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  1. I do have certain users on here that I use to talk artist to artist but as time progressed they all moved platforms or don't get on much or not at all but good to hear people still talk on here xD
  2. I use to have temper tantrums in my younger years Today i'm pretty laid back and rarely every get angry, prolly one of the emotions i express the least now a days.
  3. I'd say itd definitely be a new experience, would prolly react the same way someone would be coming out of a coma for a long time. Especially if you lost your memory too. Scared, nervous, confused.
  4. I think i am far-sighted but last time i got my eyes checked they were 16/20 so i may be wrong.
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

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      Tank you Denim&Vemon~ ^^

  6. Happy birthday to you! :blue_baloon:

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      Thank you lucky bolt!! ^^

  7. Happy birthday! ^^

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      Thanks Pathy! ^^

  8. happy birthday spacey ! : 3

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      Thank you featherstream ^^

  9. Here in Indiana its $7.25 per hour but i agree with with Anneal says. Just kinda depends where you reside at that determines minimum wages. I know of some people that live here in my state but go to say Chicago in Illinois which has a higher pay rate to work.
  10. I recently found a penny that someone told me was worth like 50 cents, its from 1956.
  11. I chose G just cause thats the only letter i forget how to write in cursive :p
  12. High school i cheated once and while on short assignments or quizzes just by looking over at the person next to me lol college i never cheated
  13. I always get scrambled, i like it all mixed together~
  14. I can watch a needle go into someone else but if its myself i get freaked out so i have to look away if someone sticks me with one. Just hard to see something go into my body like that ha
  15. I played with legos when i was younger, loved buildings things. I played with them and lincoln logs.