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  1. 1.This movie is not made for the fandom. I don't know how many more times I need to say this. 2. The animation is Toon Boom Harmony (digitally hand drawn), not CGI.
  2. They already did that with Canterlot Wedding and Luna.
  3. Because MLP has standards. And it uses the term "girl cartoon" loosely.
  4. It's gonna be voiced by either Mark Hamil or William Shatner, I can tell you that.
  5. Actually the exact opposite. Adults would get bored there very easily, while a dark ride (or maybe 3D special effects show like Mickey's Phantasmagic) would capture the attention of all ages. There is literally no possible way to make a live action MLP show without it being incredibly out of place.
  6. If they do then it's obvious Hasbro is caving in to overly sensitive parents. This is not a fan cannon issue. This is an issue of the show going beyond many other kids shows.
  7. You guys do realize the name is essentially marketing for the toys, right? Nowhere did they confirm the name would be in the film itself. Does "Guardians of Harmony" or "Equestria Girls" ring a bell?
  8. GOD NO! We don't need Equestria Girls being the face of MLP.
  9. That's a total waste of an attraction. Hasbro was willing to invest in Transformers the ride so I think they would do the same for MLP. Not only that but MLP in live-action is the cringiest thing on earth.