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  1. I use to get asked if I was adopted from other ppl given my mom is native-american and smaller then me.
  2. Personally I would love to see more gen one in this coming of Gen 5 like North star or Fizzy!
  3. I will pace back and forth if thinking or if I get pissed off about something.
  4. I put "cute" and "gengar" in google search.
  5. Banned for not paying all my bills so I could buy my own.
  6. Depends on my mood or if I ever use a oc avi online.
  7. Now that is a good question: -I read more books -Our nation is at a turning point -I need to think more...
  8. We are both social awkward to start with and kept meeting at the local library in our hometown. We both learned we had a liking of anime and just clicked from that moments. We have been friends for over 20 years now.
  9. I love books myself and always have two on me at all times! But I also find fanfiction to be a nice break also when I cannot find a book to read.
  10. Yes, roll to see if you can charm the gnome hooker! Do you have a 100 year old drawing?
  11. 7/10 I don;t like pinkie but I like the design of the avi drawing!