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  1. Applejohn

    Music Skrillex Or Deadmau5?

    Personally i would say that Deadmau5 > Martin Garrix >:3
  2. Applejohn

    Music Skrillex Or Deadmau5?

    i haven't agreed this much with someone's opinion for a long time. You're so right!
  3. XD she kinda does! I guess applejack has always been jewish but she wants to keep it a secret
  4. I found that it's way easier to write while holding the pen/pencil with your grinders instead of the front teeth, it's more stable Yeah i got a bit drooly too
  5. Well, i will admit i have written with my mouth on some occasions so i have a bit of experience
  6. she looks so cute like that those coors just feel right, they look well distributed and smooth. And the drawing itself is just amazing, i think she looks even better than she does in the show
  7. Applejohn

    I drew a thing!

    With a mouse and mousepad?? I thought the drawing was nice even before i read that. woah dude, you're good at this!
  8. Like Shadow Beam said, it's really cool how you combined short bits of stories with your drawings, which btw, look incredibly good. Keep it up!
  9. At the moment it's looking really good i bet it's gonna look even better after it's done!
  10. That pose is really cool, and the style is even better. You did a really good job on this one!
  11. It looks so good all the small details on the butterflies! And how the mane flows on the back of her head! Everything is so perfect about this. Amazing work!
  12. what i nice idea, i had to try it out. Anyway, mini mouth-drawn applejack. (Thumb for scale)
  13. Good thing you censored the nudity XD i don't think the post could've lasted really long if you hadn't done that. The art style is really cool, the proportions are well achieved and everything just looks amazing not sure where the confetti came from but it's there nice art!
  14. Applejohn

    Rarity in Paint

    Woah man! that's incredible! it looks very very good. I love how you can see the paint's texture and all, just amazing. Well done!
  15. 8 hours until season 5! Hype!

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