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  1. So far it looks to be a stereotypical "new girl in school" type film but made in MLP FIM style. By what ive seen, it's animation is still good and they have the same VA's but it looks like the script might suck. I might give it a try but i have a feeling it is going to be terrible.
  2. Humans eat meat because we are omnivores. Also meat is more healthier than tofu or a protein shakes. You get more out of it than artificial protein
  3. Id totally pay the money to get the procedure done if the wings worked. It would be awesome to have your own set of wings. They still come with downfalls but ill just have to live with it
  4. Is this episode being animated and dubbed by studio B, Or is it all being done by fellow bronies and is being promoted by hasbro?
  5. Applejack has some cute moments, Like the applefwittur moment . She is also good at solving situations and being the voice of reason
  6. Yes! Rainbow dash is the most cute/gorgeous pony out of the mane 6 in my opinion. The other dont seem to have the right balance that she does.
  7. Applejack is still on the bottom of my list, Iver never really liked her. Her character seems so boring and bland to me. Her solo song was great and all, but it doesn't change my thoughts on her
  8. Yay! Our fun, muffin loving, mail mare finally gets shown in season 3, even though it is for half a second, its still a note to the fans telling us she is not gone or forgotten.
  9. Im sooo glad that dashie has parents, When i saw that scene today, I was sooo excited. Its like one of those "OMG!!!!" moments. They totally have to make an episode in season 4 where her parents are shown more clearly, and maybe even a speaking role for them. Our little dashie does have parents
  10. what do you guys think of this? Do you think it is a bunch of BS the site is pulling to get attention, or is it true. If it is this will ruin the show a bit, in my opinion. Also it could be the end of the series becuase if twilight is a princess she will have to have royal duties and live in canterlot or something. It looks like its true, check out what the hub posted on their twitter. This sucks, the hub is ruining the show and possible getting rid of it. someone should go knock some sense into them.
  11. Why would you add atheism to the list, Atheism is not even a religion, more of a group of people who don't believe in a higher being and like to tell you your beliefs are wrong.
  12. im not sure if this is the correct area to post this but, Ive gotten 9 copies of dota 2 on steam that id like to give out. If someone is interested in trading a game of theirs for dota 2 then message me and we will discuss the game you would like to trade. If I like the game then ill add you and we will trade.
  13. Id most likely do anything. Being a human has worn its welcome on me a bit. It would be wonderful to be reborn as a Pegasus and hang with the mane 6 and all the other ponies. If there was a legit decision to have to do something big to go to the MLP universe id probably kill myself, kill a stranger, burn a town, etc.. But those things would not be tasks to be let into equestria, celestia would not allow that. The hardest test that can be given to a human who wants to live in equestria would to become the human with the most friends. That test is hard because there are celebrities that have thousands, maybe even millions of friends. For a normal person that would be extremely tough to do but would prove your worthiness to live in equestria
  14. HEY! Where you talking about me? Lol jk , I just found that hilarious... or where you talking about me. Idk, im very.. self conscious or however you would phrase it.