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    If there is a shady guy selling an old thing of M&M's, then that's probably me.
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    Selling M&M's in the deep dark allies of MLP Forums.
    (I don't really sell M&M's)

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  1. Granted, but they are in bad condition and are very painful. I wish I had some Dr Pepper right now
  2. Granted, you get divorced with the mother and lose the custody battle resulting in never seeing then again. I wish they made an Undertale movie.
  4. Idk m8
  5. I eat sugary strawberries because Derpy cannot ever drink. (Bad things would happen)
  6. I'm currently drinking a root beer
  7. Probably. I don't know what it means but it has beef in it Sugar-free gummy bears? (A.K.A. Satan Bears)
  8. I collect sugary strawberries because Derpy cannot ever lie.
  9. Food

    The police are on the way
  10. This is self explanatory. Do you like ketchup on the side or on the Fries.
  11. Food

    People at my school crowd me and demand candy when I have it, should I use the Satan Bears to declare justice?
  12. Are you like Ocean Man? Can you take me by the hand take me to the land that you understand?
  13. Food

    I'm just trying to see who is stupid enough to eat them
  14. Food

    Ever tried Sugar-Free gummy bears? Try them! Don't mind the Amazon reviews.
  15. General

    In the summer of 2020 a Banana wearing a cape shall drive a car (possibly a smartcar) down to Maryland to BronyCon. It will be the road trip of a lifetime!