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  1. The title may be misleading; this is not a game. One of my friends raving about the show Adventure Time. They are convinced that it has good plot lines and lovable characters and that it is inspirational and that everybody should watch it. I've never seen the show but, immediately, you would think it is a children show, wouldn't you? But that besides the point. Whenever she talks about it, I resist the temptation to bring up MLP. Because I think: How can MLP be much different to Adventure Time? Why is it acceptable for people my age to watch Adventure Time yet so many are mocked for watching MLP? As you can imagine, I never did mention the ponies. But I would still like to know: Is Adventure Time really more advanced? For teenagers/adults? How can we get away with Adventure Time when we can't with MLP when they appear practically the same?
  2. Dashabel

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I went to the cinema last Friday to see ANNABELLE and oh my is that spooky. I was bricking myself at the featured trailers before the movie actually began! Don't know what the hell I was thinking. My friend and I literally spent the whole time hiding behind each other. It was a week ago but I still get the creeps walking upstairs in the dark. Wait. No it wasn't. I saw Rainbow Rocks on Sunday! How could I forget that!?
  3. Dashabel

    Are Female Bronies / Pegasisters over looked ?

    I'm female, I'm 15 years old. My friends think it's bloody hilarious that I like ponies. But, they accept it. However, being a male and aged from about 10+... Well, you know the deal. It's hard, I guess. But I don't know any personally.
  4. This morning I watched Hurricane Fluttershy, and this question came to mind. Fluttershy, as a filly, had longer, thinner limbs. Is it because she was bullied and stressed? Did it affect her health?
  5. Dashabel

    Mega Thread Season 5 Predictions/Hopes

    Just more funny and adorable episodes. I'm happy with whatever we get, because as long as we get to see our ponies again, it's all worth it.
  6. Dashabel

    Is Rainbow Rocks going to be in UK cinemas?

    What's the channel that it will premier on? And probably, but it's hard to find a DVD that is in region (whatever UK is) format. I think Equestria Girls dvd has only just become available in UK format.
  7. Hello fellow Bronies of the UK (and others who have not got Rainbow Rocks showing in their country, of course). Any news on the film being released in UK cinemas? I've seen the film on imbd.com with a date of 16th November (or something) for the UK... But I don't believe it.
  8. I usually don't mind, if the story itself has driven to character to act as such, then it's acceptable. It can add a bit more depth to the characters. As long as the writer explains why the character acted this way in the end, then there's no issue. What annoys me is the need certain people feel to point this out. "I like this story BUT so and so is out of character." So? Who cares? Fanfiction doesn't have to stay true to the actual nature, does it? There's no lesbians in the show... But do people hold back on that in their fictions? No way. So, why should it matter if they're "out of character"? If you ask me, lesbian ponies are as far from their characters as you can possibly get. (Not hating on lesbians ponies; I'm a total shipper)
  9. Dashabel

    Your reaction if Season 5 was cancelled?

    I'll cry. Then I'll get over it. Then I'll remember and probably cry again. I'll feel pretty miserable. I'll be depressed at school. I won't get good grades. I will fail. No job. No money. No food. Death. So you know, no major side effects.
  10. Dashabel

    Rainbow Dash: So What

    I've heard something like this before. This song does suit Dashie, and when you imagine her singing it hard enough, it sounds like her.
  11. Dashabel

    Elsa vs Celestia

    This is the first time I've ever chose a different character over a pony. But I'm choosing Elsa. I love Frozen way too much and I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't pick Elsa. I still love Celestia, as I love all ponies, but since Celestia isn't a favourite of mine, I'll pass.
  12. Dashabel

    Should I watch Equestria Girls?

    Hell yes! There are people who hate it, but that's their opinion, and you can't go on what they say. Try it for yourself and then just maybe you'll have some new adorable characters to obsess over :3
  13. Dashabel

    Maud Pie Fan Club

    It was only matter of time before this thread appeared... I think Maud is quite a unique character. Her blunt punctuality and silent emotions is intriguing. And, let's not deny, when she puts smile on her pretty little face, she's quite the charmer! She had me laugh quite a few times and I'm not going to just ignore her. So I'm joining the club.
  14. Don't say it.... I want to but.... No, I won't say it.... Oh stuff it. RAINBOW DASH! Because she's fierce and determined, she doesn't give up to achieve her goals. I wanna be more like her, y'know. Bold, fearless, and of course, awesome. I might have another character but y'know, MLP just controls everything now, doesn't it?
  15. I'd call it character development, not out of character. As many of you have pointed out, Applejack is very nurturing and motherly towards Applebloom as this has clearly been depicted in earlier episodes. Yes, she went a little crazy, but don't they all? That's the humour in it.