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  1. Lucid_Nightlight

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    I doubt the companies will do anything too crazy. I don't think they are stupid enough to tarnish their reputations. Even if they were stupid enough, people would leave them and they's be left with two choices. 1. Stop charging and blocking sites 2. Shutdown the company because of lack of consumers.
  2. Lucid_Nightlight

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @EQ_Theta @Storm Shine Lucid took a look at everything Anomaly had made in this garden and also took in account the fact that she creates creatures. He looked at her with a mischievous grin. "Hmm... you've seemed to have CREATED quite a few things. Made a garden, created some objects, and judging by that lizard... you even created life." Lucid let out a chuckle. "Some spirit of destruction you are!" He continued with his mischievous grin, probably trying to get her ego to take over if she has one. "But hey, bad things can happen, right? Or maybe you are scared of this silly poquus. Heck, I could even go into that head of yours and read your thoughts like a book, of course I won't even read your mind to check if you are scared since it's quite obvious." Of course Lucid has nothing against Anomaly. The poquus was only playing around.
  3. Lucid_Nightlight

    Gaming Online Gamer Trolls

    In this thread, we talk about our experiences trolling others in online games. Keep in mind, this refers to harmless trolling, NOT harrassment or bullying.
  4. Kid friendly is basically MLP G1 to G3.5 Family friendly is MLP G4 But I suppose that's all out the window now considering that parents let kids play Black Ops and those kids are MEAN!
  5. Lucid_Nightlight

    Gaming Fallout 76 Discussion Thread

    I think this game has a lot of potential! This opens up amazing interactions with other players. I wanna see the weird people you find in Rust, Ark Survival Evolved, and DayZ!
  6. I use to be a Sonic fan, but I think the franchise has lost its touch.
  7. Lucid_Nightlight

    What Are Your Biggest Pet Peeves?

    Those kids who decide to get violent when someone hurts their feelings.
  8. Lucid_Nightlight

    Clickbaitify The Situation

    Dancing with egg (Gone wrong) (In the hood) (With a redneck) (Cops called) Eating an egg
  9. Lucid_Nightlight

    Did You Ever Watch Generation 1, 2, 3, or 3.5?

    I've a small bit of it. It wasn't very good though. I only like G4.
  10. Lucid_Nightlight

    What weapon do you sleep with?

    Nothing as of now considering I do not own a gun yet.
  11. Lucid_Nightlight

    Gaming What is your favourite gaming console?

    Probably PC. 2nd favorite is Xbox 1
  12. Lucid_Nightlight

    What is your most hated household chores?

    Dishes. Enough said.