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  1. Finished another request last night I decided to chibifi Pokey Steph I believe the name is she belongs to AJFan89 she stepped on a melted ice cream and is not to happy about it.
  2. request shop

    This request is for AJFan89 they made a request on my other shop which I closed and I decided to chibifi their OC Pokey Steph I believe the name is sorry if I got it wrong, but she stepped on a melted ice cream which got on her hoof so she is not to happy about that.
  3. I agree I have no idea what they were thinking when they made newborn cuties -_-, a good thing about gen 3 and 3.5 is the episodes were short so they were easy to watch yes there was a lot of pink in it, but its mlp its suppose to be pink, but it was not horrible I love the design for gen 3 they had some really pretty ponies and gen 3.5 just made the characters more adorable especially the toys and I also agree if they kept the same style as gen 3.5 I don't think it would have changed anything they would just be cute chibis running around and gen 4 is already chibified all around the internet.
  4. request shop

    Sure I'll draw your oc is there any certain pose you want?
  5. He is a funny character its a shame that the movie was never that popular I loved it when it came out and the characters were so memorable and they still are.
  6. Completed another cute chibi which is Dr Whooves being hugged by Mysterious Souls OC.
  7. request shop

    So sorry your request took so long, but finally completed it I decided to have your oc go in for a hug and Doctor Whooves happily accepted it I'm sorry if anything looks off, but I do hope you like it.
  8. tattletail

    I really should go back and check out some secrets I missed and I agree the story is interesting hoping they release another DLC and it was a good price as well.
  9. I bought the game Tattletail today which really good game I beat it with the good ending and mama sure hated me as much as I hated her and the yellow one tattled on me telling mama where I was I beat the game and the DLC that was released with it I had to escape which was a pain in the butt with mama chasing me all around so if you've played the game what did you think of it? and if you have not played it what do you think of the game if you've seen it played by others or seen it around? Just remember: MAMA SEES YOU!!!!!! Awww aren't they adorable o hey let's play a game of spot the dead body in this gif below leave a comment if you spotted it.
  10. disney

    I love the original classic Disney movies I was watching this last night if anybody wants to take a listen and while listening to it I noticed Belle's voice actor sounds a tad off I know its because of age, but the others still sound like the characters.
  11. G3/Core 7

    Gen 2 is a favorite of mine as well they look like Arabian horses to me which is my favorite breed of horse I don't like the magic motion figures, but the gen 2 babies are adorable I like the gen 3 figures I find them really pretty the show I did not care for since I am more of a collector then a watcher I would prefer to watch generation 1 then generation 3. I would prefer to watch generation 1 then generation 3 my favorite being Escape from Midnight Castle and others from the gen 1 series I am more of a collector then I am a watcher, but I do like some episodes/movies from gen 3, but would prefer to watch gen 1, but I feel each gen brings its own unique trait to mlp except newborn cuties that brings nothing, but nightmares lol.
  12. I love it thank you so much you made my ponysona look so cute and beautiful.
  13. Are we not all, but a little heartless lol and its fine if you don't like the style everybody has their likes and dislikes with gens to be honest my favorite will always be the generation 1 twinkle eyes and I must agree with you Ezma is pretty funny she made the movie and Kronk its one of my favorite Disney movies even if its not popular.
  14. I've gotten those calls I usually hang up and laugh about it, but sometimes when telemarketers and scam artist call me I just want to use my Pinkie Pie voice and say random phrases in her voice.
  15. When it comes to Tirek I like to stick with his original generation 1 story where he is actually a demon that resembles a centaur and Scorpan is not his brother, but a human prince that was transformed when Tirek took over his kingdom got information about what Tirek is on my little wiki great site for past generations. With that out of the way I would like to see Zecora's family zebras are rare to see in the show and nothing is really mentioned about them, but I would also like to see Derpy's family they showed that she had an accident in one episode, but never showed her parents I know she is a background pony, but would like to see her parents or even maybe Scootaloo's family she has parents they just work a lot so would be interesting to see them especially since Sweetie belle's parents have been shown and Applebloom's parents will be shown soon so why not show Scootaloo's as well.