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  1. It's been awhile, hasn't it? :/

  2. I'm ill again :( Hope you're all well today :)

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    2. Black Viper

      Black Viper

      @Lunar Echo Ah sorry to hear that mate :/ It seems to be going around (to be honest it always seems to be going around).

    3. Kyoshi


      I have never heard of that before. :o Sounds quite good. :3 I am a fan of the classic chicken noodle soup. :D

    4. Black Viper

      Black Viper

      Yeah it's alright! Quite good for you apparently. And oooooh yeah, awesome :D I quite like butternut squash and stuff like that in soup :)

  3. Where are you dude? It says you've left every conversation :(

  4. pm me anytime if ya nd me;)

    1. Black Viper

      Black Viper

      Hey! Thanks for adding me :) And thank you very much my friend :D

    2. Princess_Bellalatanya
  5. It's just such a shame how there's so many great games out there, and it has to get completely spoiled by season passes and DLC crap that means you miss half of the game unless you pay up. Makes me angry!

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    2. Black Viper

      Black Viper

      Yep, definitely! I know that now, thanks to you and some invaluable experience (dying a billion times). xD

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      DLC just prolongs your current game experience and gives the game companies more money/experience for their next title.

    4. Monsoon


      I hate extremely overpriced DLC for example the batman Arkham knight season pass

  6. I felt this way about Star Wars, but after having watched all of them I honestly think they're brilliant (and now I'm almost obsessed XD). Star Trek I haven't watched, but I certainly feel this way about it. Perhaps I will watch them one day. As for Lord of the Rings, I have watched them but I've never gotten into them. I just don't understand any of it. Not really my thing to be honest. But I would soooooo recommend Star Wars to anyone who hasn't watched them yet. I personally love them. My default attitude to any film is "do I have to watch this?" because I'm not really a film person. Bu
  7. happy birthday!

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    2. best poni

      best poni

      I hope I have! Have a great birthday!

    3. Black Viper

      Black Viper

      You definitely have! Thank you again! :)

    4. best poni

      best poni

      Your welcome, and once again, happy birthday!

  8. Happy birthday Ironhorseman!

  9. Black Viper


    Welcome BPCannon! Hope you have a great time here! Wow, I live in South West England as well Hope to see you around the forums!
  10. Hello, fellow UK citizen! :)

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    2. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      Sorry for my EXTREMELY late reply haha! Yeah I'm good too! :)

    3. Black Viper

      Black Viper

      Haha no problem :) And that's good to hear! :D

    4. The Crystal Maiden

      The Crystal Maiden

      So tell me a little about you! What you into? Apart from MLP obviously. XD I read your profile which is why I wanted to say hi as I can relate to someone being shy etc. so I already know a little about you but would like to chat more. :)

  11. Black Viper

    im sorry

    Don't worry about being as active I'm with you my friend, you can message me any time *hugs*
  12. Hope you are all well and good today :)

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