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  1. @Catpone Cerberus Sky spoke on his communications "Sky to Sanctuary, we need pick up get to the aircraft carrier by the portal." "Gotcha." A helicopter would eventually show up. Most of them could get on, but Ruby and Quasi will have to follow. Looking at the speed the helicopter showed up, Quasi wrote something in his book. "We should be fast enough." After some flying, they would approach an aircraft carrier with humans showing them where to land. "Wow, those scavengers look professional." Obviously this is what dragons in his world called humans. When they landed, multiple humans had guns and few had some bigger looking weapons too, probably to accommodate for Ruby. This wasn't due to a lack of trust, but more so for proper security. Just from their body language, they were prepared, but didn't expect anything to happen. A few humans, scientists would walk up to Ruby. One spoke up. "You're Ruby, right? We'd like to ask you a few things. Maybe the white dragon too given his mind reading abilities. If you don't wish to answer anything, that's alright."
  2. @Catpone Cerberus "The military has a lot more restraint. If they know ahead of time you should be fine. At worst they might ask you for your weapons temporarily." "When we get the Dasonian army, maybe we should launch a surprise amphibious invasion on the conquered territory." "Seems a little ambitious, if those Jackals are there, many would die." "Such is war." "They'll be fighting the war on two fronts, both allied armies will be fighting on one each. Ruby, we could lower the defenses of the Jackals on the beach by setting them all on fire. Then you can give a smoke signal."
  3. I can live on bread and cheese

  4. What if I fell of a cliff and exploded into confetti green spinach. Lit

  5. @Catpone Cerberus "Arrow, you may not like this, but I want my army in on this. The American navy has the portal guarded, any dragon coming through will be killed in sight. No dragons will reach Nomadikós." "Shall I notify them about Ruby and Quasi?" "If they agree to go." Quasi looked at Ruby. "What do you think?"
  6. What if I workout my lower arm muscles so I can look like Popeye?

    1. Kujamih


      If you want popeye's got to have cancer on those lower arms.....

  7. @Catpone Cerberus "Yeah, then it's good I didn't do too well, I'm not ready for children. Like, I prefer to at least be married first. Not that you're into me." "Now you're getting it! Try holding colorful feathers and dancing around like an idiot. The lady dragons love that! I've seen it in a movie once!" "So, Ember, you have access to weapons? That should do quite well for us." They'd eventually got to the portal to Equus. "Alright, anyone else gonna distract us from the mission? Good, let's actually find out where we're going."
  8. @Catpone Cerberus While I did read this earlier when it was posted, I feel it is fair that I give you a way to know that. I get where you're coming from and will try to adjust how I rp to better fit everything.
  9. "You have a point, we speak our words without action, proving nothing. As you said, Quasi has done better than the rest of us in terms of proving ourselves. Though when he attacked you, it looked to me like he was trying to impress you." He looked at Quasi. "That's not how you play the game." He looked at Ruby again. "Whatever the case, we should go. I think we should leave Myra's army out of this for now, her homeland could be easily put at risk. Weapons can't stop a forest fire... in this case at least." "Hey! I'm great with females!" "No, too insecure, attacked her to impress her while threatening to kill her. And even if you did want to fight Ruby, you wouldn't win. You aren't that threatening." It was then everyone started to get going, assuming Ruby and Ember would follow. They'd need all the help they could get to face what was coming.
  10. @Catpone Cerberus Sorry if I'm sounding prideful in my posts, it isn't like Sky's superiority complex. I just have a strategic mindset of "who would win if this happened" I'll keep that down in the future. My apologies.
  11. @Catpone Cerberus "Yes, Ruby, we do want you here." Arrow turned to Sky. "Sky, you love your country, I understand that. I too care for mine. That doesn't mean you can go around thinking you're superior. Your America might have much power, but there is a bigger fish out there, I'm sure. I've seen mere individuals that could destroy your entire country with the snap of a finger. You're nothing special, Sky. And I understand you're still learning about the world, but please take this lesson to heart." "He's right, I've seen many grow bitter towards others due to their pride. Many nightwing hating anyone that's not a nightwing. I understand you don't have a hatred yet, but it could grow into that, Sky. Love your land, but be humble. It's gotten so bad that you think you can threaten people just because you're an American. Do you know how stupid you sound, Sky?" From Sky's body language, it was clear Sky was put in his place. "I'm sorry guys, I got so indulged in playing the big guy that I forgot I was no different than anyone else." Sky seemed to have learned his lesson from what he was told. This ridiculous superiority complex Sky had was gone.
  12. My puppy bites hard.

    1. Kyoshi


      Is his name BiteyMcSharpTeeth? :wacko: 

  13. @Catpone Cerberus "No, we don't have the advanced weapons, besides my firearms, maybe I could call an airstrike or whatever, but besides that, the Jackals have the weapons and they are fighting on behalf of the Fironians. And don't underestimate my world. Our weapons are something to be feared, and they can easily be adapted to fit another purpose. Humans have done it longer than canines since canines are only sapient or sentient or something due to a virus that effected the DNA of our ancestors. Both races adapt well, it's what we do best. Plus we could just wipe out the dragons with nuclear bombs, we could literally wipe the species out in hours, maybe minutes." "From what I've seen, if they don't have the weaponry, they can mass produce the weapon on a high scale. But again, their weaponry would do much damage." "Hey! Back to getting another army in on this. The good thing is that no one will change forms entering our world, there is however another human world that does have ponies and dragons and other species change forms, but we aren't going to that one. We have a choice. We could go together or I can go alone." "We'd have to keep Myra's location a secret, Dasonia is a forested land from what I'm told."
  14. Me with table top is like a grandma trying to work a computer. It's my weakness on RP.