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  1. @Catpone Cerberus "Interesting, what it looks like to me is a psychological issue. Maybe a genetic illness that spread with the generations and eventually turned into just part of your kind over time. Maybe, I know little about this. Is it like a compulsion like what the humans call my illness, OCD? Do you feel something bad will happen if you don't collect treasure? Or maybe it's more like an addiction. I'm thinking addiction that has a severe effect on mental health when withdraw happens." Quasi was worried for Ruby, and interested in the psychology. "Yours isn't a chemical a
  2. @Catpone Cerberus "They'll betray you, you're too powerful for them and you know it. You think those Jackals really care about you? They intend wipe out the Fironians if they win the war, taking the land. If they get that land, they'll become very powerful. I'm talking Equestria and the dragonlands. Maybe even MY world. And what for? A bunch of gems to lay around in? Well, at least that's the Fironian plan, the Jackals will make sure you're dead." The jackals didn't mention the gems, they forgot to right before talking to them, he read their minds. "You know I don't have it in m
  3. @Catpone Cerberus Quasi looked at Ruby suspiciously. "Are you seriously considering it?" The cat didn't go to the food, she went next to Ruby and went to sleep ------------------------------------ "I get paid to be nice when giving school kids tours, if I'm not nice, they don't pay me anything. Of course, I guard, but I've given tours too, so many kids asked me if I died. One asked me if I 'kill many things', like that isn't a question kids are supposed to ask people." "Kinda feels like I'm giving children a tour with Sky." Myra walked to the middle "Yo
  4. @Catpone Cerberus The jackals messaged their leaders, and looked at Ruby and Quasi. "The Fironians have sent us to offer you a chance to join them. We'll give you time to think it over." "Um... no, go do your scouting." "Again, think it over. Meet us and the walked away. "Try and kill us, attack our lands and then ask us to join? What is with them?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Exploding arrows? I have plenty, and I can make more." "You're mean, you know that, right?" "Maybe if you weren't so stupid,
  5. @Catpone Cerberus "Sounds like an annoying thing to have, always wanting more and it never being enough. Seems to me like an unfulfilled life to live." Suddenly, he heard something, they had the accent that those attacking jackals have. "Don't move, they can sense movement." "Why are we scouting this place?" "We're gonna take these lands over." "You insane? Our entire team was taken out by one of those things and the only reason we're alive is because one of them strapped explosives to themself and jumped into the dragon's mouth!" "Honor the great clan of jac
  6. Dear @Twilight Sparkle, Give me diplomatic immunity. thanks
  7. @Catpone Cerberus "Yeah, cats look down on us, they probably look at us like slaves to them and even YOU fall for their thinking. This cat is an absolute warrior, I'm telling you. Maybe someone wrote a book about these things, maybe a lot!" The kitten started to get on the ground and roll around, purring. "What do you do with treasure? Don't get me wrong, we have dragons that like treasure too, but what do you do with yours? Is it kinda like ponies and my kind may look at artworks? My kind may use it to sell or decorate things, maybe lay in it? But not always. We also wear it, Q
  8. alright, gotcha I can see why real world politics can be annoying, as I've seen plenty of things by people in serious discussions that ticked me off as well.
  9. @Catpone Cerberus The took the meat and ate happily, purring. "Well, you seem to like cats. Is he your best friend?" -------------------------------------------------------------- "Goes to show your lack of understanding for serving your country or your apathy." "Are we allowed to tell her this is all going to be filed?" "Eh, it's not like we're allowed to arrest her anyway, she has no bounty... well, not from the U.S. at least." "What?" "Don't worry, it'll have more effect on the Equestrian government than her. She's not worth pursuing unless she's atta
  10. @Catpone Cerberus "Maybe, but they seem to surpass the ponies." Quasi would eat the food he cooked and looked at the cat "Cats, these make interesting friends." The cat got up on Ruby's head and purred. ------------------------------------------------------------------ "Well, at least you pay your taxes. What do you tell people when they ask what you do for work?" "Might save you from getting arrested, actually. Guy named Al Capone was a crime boss and committed a lot of crime, got caught with tax evasion. I do personally worry about breaking the law though,
  11. @Catpone Cerberus The dragon zoned out and suddenly, saw Ruby left. So, he went hunting on his own and returned first with a good deer. When Ruby returned, Quasi would be looking at his deer, cooking a piece with a heated rock with a fire under it and sticks holding it up. "I like deer, I also like cow, cow is good. Sky's world takes cow meat, cooks it and puts bread on it. Ponies, they throw up when they taste meat. Did you know that humans, despite being slow and weak are on top of the food chain? It's their intelligence that makes them powerful. Something so slow and so physically
  12. Lucid_Nightlight

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Insult you? I quite like mugs, actually. You should be honored.
  13. Lucid_Nightlight

    Ask Zecora

    Dear Zecora, Have you had a rap battle with Pinkie Pie?
  14. Lucid_Nightlight

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    We have millions, ya mug
  15. Lucid_Nightlight

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    A legion is made up of 4,000 to 6,000 soldiers, are you aware that there is a lot less of that in the Legion of Doom? And are you aware that the human militaries could destroy you rather fast?
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