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  1. Spacey

    Request Shop Pixel faces request shop

    Would love to get a couple of facial emotions from you ^-^ I would like the third base over from the left with this character in the spoiler. If i could get an excited, nervous, and mad emotion that would be awesome. And thank you in advance if you choose to do my request.
  2. Spacey

    Why Do You Use MLP Forums?

    I come on mostly to post art and reply to pms. I occasionally reply to a general discussion or vote on something here or there but thats pretty much it.
  3. Spacey

    General Real or artificial tree?

    when i was younger my family use to get a real one but as an adult i just get the artificial ones, they are easier to put up and take down and they save money instead of spending so much on an actual tree or doing the work involved with transporting said tree.
  4. Yes i have dozed off while driving once. It was on the way home from eating chinese buffet and i just recently got my license to drive. The conditions were against me as i was very comfortable in my seat, with the air on and a full stomach. I slowly dozed off and I woke up to my car running through the gravel on the side of the road. I quickly corrected and was on my way BUT i have never done that again. Scared me too much.
  5. Spacey

    Food Pretzels or Peanuts?

    prezels for me! I love the chocolate covered ones and also the soft prezels with nacho cheese. Sooo good
  6. Spacey

    Science The Space Thread

    I'm into space and stuff ^-^ I always watch documentaries about killer quazars and suns exploding and black holes, ect... I love the series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. What I'm most interested in are the things that could have drastic effects on Earth like an Asteroid hitting the planet or a black hole that just wizzed by our solar system messing up orbits and what not. Im also interested about the edge of the universe. I would like to know how infinite space really is but im sure we will never find out in many lifetimes. Every time there is a picture that comes out from telescopes that see deeper and deeper into space is very cool to me. Do you know whats at the center of our universe? We are! xD the center of the observable universe that is.
  7. Spacey

    Christmas Lights

    i can definitely feel that frustration i put up my tree a couple days ago and i had the same issue, luckily i found the dud light on the 3rd bulb. So simple yet so complicated~
  8. I think people tend to rent more so over then own is cause they like the idea of not having to have the burden of the possibility of something going wrong within the apartment or house and not having the expenses to repair it. I myself lived in an apartment for prolly 4-5 years but in those years I saved up money to purchase a house. Yes, owning a house means you pay for everything on your own but i guess the plus side of owning a house is the freedom to do whatever you want (within the laws) to said house without a landlord laying down rules for you. I can tear down a wall to expand a room or I wanna build a shed or replace doors/windows/paint ect... owning i think gives more freedom to do what you like but again it comes down to the individual and what they are comfortable with. If an apartment suits you, thats okay. Not all need to own a house. As far as pricing goes for rent. I am not familiar with rent increasing in my area at least. You just need to shop around to find the best price for the quality your getting. If no one rents a apartment or what not, the owners will lower the price if no one is willing to pay. Least dats my thoughts ^-^
  9. Spacey

    What's your car

    these are the two cars I have of now. Chevy Equinox and a Toyota Corolla
  10. I dont think the 90s are over rated. I think it was the era where the technology and information exploded and lots of new things came from it both ups and downs. Some guys made a video on youtube saying all the things that were popular during that time. I was born in 91 so i cant remember most of the things that came into the 90s but from videos i seen it seems to be thats lots came about during that time.
  11. Spacey

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Did another thing in return for other things xD
  12. Spacey

    Do you have a pet? If so what is it’s name?

    I has two animals. One cat and one dog. Dog name is Mac and cats name is Izzy ^-^ pictures in spoiler
  13. Spacey

    General Any Firearms Enthusiasts Here?

    I am not like a gun nerd or anything but I have fired a couple guns and own one. The gun i own is a bolt-action 6-shot 12 gauge shotgun, not sure what brand it is. I used it last to go clay pigeon shooting. Guns I have fired are bolt-action 6-shot 16 gauge shotgun, single shot shotgun, state police issued .44 magnum revolver (dads), 9mm (dads), state police issued Remington shotgun (dads), and the old western level action Winchester rifle. I am thinking of getting a pistol of some sorts but thats a long ways away.
  14. Spacey

    Unusual ways you have gained money?

    Hm only unusual way I can think of I have gained money was selling paper airplanes in elementary school with a close friend xD still remember the prices, 50 cents for one or 2 for 75 cents.
  15. Spacey

    General What would you do with a billion dollars?

    A billion dollars? Hm, well my dreams would definitely come true first and that is to own a large house on lots of land and have a Lamborgini. The rest of the time would be spent on either family or anything that I seen and hey that looks cool to have :p I havent checked my Mega Millions lottery tickets yet and the drawing was yesterday....maybe im a winner xD heard the payout is around 970 million after taxes.