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  1. "So anyone know why the cat keeps staring at me and plotting my doom?"
  2. I think its nice we are getting more on Scoot's past given this is the last season.
  3. I like light cheese and green peppers and onions and a bit of hamburger!
  4. To be social or not or go back to sleep.
  5. Seems to like the classics for music!
  6. I would have liked a bit more or even the ponies from Gen 1 in the show. Also the witches would have been nice to see a bit and more Sunset Shimmer!
  7. Cloudy a bit and kinda nice, which sucks given I have to work.
  8. I sleep pretty normally if anything, thunderstorms tend to wake me up.
  9. Nice out but I have to work ands its sunny with some cloads out.
  10. "Now what did I miss at the super market again?"