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  1. Exactly  a year ago today I was on my way to Japan with my bf (who I met on here) I loved every part of Japan (execpt for getting sick on the last day) mannn one day I haw to go back!! 

  2. You have some curly hair my dude and I am diggin it (:
  3. Two story house atm. when I was younger I wanted a house with like 5-6 floors
  4. Ever since we moved to the big city we been eating a lot more kfc (lived a small town with only a Burger King a mcds, jack in the box and subway sooo I have to go with KFC
  5. Happy hearts and hooves day!!! 

  6. I legit hate sunny days... sun way to bright and hot and hurts my eyes so badly! I would take rain over any other weather ever!
  7. Ham and cheese pizza from dominos and the stuff cheese bread.
  8. Idk the year they came out but here my top 10 10:pokemon go 9:Deus Ex mankind divide 8:life is strange 7:dishonored 2 6: Bioshock infinite 5:The Last of Us 4: La noire 3:wolf among us 2:Heavy Rain 1:Town of Salem
  9. Ok you have got to stop listening to cnn and media all together.... whites SHOULD never be ashamed for being white just all cause there a few bad doesn’t make us all bad... it’s the same with any skin color/race/religion etc etc.... please please please go look at how much hate white men get now a days over anybody else too cause it’s a lot
  10. Butterfly kisses by bob Carlisle and concrete angel by Martina McBride