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  1. Hey, Pegasister - doesn't seem that you're very active, but I was wondering - heard about how Hussie's updating Homestuck? It's awesome! :D

  2. Hey, it's Ludicrous Speed. Changed my display name. BTW, how do I change the Member Title?

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      Live Forever

      How do you become a subscriber?

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      Hit the subscribe button and buy a subscription thing?

  3. clop

    1. Live Forever
    2. Live Forever

      Live Forever

      jeremy spoke in class today

    3. Live Forever

      Live Forever

      Three things I've listened to.

  4. Homestuck has been fucking updated. So far, it's only been one page. But that's good enough for me. :D

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    2. Live Forever

      Live Forever

      Still easier than when I tried to play Diablo III on launch day. Or SimCity.


      Jesus Christ, I have bad timing. :|

    3. Joker Q
    4. Live Forever

      Live Forever

      I'm probably gonna try watching CoLabHQ's videos of the reading. Good enough for me.

  5. Baby Cakes Putting Your Hoof Down Dragon Quest Owl's Well That Ends Well Simple Ways Power Ponies Boast Busters Rainbow Falls The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well Friendship is Magic (the series premiere two-parter) THE MOVIES
  6. Homestuck has been confirmed for update tomorrow. Everyone, brace for fucking impact, because THESE are the days of our lives.
  7. Homestuck is FINALLY being fucking updated TOMORROW! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!

  8. Do you like the Offspring? If so, which song by them is your favorite? (mine is Bad Habit) Also, are you too sexy for your shirt? (too sexy for your shirt, so sexy it hurts...) (I am definitely in a 90s music mood)
  9. I love it. Also, if you like Dan Vs./MLP crossovers... here is the 500K-word GOD OF FANFICTION!:
  10. Which of these is best: Nirvana, Oasis, or Smashing Pumpkins? Are you a fan of Twilight? (probably not, but still...)
  11. Rewatched 2001, listened to some of my 20 hour long 90s playlist, and wrote an analysis. Welp, time for bed.

  12. No. TPAM says TPPAM on accident a lot.
  13. Yes. I wanna be some guy from Guitar Hero so I wouldn't suck on guitar. TPAM is a boy.