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  1. Rainboom Dash

    Do you watch fireworks?

    I watch fireworks on New Years. People around the neighbourhood do pretty good displays.
  2. Rainboom Dash

    Sleep with the door open or closed?

    Door closed, always. More comfortable that way.
  3. Rainboom Dash

    S06:E11 - Flutter Brutter

    A very good episode. As others have said it's great to have a Fluttershy episode not revolving around her own fears. Great song too.
  4. Rainboom Dash

    How do you all relax in your alone time.

    Playing video games or browsing the internet for me.
  5. Rainboom Dash

    Food Do you like ketchup on hot dogs?

    Yes. Cheese is great as well.
  6. Rainboom Dash

    Health brushing your teeth in the morning pointless?

    I always brush in the mornings after a shower.
  7. Rainboom Dash

    What was the last thing you drank?

    Last drink I had was red cordial!
  8. Rainboom Dash

    General Are you happy with life right now?

    I'm good at the moment. I don't have a lot of events going on and as a result I'm very chill.
  9. My laptop mainly, my iPad other times.
  10. Rainboom Dash

    Cheap or Expensive

    Cheap. I hate having to spend lots of money on food.
  11. Rainboom Dash

    S06:E03 - The Gift of Maud Pie

    An average episode but good.
  12. Rainboom Dash

    General Do you still sleep with a plushie?

    No, and I don't even think I ever have.
  13. Rainboom Dash

    Food Do you drink tap water?

    The tap water where I live is perfectly fine, so yes.
  14. Rainboom Dash

    S06:E01+02 - The Crystalling

    I thought it was a decent premiere. Not one of the best, but still enjoyable. Loved Spike's role and think Starlight makes a good addition to the main cast.
  15. Rainboom Dash

    General Do you want children?

    Maybe, it's really a thing to consider. I would love to have kids but then a whole lot has to go into raising them.