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  1. where the hell did you go

  2. Salutations, Taco. Prepare to be integrated into this addiction friendly esprit de corps, otherwise known as slavery a herd! Huzzah! For the record, I do not at all feel bad about reading every single word posted, deliberately and intentionally with my head up really close to the screen in order to take in all the important nuances and details of your sentence structure. :okiedokielokie:
  3. A poor story requires criticism. If one were to write a poor story, it would receive criticism. If you spend a mere hour or two writing a short story and then publish it in the real world, chances are, people will mock it to no end. I don't think this is a problem with bronies, I think this is a problem with writing quality. That being said, ad hominem arguments are absolutely unacceptable and should be ignored, not complained about.
  4. Helping Twilight Win The Crown, by far.
  5. Nah, I might watch an episode of a such show from time to time, but... nah.
  6. The hairstyles and dresses are pretty great, but as you said, the legs seem a little off. That being said, I'm glad you've finally returned to drawing after so long!
  7. I would try and help Equestria out by demonstrating electricity and its power. I know Twilight would be interested... ahem. I mean, um, in electricity, not in me. Heh, heh...
  8. My birthday seems to be poking up soon... any ideas on what to ask for?

  9. @@Twila Starshimmer, Umm... let me think... okay. Okay, I thought. The first part of the book is about the world of Equestria and the Mane 6, then some other characters, and some concept art to go alongside. Following that is an interview with Lauren (the most informative part of the book and easily the best). Then are some... uh, other things... Please forgive the memory lapse... and then there are episode recaps with morals and song lyrics and quotes from the show's staff. To actually fully answer the question, they were helpful to quickly look up an episode and its moral, but not much practical use, seeing as we can use the internet faster for such things. I think that I would've liked something different there, if I wanted to nit-pick, but I'm not sure what exactly.
  10. Likely a second book. I mean, if I was Hasbro, I'd want people to buy the Elements of Harmony, AND the Elements of Harmony 2, right? So it would make some sense if the two were separate books, rather than a combined one. Just my personal take on the situation. Also, having read the guidebook myself, I can say that though it contains some cool art and maps and stuff. I'd recommend it.
  11. This was a really interesting world-building episode. Like all MLP episodes, it was a bit blunt and to the point, but it was certainly worth it. I'm really looking forwards to learning about this new Pony of Shadows (god, I hate that name). I love the idea of some of NMM's dark magic sticking around, though... And Twilight was, as always, an adorable mini-Celestia.