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  1. Finished another chibi the OC belongs to Adamgreen.
  2. Request Shop

    So sorry your request took so long, but here it is I do apologize if anything is off and also sorry if the mane is wrong I could not see much of the mane so I decided to take a guess so sorry if the design is wrong and I had to guess with the color which was no problem I tried to get as accurate as I could to the picture, but I do hope you like it.
  3. Another chibi added today the OC belongs to Count Werdowp.
  4. Request Shop

    Your welcome I'm really glad you like it.
  5. Request Shop

    So sorry your request took so long, but here it is I do apologize if anything is off and I know there was no fang in the picture, but I decided to add a little fang hope you like it.
  6. Yes that is true most ocs tend to be alicorns that are all powerful and who is adored by all or who happen to become one through the princesses finding potential in them, but I don't mind alicorn ocs just as long as their not perfect in every way and have a good written back story on how they became one.
  7. I suppose it goes for any oc I have seen, griffons, pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies that were complete mary sues and gary stues, but to answer the question I really don't mind an alicorn oc who am I to tell somebody what their oc can and can't be, but there is somethings that do bother me when it comes to any oc which are 1. when their oc is completely unbeatable,have no flaws and the most intelligent being of all 2. when they are related to the princesses, friends with the princesses , shipped with the princesses or the princesses just happen to take them under their wing because they see potential in them 3. when people take characters from the show and turn them evil or fuse them together, but their still evil and the list goes on, but I am going to leave it there, but like I said this goes for any oc, but this is only my opinion if you want to make an all powerful oc or ponysona who am I to stop you? they help people escape reality, but in the end its just an oc who cares what they look like or what power they have as long as its original and not taken from the show what does it matter? its not hurting anybody if you feel their oc is unfair to a rp then put rules before posting the rp or ask them if they can change it to fit in with the rp I suppose I should end it here well everybody keep oc'ing and ponysonaing on and have a ponyrific day.
  8. Thank you and of course that makes perfect sense.
  9. That's fine everybody is going to have their likes and dislikes when it comes to merchandise with anything. Yes that was her and a pony that looks like gen 1 Wind Whistler is also in the movies trailer I won't be seeing the move in theaters prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my own home, but I have mixed feelings for the movie, but who knows you may see a little filly that could resemble her even if its not 100% exact so what made you like her so much anyways?
  10. The new style of toys reminds me of the older generations which is probably why I like it more I like the different poses as well the original brushables for gen 4 looked all the same, had the same pose just different characters, but everybody will have their likes and dislikes when it comes to merchandise. The movie has shown characters from generation 1 in the trailer it passes quickly, but there is a pony that looks just like Firefly from gen 1 now I know its not her, but its nice seeing those little easter eggs so it would not surprise me if some of the figure characters ended up in the show.
  11. Request Shop

    OK will do and your welcome.
  12. Request Shop

    Sure since one slot opened your request will be accepted is there any certain pose you want?
  13. I actually like the new look of the toys that are being released for the movie have not seen that Celestia yet I'll have to keep an eye out. And oh no you did not give the wrong impression with the movie and season 8 plus the continuation of season 7 there could still be a chance for her to enter as a background filly they are always in need of fill in background ponies. If she does make her way into the show I hope she remains as a background pony just due to I would not want her to be picked up by the princesses we've already had that with Twilight and I feel like it would take away from her character, but would be cool to have an episode of her interacting with the CMC since she is a blank flank she could use some help discovering what her talent is.
  14. Just completed a chibi Discord which was requested by Randimaxis this is my first time drawing Discord and I know his smile is in his eye I decided to draw it like that due to hey with Discord nothing makes sense.
  15. Request Shop

    So sorry your request took so long, but just finished Discord this is my first time drawing Discord so sorry if anything is off and I know his smile is in his eye I decided to draw it like that because hey with Discord nothing makes sense, but I do hope you like it.