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  1. I watch fireworks on New Years. People around the neighbourhood do pretty good displays.
  2. Door closed, always. More comfortable that way.
  3. A very good episode. As others have said it's great to have a Fluttershy episode not revolving around her own fears. Great song too.
  4. Playing video games or browsing the internet for me.
  5. I'm good at the moment. I don't have a lot of events going on and as a result I'm very chill.
  6. Cheap. I hate having to spend lots of money on food.
  7. No, and I don't even think I ever have.
  8. The tap water where I live is perfectly fine, so yes.
  9. I thought it was a decent premiere. Not one of the best, but still enjoyable. Loved Spike's role and think Starlight makes a good addition to the main cast.
  10. Maybe, it's really a thing to consider. I would love to have kids but then a whole lot has to go into raising them.