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  1. There was something about this episode that was "off" to me. The plot felt very thin and meandering, like there was no conflict in it. Now that I think about it, the core conflict is presented about 9 minutes in and solved like 5-6 minutes later with a good 6-7 minutes left. This is also compounded by the fact that this episode has the least surface-level entertainment. Fluttershy's characterization was pretty good but this leads me back to the whole "thin conflict" part. She barely struggles or doubts herself, there's no progression or flow or arc to her characterization, even the experts leaving is not really considered a big deal. Even Rarity had to give up on her dream after it had creatively and emotionally drained her in "Canterlot Boutique". With the experts, I'm conflicted. On one hand, I'm not sure if simply discounting the expert opinions presents a good message. Then again, they were presented as going behind Fluttershy's back and not following her vision and I suppose this "never done before" idea was something they weren't willing to experiment with. Then again again, this could be a missed opportunity to bring up a more realistic moral, like if you can't put ideas onto solid clear plans, then they might not come into fruition. This would make Fluttershy have to rethink her plans and work better with the experts. I just don't know about this episode...
  2. Ugh, maybe I am getting too old for this show. Now spike himself was great and I can't say anything bad about the characterization, but the ending seemed so safe, saccharine, and far too optimistic for its own good. Because I'm sure if you sing really, REALLY well and with such LUV and PASSION in your heart you too can solve prejudice and paranoia. Yeah, no. Stick to more personal social problems, like "Stranger than Fanfiction", or light character comedy like "saddle row review" because you are not smart or talented enough for something like this.
  3. This thread was made before Flutter Brutter aired, and I wasn't sure what we were in for. And yes season 5 gave us plenty of moments of growth in her being more assertive, and maybe the occasional dry line. But those are generally when she is a secondary character, and those all revolve around the "shy-to-assertive" arc. What I'm saying is we need more episodes, like flutter brutter, where they expand on her character past that. To give her more dimension and make her more interesting and dynamic. Rarity is complex, varied and versatile, and has been since pretty much from the start. Principled, savvy in business, sees fashion as an art rather than through trends, hammy, overdramatic, prideful, socially aware, confident, generous, caring, ambitious, all things demonstrated by fashion horse. I credit this as one of the reasons her episodes are usually so well-received. I just wonder if Fluttershy can even come close to level of characterization after 6 seasons.
  4. One of the biggest complaints about Fluttershy is that she always learns the same lesson. While I think this is an MASSIVE oversimplification, it does seem like that the writers have little direction for her. Season 5 had moments where she was assertive in order to reel her friends in, and emphasizing her love of animals in ways that were lost since season 1. But these are mostly developments as a secondary/supporting character and more to reinforce already established but forgotten traits. What I'm wondering is what would be good for her character. What other things can be done with her to expand on her character beyond shyness (which should no longer a big problem) and her love of animals? Some of my broad ideas: -A teaching role: after so much experience with facing fear, I feel like a good opportunity to cap this off is to help someone else with their own problems with shyness. Maybe even one of her friends having a crisis of nervousness and helping them through it -An animal that doesn't like her or she can't understand: The raccoons in "Saddle Row Review" and Philomena's trolling show that her connection with animals can be fallible (in my opinion). I would like there to be an animal that is not receptive to Fluttershy's attempts to befriend them and she has to either learn to accept that not everyone will care for her or that despite so much experience with animals she can still make mistakes. The latter I would prefer because, since Fluttershy's connection with animals is something she has based a lot of her life on, it could give her some pride in her talent and a chance to show how despite being so experienced, she can still make mistakes. -Give her a ritual with one of the other Mane 6: I like that Fluttershy had spa days with Rarity and that she and Discord had a regular tea time. I think they should expand on this and give her some ritual or get-together with one of the other Mane 6. An example in the comics had Applejack and Fluttershy have camping trips. Having one-on-one would be better for fluttershy to reinforce the idea of her being an introvert, give her a unique dynamic with one of the other Mane 6, and give her some some secondary traits and interests to round her out. That's all I got right now. Is there any directions you think Fluttershy should go to get her out of this rut.
