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    1. Starlighty


      Ty ty (sorry this is late)

  2. Happy Birthday!  :balloon:

    1. Starlighty


      Thank you!!!

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Starlighty


      Thank you!!!

  4. I like the idea of them pushing Gen5 back a few years so we can one final good look at gen4 (our babies<3)  


    or you know not making Gen5 all together 😂

  5. I broke my tooth on a chocolate chip and had to get it pulled and omygosh I regret now getting put to sleep because that was like ONE of the worst pain ive ever felt in my life... I was literally crying my eyes out.
  6. Happy heart and hooves day every pony!!!! may you enjoy today and remmeber TOMORROW CANDY HALF OFF
  7. Happy Hearts and Hooves day to all you love birds out there 

    AND Happy single awareness day to all my single friends!!! (don't worry candy is CHEAP tomorrow) :D

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    2. CypherHoof


      At least you don't have to give half your candy to nightmare cupid :D

    3. Phosphor


      Oh, I can't wait for the candy sale tomorrow.  :fluttershy:

    4. Starlighty
  8. I can’t remmeber if I posted in this topic or not.... i would want a private jet so i could travel anywhere in the world
  9. Sorry you have terrible making friends ... I’ve actually made quite a few friends on this forum...
  10. My least favorite thing is will and always be the amount of people that attend school.... i was so happy to do school online cause I never had to talk to anyone or leave my house.
  11. I was so bored and lonely I organized my color pencils.... lol

  12. Yea it can effect your kidney’s pretty badly... i actually already have bad kidneys so i am probably making it even worse.
  13. Ok so I was Boerd so I watched a movie called My Teacher my Obsession and omygosh... WHAT a horrible movie it was...
  14. Would the human centipede even qualify in this? Lol cause I WAS very uncomy with that movie... also a movie called Chloe
  15. Sometimes yea... but I try to put it behind me.