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  1. Please come back. :'(

  2. Welcome to MLP Forums ShutterBat, Flutter Bat is cool.
  3. Welcome to the MLP Forum Skepticism, kudos to that CrashBoard.
  4. Welcome to the MLP Forum LunatheNightmare, I like Luna too but Celestia is my favorite.
  5. Welcome to the MLP Forums EmeraldWriteheart, I hope you like it here.
  6. Those last few are really creative! I love them!
  7. Happy Birthday Vert, have a nice day!

  8. Happy Birthday my amazing friend.

    1. DashYoshi


      Thank you, friend. =)

  9. I'd want a nice, kind and respectful friend who I can talk to. We could help one another out whenever we need it. We'd go out and enjoy each others time together and create memories together. We'd not fight and we'd have fun and look out for one another whenever we can.
  10. I have the physical game but not the video game.
  11. I don't need missile silos when I have ponies.
  12. Welcome to the MLP Forum Lucky83D, plenty of roleplaying fun to be had here!
  13. Welcome to the MLP Forum Ice-Rider, am sure you'll make lots of lovely friends here.
  14. Welcome to the MLP Forum True_Foresight, I hope you get your college course.