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  1. It goes between these things: 1. Any AU or cross over ideas involving the following, LOTR, Star Trek, Guildwars 2, Wolf Blood. Next best fave day dream is punching some idiot who desperately deserves it in the face. I have a dark imagination, just as well socially I'm a lovely ray of sunshine!
  2. Awww why you gotta be a buzz kill, shush you, don't mess with my little head-fantasies! Haha, seriously though out of interest what episode was that snippet of information hidden in? I don't recall.
  3. That isn't necessarily the case here, I only mentioned it because although I admit there is a high chance of this simply being a coincidence, it would still be an amazing coincidence if it was.
  4. LOL wouldn't that be great if another pony licked Rainbow Dashes mane and commented that it tasted like Skittles? I really like that notion it makes me smile.
  5. Interesting idea, though maybe it would be cool if that could be proven somehow, as opposed to a best educated guess, I mean wouldn't it be cool if SMB were early form bronies?
  6. Is she best pony? Nope, far from it, but she isn't worst pony either. Is she pretty? Very, I really like her design. Does she belong on the moon? Nooooo, she has proven she can be redeemed (for lack of a better word), and she's very misunderstood, I think the pressure of living in her sisters shadow gets to her a lot. Do you think she is better as a background character? Actually no, if fans can come up with great fanstories for her I see no reason why the MLP team wouldn't be able to give her some more depth and screen time.
  7. I was doing my usual click-walk around youtube and I found a few songs by the Steve Miller band, and I look at the album art and my brain cannot help but scream "hey that's like Rainbow Dash!" So what do you think? Maybe her colour scheme was subtly influenced by a SMB fan on the production team maybe?
  8. Yes, but I'd like to do atleast 10 mins more exercise per day. Can you name 5 prime numbers in order for me?
  9. I actually hate "gay" and "autistic" being used as an insult more than the word retarded because in the right context retarded can simply be used to describe anything that is not progressive. For example Record (as in vinyl) collectors could even be realistically described as retarded because they are delaying the move forward to mp3 format. Retard used as a verb in of itself is not offensive. "Autistic" is much worse because unlike "retarded" which relies on context "autistic" specifically and very deliberately is using a learning disability as an insult. So speaking as someone who is actually on the Autistic spectrum, I really don't take umbride with "retard" as an insult but "autistic" really is the lowest of the low blows. And if "downs" becomes the next big insult I shall likewise take offence at that too. No you still have autism, you don't just "grow out" of it. Like me you actively learned to cope with it so it's effects seem mimimalised in your everyday behaviours.
  10. Well yeah, the Twilicorn thing was a big to-do about nothing imo, with that said though on the flipside of your comment I have found that this community can also be surprisingly tolerant.
  11. How to start an argument online: Step one, post your opinion in a public format. Step two, wait.
  12. Love and Tolerate is like the Pirate code, "more lke guidelines than actual rules". Just remember you are human, and as such you will never be a hundred percent perfect, so love and tolerate yourself too, including tolerating that you are entitled to some failings, even if that means failing to love and tolerate another person, or thing. Maybe that just comes easy to me because I follow the Taoist principles, well as much as I can, I strive to be good but the important thing is when I fail to live without the trappings of technology (like I'm on a pc now) or I have a moment where I fall for one of the darker human emotions it's important to recognise that beating yourself up for your failings isn't actually anymore helpful, accept and forgive your failure and move on, maybe you will succeed next time. Sorry for the back story there... And don't worry I can't love or tolerate diaper stealers either, now I'm gonna crack on with the rest of my day and hopefully forget they even exist!
  13. Perhaps screen time is the wrong phrase, I mean that in the sense that unlike the main 6 (or rather their counterparts) we already know what their personalities are like from the series so they don't need to be fleshed out, Flash didn't have that same luxury. So in terms of overall screen time like over the series yes he didn't get a lot of time to shine. But I guess I could understand why you would say that.