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  1. Captain Marvelous

    Dead End [PMV] Kind of a pre-season 4 tribute to Friendship is magic, the song itself is the opening to the anime called "Future Diary/Mirai Nikki"
  2. Captain Marvelous

    Starlight PMV + Preview of another

    Hey guys its been awhile, well I made a short video from an ending of a show that I watch and also a preview of an upcoming music video that I'm working on
  3. Captain Marvelous

    Movies/TV Gay characters in a kids show?

    I just wanted to post this image from issue eight of the ongoing series by IDW, the nightmare rarity arc for those of you curious and just to say, ONe is named Jerome and the other is Larry
  4. Captain Marvelous

    Rabbit Doubt

    sadly its a bit late this time, but if you wish you can stick around and help figure out who the wolf is (and if the wolf trusts you enough, he can message you and get you to help point fingers
  5. Captain Marvelous

    Rabbit Doubt

    its more metaphorical, you know, like "Wolf in sheep's clothing" This might give an idea
  6. Captain Marvelous

    Rabbit Doubt

    The wolf has been contacted... let the game begin, remember players this is your lives on the line let us see just who exactly is the liar
  7. Captain Marvelous

    Rabbit Doubt

    alright, and since this is just the first game... lets try for 5 players instead... so one more player is all we need
  8. Captain Marvelous

    Rabbit Doubt

    alright, added you guys to the list for game 1
  9. Captain Marvelous

    Rabbit Doubt

    Basically a simple game we will need around 7 - 9 players, a good odd number at least signing up is easy...just say sign me up Game: You are all rabbits but one of you will be a wolf (I will PM the wolf myself) Basically you as the rabbits have to defend yourselves, and figure out who exactly is the wolf of course, the wolf will lie, as he is only thinking of his next meal The first round of voting ends with the majority vote has been decided on who to kill if the rabbits figure out who the wolf is, the wolf will post "I, the wolf have died" if not, the wrongfully accused rabbit is out of the game, and the voting again commences with the remaining people trying to figure out The voting process will repeat again and again until the last two remaining players the lone rabbit and the wolf when it is this case... the wolf wins Let's play Game 1: Hayzelesia Rainbow Dashey Rainbow Hash Sweet Dreams ?????? PinkieDaShy
  10. Captain Marvelous

    MLP comes to Japan! (Dubbed episodes FTW)

    I'm more actually interested to see if their will be any "made in Japan" figures or not... if there is, I would probably pick up a s. h. figart pony for the lol
  11. Captain Marvelous

    The Brony Documentary Discussion

    Honestly as a person that hasn't really interacted with the fandom in such a long time, all I have to say is that it was cute... and Ienjoyed it
  12. Captain Marvelous

    Mega Thread Steam/Live/PSN/3DS Friend Code Central!

    My psn is "Abare_1" I guess right now I don't have really much in the form of online play, I have: Journey, Naruto Storm Generations, One Piece Pirate Warriors, and Transformers: War for Cybertron
  13. I suppose the only way that the changelings could ever be redeemed is if that they realize that "unrequainted Love" is a more stronger food source then the forced love, and that even if they feed of it, it would cause harm to the ponies, and they get their fill
  14. Oh, I think we need not have to worry about Queen Chrysalis and her changelings... if they ever get out of line, we will just send the Cutie Mark Crusaders again It worked once already
  15. Captain Marvelous

    Was Princess Cadence a Mary Sue?

    Its hard to say... Cadance was in only 4 episodes, but 1 of them she wasn't really in, another she was didn't have much to shine because of twist... her other two episodes she was at a point of exhaustion she hadn't really had much development to decided about her character, perhaps in the episode she is in later will help