  5. Yeah, my thoughts exactly on the story and moral. Remember in Spike at your Service when we had moments like Rainbow Dash discussing her fan fiction novel and Rarity being all sarcastic? I liked it because I like giving characters little moments that are unrelated to the plot to give them more life outside the episodes' plots and to give their friendship a little more depth outside of just saying supporting words all the time. This episode feels like it stretched that idea into a whole episode. It just takes so long to get anywhere and could have used more comedic energy or framed its character moments more interestingly. Also how did you feel about Applejack in this episode? Did her doing things so inefficiently strike you as odd for such a practical-minded character? The moral is the one thing unambiguously love about this episode. I feel that scenarios like "stuck in a routine you didn't realize was costing you" and "having an outside eye take a look and give advice" are one of the few that can have practical benefit adults. It feels less schmaltzy and more real than stuff like "your friends have your backs" or "giving a gift is not a competition, it shows you care".
  6. If you don't mind, can I have an example where you did not agree with him? Not judging, just curious.
  7. Silver Quill is one of my favorite brony reviewers and has been since the end of season 4. He has a goofy sense of humor that makes him stand out from many other reviewers, he is very polite and accepting of other viewpoints (whenever he gives his opinion on something, he is almost never obsessive or angry), and I like the way he approaches reviewing an episode from as many angles as possible. He also at least knows more about television/film production and storytelling compared to many other brony reviewers. What do you think of him?
  8. Well I have officially graduated from Windsor University with a Bachelor's (Honours) in Computer Science

  9. Well this was unexpected, I've always liked musical reviews and yours was no exception. Although what did you mean by "with worlds we're not invested in, and only so much to change our minds" and what were you thinking of in regards to seeing Starlight tick? As for the episode, Pinkie's song was the only part I really liked, the rest was just alright. Basically, a christmas carol with ponies (which I think For Whom Sweetie Belle toils did much better by having a relatable, if overplayed, situation of jealousy, seeing a different perspective on Rarity's relationship, and a non-Christmas context). Also I don't think Snowfall was Scrooge-lite, she was Scrooge 2: Even more scrooge. Scrooge just wanted nothing to do with christmas, Snowfall wanted to destroy the entire holiday.
  10. I guess like you said, details about the synopsis, if there will be any other actors voicing other characters, maybe some screen shots or concept art. I'm surprised that this is going on at Cannes Film Festival, The FIM Movie doesn't sound like the kind of movie that would be discussed at such an event.
  11. Nope, never offended me. Never even got me angry. Okay I lied, I did get angry, but in retrospect I was being an idiot. It's not the type of show that means to ruffle some feathers or pop some monocles, although like many said some types the writers can screw up and have something with unfortunate implications or with a bad interpretation. While criticizing bad writing is perfectly acceptable, I don't think a bad or poorly delivered moral will screw up a kid, considering that kids are smarter than that and their family, friends, and the world will ultimately be bigger teachers of morals and values than a kid's show. It's not an excuse to not write good morals and satisfying stories, but there is an limit to what fiction can do.
  12. You know I'm not going to rate the individual seasons because i cannot be arsed. So I will say this: I would score objectively (as in taking it's goals and strengths/weaknesses into account) score it as a 7.5/10. What it has going for it is very endearing characters and interactions, and teaching morals through earnestness, sometimes cleverness, and some pretty decent development of those characters. What holds it back is being inconsistent with episode to episode quality, and it having to be written for young audiences in mind means it cannot be expected to be as mature or gutsy as a lot of other cartoons (or maybe that's just hasbro's decisions). I generally agree with those 2 points, but looking back to when I watched SU, I remember hating the slice of life episodes. I really disliked the episodes where Steven was paired up with someone from beach city, it just wasn't interesting to me. The show's a lot better when it was focused on the development of the gems. Even in the "screwed up" episodes of FIM, at least it was lively and entertaining. Steven Universe can put me in a roller coaster of reactions, but unfortunately one of the most common is "sleepy".
  13. I'm glad this episode acknowledges that you can try new things, not be good, but still enjoy doing them. There is an overall message of trying new things in order to meet new people and make new friendships and becoming more well-rounded as a result. So yeah I like this episode. Also I swear that Taps is Fluttershy's brother, I mean it would make perfect sense.
  14. The cutie mark crusaders have the equivalent of a Bachelor's in Philosophy.

  15. Good review, it's nice to see you so happy about an episode. The general reception of this episode is that it's decently entertaining but you and me seem to actually really like this episode. I just loved how Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Maud played off each other and how it made each other's traits stand out more because of the contrast. Everyone got some character development in some way: Pinkie had to make a huge sacrifice, Rarity's business is expanding and she got more on the same page as Maud, and, like you said, Maud was the most lovable as she's ever been. Also I must comment on how you look at episodes. You seem to like it when the "dramatic and emotional" parts are more subtle and intertwined with the humor and overall cheery atmosphere, rather than being more explicitly dramatic. Am I on the money?