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  1. RainbowDash403

    I can't get off of my computer!

    What do you do if you cant stop watching MLP all day long? I tryed to sleep but my eyes wouldnt shut, I tried pills but all they made me do is make me want more. I tried blindfolding myself but my eyes just poped out. I need to get away from this computer for 10 minuents. But i cant leave MLP behind.... I need a solution,,, Mabey ill make a website... Or draw *Even though i suck* Or mabey ill just find a new addictoin. Anyone got any other idea's? I could use the help
  2. RainbowDash403


    RAINBOW DASH ALL THE WAY!!!!! I agree with Discord here. More dashie fans the better! BTW its nice to meet you! Im Russell. And I LOVE MLP
  3. RainbowDash403

    MLP Forums turns 1 year old!

    Happy Birthday MLP Forums. Lets hope we last a good 5 years more minimum! Although i started here a small time ago and i already love it!
  4. RainbowDash403


    i wish i could afford a MLP shirt...