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  1. Woah! I'm here for my monthly visit...craaaaazyyyyy

  2. I'd have to think long and hard about being my ponysona. However I'd be my Fursona in an instant! Painful transformation, crazy epic adventure, blah blah blah xD
  3. 7/10 Pretty epic if you ask me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFM_n7Upld4
  4. Apparently you haven't been to Canada Das right >u>
  5. Lucky duck! I've always wanted one of those! And maybe a headband with bat ears >u>
  6. Was curious to see if anyone else here was a furry? Honestly I hardly consider myself a brony anymore (I come on here now and again as of recently but nowhere near as much as I used to) but...I'm definitely a furry! If you are a furry which came first, Pony stuff or Furry stuff? Out of the two fandoms which do you feel you're more active in? And last but not least...what is your fursona?
  7. So is the search broken, or am I just doing it wrong?

  8. Someone's probably beat me to this but.... I'll defeat my enemies with strange smelling soap bubbles. And I will always be victorious. No ragrets.
  9. 1/10 I'll give it the one since the background stuff sounded pretty chill. However...rap is really not my thing xS Never thought I'd meet another Waterflame fan! Time Machine is a great song! (Got a lot of views since I last heard it o.o)
  10. I'm a couple months late to replying to this so...forgib me o-o However I'm pretty much the exact same way when it comes to sexuality and stuff. And being Trans/all the crazy with my gender (Even gender I find hard to explain in detail xD) for me is one of the reasons I'd rather not specify because for some reason when that gets involved people get really confused O.o I just identify as queer or simply 'sexual' xD
  11. Few actually do. Like I said, there are extremists but even they annoy me. Though they get that opinion because of what I listened before. The amount of religious groups hating on large groups of people and causing quite a bit of negative stuff to go down...many people who feel they are an atheist will stand up against it because they feel that bashing someone for their life choices is ridiculous. You may say that its doing the same thing but...its not. LGBTQ people for example (Again I know) its taken years for gay people to be accepted because of the fact that people feel its wrong because of the bible and many other religions. They say its the doom of the world and yada yada. Know what'll happen when gay people get married? Gay people will get married. *GASP* And its not just that. The amount of religious people speaking out against certain scientific studies. And not just today. Galileo or Copernicus for example. So basically...Atheists are doing the same thing religious people do. Its a never ending battle that I find a little ridiculous. And also...I've never read anything about an atheist saying religious people shouldn't have the same rights. Don't get me wrong...some atheists can be real dicks, however I think the most of what they get at would be that they want religious people to see what they believe...which isn't cool. However every other religion does the same thing. And that was what I was getting at in my first post. People forcing their lifestyle onto other people is wrong no matter how you put it.
  12. Alright lemme rephrase that. There are probably athiests that are homophobic however its got little to do with atheism itself (And comparing that to the amount of religious people who are homophobic due to their beliefs...well its like a tiny drop of water in an ocean). And atheism would tie very little into that. Atheism essentially means "I don't believe there's a god. I trust scientific fact." And science doesn't have a book that says "Kill people who are inferior"...where as many other religions do. I'm afraid certain things fall down to who's a psychopath and who's not when it comes to Atheism. Now with religion on the other hand, people are (in extreme cases) brainwashed into believing things (I am NOT implying that any religious person would murder someone for not believing what they believe. I know many very friendly religious people I'm just talking about extremists). Look at the Westburo baptist church for example. From the day those kids are born they're told that the US is evil, that God hates gays, yada yada. If you go to an atheist extremists household, sure...the parents are probably very "I don't want my kids hanging out with those christian kids" which is wrong...however the majority of the time they're not going to be screaming about hating groups of people for the way they live their lives. Again...I'm sure there exceptions, but like I said before...tiny drop in an ocean of religious extremists who believe that their god/gods have told them to do these things because its 'right'. Also...for those who may be unsure...I'm not an atheist. I guess one could consider me agnostic but it gets rather complicated.
  13. I'm super picky when it comes to rock music and stuff...but this was actually pretty good! 8/10
  14. Oh trust me, I get at Athiests to when they start spewing their stuff at other people. However Ahtiests aren't going to crash a plane into a building because science said they should...nor would they group up and scream about how LGBTQ people are bad and they shouldn't be allowed the same rights as everyone else.
  15. Prooooooobably that! I've always craved something more and...well have kinda had people hold me back at times. It really speaks to me...though I'm sure it would for many...since it's absolutely beautiful!!!!!! I also watched Treasure Planet religiously as a wee one and both it and that song have never gotten old!