is simply my own opinion - if you disagree, do remember I am neither attacking you nor plotting various forms of evil machinations. I just think that with MLP being the amazing show it is, a proper and fitting ending may have been the way to go. I do not want to see it beaten into the dirt for the sake of pleasing the fans (let's face it, few fans are ever truly satisfied - most are whiny, entitled dunces - so why bother trying?) or, more likely, making more money. I know, capitalism and blah blah blah, but, this show has become literature. All good literature should have a quality, complete, and satiating ending.
  4. The problem isn't a lack of interest per se, but a risk vs reward situation. Yeah, PATF might have been a hit, and a CG movie may have been a flop - on the whole, however, CG movies are a lot less risky because 1. The animation is faster to produce, 2. There is zero cost for materials (the computers and programs already exist and are owned by the company) and 3. The work on a CG movie can be translated to another project, with some tweaks, if the current one fails and hand animated cells cannot. Yeah, Frozen was more expensive than PATF to produce, but had Frozen failed, the animation data could have been recycled into other works. Failed traditional animation properties are vaulted, and that's pretty much it.
  5. Seems to me like your reasoning in all of this is not to be original but to be famous and noticed, as you specifically state yourself - "the ponies i was creating were not original, just an inspiration from a franchise, something i cant use to be famous and noticed" Some don't care for this. Some prefer the camaraderie and joy that comes from finding and sharing joy and a passion loved, be that over a game, or a show, or a book, or whatever. If all you want is to be famous, say that - "I'm not going to invest time here because it won't make me famous, and that is my goal". If you want to be creative, be honest. Deception, especially self-deception, destroys the chance for meaningful originality.
  6. Bizarre life goal - commence!

  7. At times, one must admit that there is no further reason to try.

  8. I do not fear tomorrow, nor grieve for yesterday, for this is but a moment, and too shall pass away.

    1. Autumn Mist

      Autumn Mist

      Preach, brother! <3

  9. Hey dear, thanks for adding me as a friend! n_n

    1. Rogue Ruffian

      Rogue Ruffian

      Thanks for adding me back :D

    2. Infernus
  10. First thing bought, payed for, and on the way! Yay! Let's see - 4 more to go!

  11. This will be short and sweet. I wanted to love MLP:CCG, and the overall concept of the game - achieving goals and helping people (rather than slaughtering your opponent) - appealed to me. I'm a huge Euro board game player, so I'm very comfortable around victory points. The problem was the fit. Simply put, everything works, but doesn't work well together. Once I discerned how to actually play the game, more by reading guides online than the rules, I found the problem. The clunkiness of the mechanics and the poor book drains the hopeful joy of the source material. The basic concept was simple - have enough power with friends and buffs, confront a problem, solve it, get points. But you also get points for solving it first......what? Solved is solved, right? Nope....because of reasons. Honestly, and this can be seen as a cop-out, the problems of the game are hard to describe. It's very similar to trying to explain why a video game controls poorly. Relating the problem is sterile, as control is an experiential concept. Other CCGs can be explained easily why they fail - bad concept, broken mechanics, boring gameplay. MLP:CCG doesn't really suffer from these. Taken individually, the basics seem to work, and are very similar to modern tabletop games. It's hard to explain why it doesn't work, it just simply....doesn't. The concept fits (somewhat) with the show. The mechanics, once learned, are functional-ish. The gameplay is somewhat slow, but syncs with the bright, bubbly feel of the universe.....kind of. The core problem is, MLP is a great show and setting - it just doesn't fit into a CCG well. A devoted fan, capable of tweaking the setting just a bit (put your torches and pitchforks away - sometimes it's ok to sacrifice a bit of authenticity for gameplay) could make a phenomenal co-operative board game based in Equestria. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Direct competition, in the MLP universe, just feels off, and leads to problems that shouldn't be present in an MLP game.
  12. Two facts of life. 1. The weak will always outnumber the strong. 2. The weak will always hate the strong.

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    2. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Let's suppose it is so. But what to do about it? Accept as the way of Nature? Purge the weak? Make them strong or die trying? Let them be governed by the strong, for only they can be good leaders? Diagnosis is only the first step on the road to health.

    3. Rogue Ruffian

      Rogue Ruffian

      Well, I'm not a fan of purging, as crushing those whom you can simply because you can is the greatest proof of weakness. The vast majority of conflict is caused by weaklings trying to prove they're not weak.

    4. Autumn Mist
  13. Big purchases to be made, Youtube show about ready to go into production. Will feel good to be teaching again!

  14. I tried to care, I really did.....but they kept on talking.