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  1. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine "Yea, complete buzzkill! Boooooo!" "As for the lizard, I didn't make it. It's basically an animal made by nature, heck you can even find these things in that boring human world. It's only weird because majority of ponies don't have one of these for some reason." The bearded dragon continued you stare at Anomaly, similar to how Gummy does.
  2. Ask the Mane 6

    Twilight, why didn't you guys go Rainbow Power on the Storm King at the beginning? Wouldn't that have been easier?
  3. @Blitz Boom I'm still here. If it's about me not responding in the RP, I just thought I'd see if @Storm Shine and @EQ_Theta would respond in the RP. Not sure if they're still doing it or not.
  4. Not sure what happened, but I had respect for you

    1. She


      Pm me

  5. @TempestShadow Memorial

    I've seen them around on the forums. I had quite a respect for this individual. What happened and how did we find out?
  6. Humans as slaves?

    Flip someone the bird since ponies can't.
  7. Conjecture on a hypothetical human invasion of Equestria?

    Assuming humans keep their human form, it really depends on who is fighting the humans. If it's the royal guards and Wonder Bolts were fighting them, the humans would take Equestria with relative ease. Yes, some of the guards have magic, but their magic is nowhere near as powerful as Twilight's magic. While The guards have spears, the humans have guns. While the guards have metal armor, we have bullets resistant kevlar armor. While the Wonder Bolts have pegasi, humans have fighter jets, helicopters, planes, missiles, and drones. -------- What if Tirek was added to all this? An M.O.A.B should make quick work of him. Another thing we have is a large nuclear arsenal, but assuming it's the United States doing the attack, nukes will likely not be used. (Honestly the United States would actually try to become allies with the country, but you know) ------------- Now of we add Discord, the Elements of Harmony, Rainbow power, or any of the sort, Equestria would win this fight. Conclusion: Military vs Military: Humans win. Humans vs Tirek: Equestria Humans vs Mane Six: Equestria Humans vs Discord: Equestria ---------- Realistic Scenario: There would be no war, just diplomacy and the United States and possibly other allies would actually be more protective towards Equestria.
  8. Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine @Blitz Boom "Things trying to eat you? Have you tried a dog whistle?" Lucid had the ability to make weird creatures, but he didn't do it often, he had some relatively normal pets, one was somewhat weird for pony standards, but it was no squid monkey. He opened a portal and pulled out a bearded dragon lizard, which simply stared at Anomaly. "This is Pringle, he's not exactly chaotic, but he's a decent pet."

    This here is satirical.
  10. Things we've believed as a kid

    You're going to have to sit down for this
  11. Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine @Blitz Boom "Yea, I'll keep that under consideration." Lucid thought for a moment about the mind reading thing. "It's weird, it's like a secret document with certain things blacked out. Especially in the secrets compartment about you, all I could find is something about a cult or something, so basically bits and pieces about boring backstory stuff." It was plausible that Lucid simply wasn't powerful enough to fully read secrets quite yet, which is a bummer. What's the point of reading minds if you can't get all the juicy secrets?
  12. Is Sonic or Rainbow Dash Faster?

    Rainbow Dash if against base form videogame Sonic. Maybe base form SonicX Sonic and Sonic Boom Sonic, but that's a maybe.
  13. Most petty you've seen or done

    So, anyone seen or done something very petty?
  14. Confession Time!

    When people tell me to shut up, I make it a point to annoy them as much as humanly possible. It may be petty, but they started it.
  15. Gaming Left 4 Dead

    Idk, but what I do know is that when I play online, the pros are basically babysitting me.