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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Still here, y'all. Got somethin' cooking for ya, coming soon~

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Hiya, lurker here. The designs are for the most part good, but do consider using conventional things, like saddles for the notepads or a 'one size absorbs all' jewel instead of a dozen individual enchantments. Do be wary of stacking on details, sometimes it's best just to merge, or discard details. Beyond that, They seemed a bit forced; I personally never liked the split personality gimmick, because it was categorizing complex emotions characters need for conflict. That's off the bat and probably the kind of critique you wanted to hear, but I'll go on to hear myself ramble. Now, a concept is not a gimmick to a character, for me. A character's concept is based on three timeless questions, 'Who are they? What do they want above all in the world? What can I do to stop them from getting it?' These questions cover all the critical areas of a character, like personality backstory and conflict, but the ambition in itself is a character's concept. It's what makes them interesting to read about, because the will to act is often an admired trait--that's what you should be focusing on, me thinks.
  5. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day! 

  6. Merry Birthiversary!

  7. And as far as guessing what the universe is, well, even the reality as you perceive it might be wrong. Remember, you're the brain--and the brain can't see, smell, taste, or anything, but it DOES have access to sensory organs that give it receptors. Using these receptors, your brain paints it's best guess as to what's going on. You literally hallucinate reality. With this in mind, seeing as almost every sense you have is based upon noticing vibrations (sound waves, light waves, energy vibrating slowly enough you could touch it), isn't it possible that we only experience a fraction of what the universe might be, solely because we lack the means to detect these hypothetical vibrations? Another theory popularized by Alan Watts is that you call the universe into being, simply by being, yourself. That you are the universe, experiencing itself. That things are only hard, because your skin is soft, things are wet because you're dry, etc. Aspects of reality only become reality to you once you recognize, and give meaning to it. Back to that whole 'if a tree falls, and no-one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?' type philosophy. Basically, without you, there is no universe. And considering that you alone can determine your own reality, it's a plausible idea.
  8. That's exactly what something someone that's not a person would say
  9. I live the relatively safe life of an introvert, but I did get punched in the back of the neck once. Felt weird.
  10. ...Are you really gonna add ponies, because I'd recommend against that-
  11. ...I'm with Lektra on this. DBZ isn't a verse for '1x1' roleplays, they're kinda meant for group fun. There's only so much two characters could do, in a world bigger than the two of them.
  12. *Sudden presence.* ...I have been waiting for a DBZ roleplay for so long now, that seeing this immediately peaked my interest. Sadly, it seems you're not sure what to do, plot, or setting-wise. Which in itself is the first red flag. I have a few characters that could be great for this, but, I really don't have an interest in an RP destined to die off. So, I'm gonna go ahead and hold off on joining just yet, but I'll be willing to help you flesh out.
  13. Hiya! I don't usually greet the newbies, but I'm feeling a bit productive today. Welcome to the herd, buckaroo. Just remember Princess Celestia is the objectively best pony.
  14. ...OH I AM DOWN Tossing Caliber dat Wanderer back in here, if you'll have me. He's gone through a dozen revisions, but he's still the same silly swordspony. XD