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  1. Well, heyyyyyyy, guys! Did you think I was dead? I was just sort of disconnected from the fandom for a while (okay more than sort of), but low and behold, I'm alive, and I'm getting back into the show after binging on all the recent season 7 episodes while I've been ill. It is suuuuuuuch a good season, I love it!

    I'm sorry for leaving you guys for so long. xD

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      this the time of returning friends, wohoo, yay, welcome back! :3

  2. sorry for my inactivity. Uni has made me have an unusually busy life. hi guys! ^_^

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    2. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      Well I have an essay to finish for Friday and I've barely done any so not a very productive day so far! XD

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
    4. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden


  3. Just wanted to say that I watched the leaked finale of season 6 yesterday and OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Ten times better than The Cutie Re-Mark! :D

  4. Just popping over to say: LEGEND OF EVERFREE WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      Yes I am alive! But I am extremely busy with university right now which explains my absence! XD (and also maybe some new fandoms besides MLP guiltyguiltyguiltyguilty)

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  5. I haven't reviewed any new episodes for a while, but I have to review this one because I really REALLY loved it! Spike is definitely getting some great episodes this season, and this along with Gauntlet of Fire has done him great justice. And of course we can't forget the return of the changelings! Thorax was actually a really adorable character; I've found some of the new season 6 characters a bit annoying (like Quibble Pants) but Thorax is now one of my new favourites for sure. I also think one of the reasons I loved this episode is that it leaves me interested to see what will happen next, since I'm pretty sure that's not the last we'll see of the changelings this season. What will it mean for the rest of the species now that Thorax has been accepted as a friend? Will he have future roles to play? I'm so curious! Hopefully this will tie in to the finale in some way. My one critique of this episode would be the way the rest of the characters accepted Thorax so quickly after Spike's song. I thought it would be more realistic to see them being more sceptical. But the song was a nice touch, and it led on to a nice conclusion for Thorax. So yeah! Loved this one! Especially after finding the last two or three episodes only of 'okay' quality. Looking forward to seeing Thorax again!
  6. Well, we had a episode with Daring Do in it, which made me very happy since I've been hoping she'll come back ever since season 4. Even though she actually wasn't in this one very much. :/ XD Anyway, onto my thoughts: I honestly thought I'd like this episode more than I did. It was good overall, but I thought it could have been a lot better. My main issue was Quibble Pants. I just found him EXTREMELY irritating; to me it didn't seem like he ever stopped talking, and it got too annoying for me, because it seemed like the focus was always on him and his complaining, and not enough on Daring or Rainbow. I like the fact the writers have addressed the idea of fans being disappointed/critical over a series they used to love, since we've seen a lot of that in our own fandoms. But for me personally, the way Quibble was written didn't make it work. He struck me as a bit of a Gary-Stu of sorts, especially when he seemed to know more about puzzle-solving than Daring Do herself, for some reason. *shrug* But, yeah, I definitely enjoyed the episode apart from that. I was so pleased to have Daring Do appear again, and Rainbow Dash was pretty much adorable throughout. I could also relate to the fact everything was based around fans, conventions etc. because all that stuff is right up my street. I'd give this episode 6.5/10.

  9. So far, I'm loving season 6. It had a bit of a weak start with The Crystalling and Gift of Maud Pie in my opinion, but from then on it's gone up and up and up in my estimation and I've really been enjoying it. Perhaps more so than season 5. Season 4 I'm sure will remain my favourite season overall, but 6 could easily end up taking the second spot on my list. Rating so far: 9/10
  10. (I meant to leave a review last night but I fell asleep. XD) So what did I think of this episode? Basic summary: MY NEW FAVOURITE OF THE SEASON SO FAR. Well, join with 'Newbie Dash' probably. But seriously, I really enjoyed this episode. It might be one of my favourites of the whole series actually. I loved that we FINALLY got to see Fluttershy's family after almost six seasons of not knowing anything about them. Zephyr Breeze is obviously the main character we get introduced to. I honestly did quite like him, even though most people seem to absolutely hate him. XD He was annoying and spoilt, but I'm pretty sure that was the point. Not only was it great to have him and the parents introduced, but it was also AMAZING to see the way Fluttershy was. It's clear she's grown over the series and learned from her lessons about being assertive. I was reminded of the Breezies episode in particular. Overall her character was well-written, especially in the way she interacted with Zephyr. I also liked the fact that Fluttershy turned out to be the older sibling, even though Zephyr LOOKS like he should be older than her. I was expecting a big brother, but that makes a change from ponies like Big Mac and Shining Armour who are big brothers, so it was nice to see that Fluttershy was the older one for a change. Even though Zephyr was irritating, I found his scenario relatable somewhat. I'm going into adulthood and am worried about becoming responsible and standing on my own two feet instead of relying on my family. So in a way the episode spoke to me. We also had some really funny moments that brought the episode together. Firstly, I NEED to talk about this... RAINBOW DASH GOT FLIRTED WITH!!!!!!! LIKE... WOW. XD I've been waiting for something like that to happen for Rainbow for SO long, and even though Zephyr is NOT good enough for her, it was really fun to see her getting hit on. The fact she was really not interested made it so much better, and it was just interesting to see her reactions to the whole thing. So yeah. GREAT episode. Loved it. Watched it several times and I'll be watching it again soon. Rating: 9.5/10
  11. A decent slice-of-life episode. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to see both Rarity and Applejack in the spotlight for a change. Best part for me though was Rainbow Dash's guilty pleasure of spa treatments. That was adorable and hilarious. :3
  12. 1. Season 4 2. Season 5 3. Season 3 4. Season 6 5. Season 1 6. Season 2