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  1. Isn’t locking certain discussions on the forum taking away and or limting our speech on here? 

    1. Kyoshi


      What discussion was that?

  2. Starlighty

    Who is the first celebrity you can think of?

    christina aguilera came to my head for some reason.
  3. Starlighty

    Food How do do you eat you ice cream?

    I am Lactose intolerant but still eat ice cream! Lol depends on where I get it. Like today I went to cold stone and got Birthday cake batter with fudge, M’m’s and gummy bears. if its at home (vanilla) then I eat it with chocolate sauce all stirred up so its super chocolatey and add spinkles. And lastly if its Basket Robin then I get a cone with Mint Chocolate Chip.
  4. Starlighty

    Does a person's body or personality mean more?

    I can deal with a not so attractive person but I can not deal with someone with such a crappy personality that you want to punch their lights out...
  5. Starlighty

    Food Are you a fan of peaches?

    I love peaches.. I grew up on macaroni and peachesz
  6. As someone who likes to sleep and dream I wouldn’t like that very much.. plus without sleep I start hearing voices and stuff sooo..
  7. Starlighty

    Books Do you like reading?

    I love reading... it became my escape from the world for the longest time... i love murder mystery books... some romance... also some kid books.
  8. Starlighty

    Food how do you like your hot dogs?

    I like my hot dog with chili on top! Otherwise just ketchup.
  9. Starlighty

    Food Foods You Shouldn't Eat but do so Anyway

    I am sensitive to dairy products but I cannot help but eat things like cheese or ice cream.
  10. Watched Haunting At Hill House (only got to episode 8) its pretty good so far but now my sister has to sleep with all the lights on...

  11. Starlighty

    Health Things That Help You Fall Asleep at Night

    I usually turn on a show on netflix’s or a movie and fall right asleep.., its hard for me to fall asleep without some type of noise.
  12. Starlighty

    Food butter or margarine?

    I LOATHE BUTTER... IT GETS TO HARD and doesn’t spread well on bread.
  13. Starlighty

    General What made you smile today? :D

    Finding out I might get to see my two nephews I hardly get to see!
  14. The last time I had a fish stick was probably the only time I ever had a fish stick and that’s probably when I was a kid.. I hate fish.
  15. Today marks 15 years without my dad.... I can’t believe its been that long and I still feel like it happened yesterday... :/ 


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    2. Starlighty
    3. AveryGamerDude


      I'm sorry about what happened to your dad...

    4. Starlighty


      Thanks.. just gets harder ever year