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  1. Homeowners Accosiation

    Don't you hate those people? We basically pay them to annoy us.
  2. You are being sucked into a black hole!!!!

    Nothing because I'm already dead
  3. Food Baking Thread

    I'm pretty much still at the basics. I know how to make chocolate cake and brownies. I plan to make my own recipes and sell them once I get a food handlers licence which is the only thing I need due to the laws being lenient where I live.
  4. Food Baking Thread

    This is a thread for anyone who likes to make baked goods. You can share recipes, discuss your favorite baked goods or pastries, and anything related to the subject.
  5. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom He looked at the draconequus, noticing he was looking at what could possibly be another reality warper. "So you can warp reality? I can do that to at a multiversial level... well... I could if I unlocked the full power of this stick, so I'm basically unable to reach high levels as of yet." The yellow pony looked up for a second as if considering something. Maybe he could get some answers from this guy. "So what in the world of Equestria happened here?"
  6. MLP and the Kardashev Scale

    Where do you think the MLP world is on the Kardashev Scale? I think considering that Celestia controls the sun and the pegasi control the weather, they might be a type 1 civilization, which is a higher level than we are. We humans aren't on the scale, we are a level 0 civilization. Here's this just in case you have no idea what the Kardashev Scale is.
  7. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    It could be fanart, or art made by the troll himself, or it could be real. We really have no real way of knowing. We should remember that this is the internet and it would be very naive of us to think that there's nobody out there who would try something like this. Especially when 4Chan is in the equation. UPDATE: According to some research, there's this thing called email spoofing. It is something people do to to forge emails. Usually this is used to get people to open it or to scam people, but it could also be used in this sense too. I'm not TOTALLY sure, but it is a strong possibility.
  8. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Anyone with basic knowledge of photo editing could make an email, take a screenshot, and edit it to make it look like someone else made the email. I'm not COMPLETELY sure that's what's going on, but it is plausible. So we shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet.
  9. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Lucid stared for a moment, he had no idea what this thing before him was. He wasn't exactly afraid of it, considering he's seen a lot worse than this. "I thought Nightmare Night was 9 months away."
  10. Is the above user's avatar cuter than yours?

    Maybe just a bit
  11. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Prepare for the worst and hope for the best
  12. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    This actually makes a whole lot of sense. Doing it that way would do them well. If they are doing that, I like it.
  13. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    I agree with you there
  14. Thread Locked Games

    Locked because your thread is too big.
  15. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Got any sources so I can be up to date on all this?