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  1. Do you think you might try out my Lady Amaranthine? Pose: Just have her looking in when it comes to the face just having a bit of a dry or sharp smile. Ref for pose: https://www.deviantart.com/realalicornbases/art/Alicorn-Base-020-728447520
  2. Tao

    How are you feeling

    Ok, been reading a lot of manga!
  3. Tao

    The avatar above just punched you. Your reaction?

    /ducks in a slow mood kung fu action way/ BAAKAKAAKAKA! /throws a meat ball/
  4. Read and write a bit, play some games or watch tv.
  5. Tao

    Request Request for three OCs

    Ok so is he a like earth or unicorn or etc?
  6. Tao

    Request Request for three OCs

    I can do the 2ed one for you, but what kind of blue? Also any type of eye color?
  7. Base: Random Hair: Light purple and lavender with a sparkle in it Hair style: Long bangs in the front and going slightly longer in a back with a wave to her hair to the middle of her back Skin: Deep purple but lighter in human form Eyes: A deep sky blue Top: A blouse that is slightly long. Bottoms: Loose pants with a flare on the bottom Shoes: you pick Extra: She has on a jeweled hair pin.
  8. Tao

    Guess a hobby of the user above you!

    Finding ways to end all life.
  9. Tao

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    "I need coffee..."
  10. "Well given you shape shift, we can make this work!"