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  1. Chaos: why thank you for the compliment Discord I've taken a look at this friendship thing, but chaos is just to much fun to give up and besides I'm not very liked by many and I prefer to keep it that way I suppose another question is at hand I do wonder do you really enjoy your new reformation or is it just a mask?
  2. Hello everypony I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this and I do apologize if its in the wrong spot. Now with that said as the title says I would like my Pinkie Pie impression to be rated I am going to post my 2 recent videos well not so recent actually, but the 2 videos I finished which is Ask Pinkie Pie 4 and Pinkie Pie Rant so I would like you guys to let me know if you think it sounds like her or if it does not so the videos will be down below so let me know what you think of my Pinkie Pie impression. And if you have the time to spare leave a comment on what you think of my Pinkie Pie impression.
  3. Chaos: Hiya Discord names Chaos ever heard of me? and did you know that you were the reason I got my cutie mark? you were my idle when I was a filly even had a small crush on you, but well that changed when I heard of your reformation you went all wimpy and soft inside such a disappointment.
  4. Happy Easter Chaos Princess, or at least have a wonderful day. :)

    1. chaosprincess


      Thank you Happy Easter as well Leave a Whisper and you have a wonderful day as well I hope your day is going well and Easter.

  5. request shop

    I don't mind doing it you were nice enough to take time out of your busy schedule and complete my request which I do love it she looks good.
  6. request shop

    Glad you had fun with making her =) and I thank you once again and if anybody is looking for their OC's to be made EG style I'll send them your way.
  7. request shop

    She looks really good thank you so much if I put it anywhere you will be credited thank you again.
  8. request shop

    No problem I understand life gets busy.
  9. request shop

    Hello midnightmuse sorry to be a bother, but was just wondering if you were still making Chaos? if you need any information just let me know I know you said you found my request again, but never heard from ya so just let me know if you still want to make her or not or if there is any information you need for the request sorry again to be a bother.
  10. request shop

    Sure why not you went through the trouble to find it so you can make one of Chaos thank you very much looking forward to seeing it.
  11. request

    I can't draw humans at all I am horrible at drawing them and I have never really drawn any dragons, but if I get some free time I can maybe attempt to sketch the dragon side or another character you may have I would just need some information on it, but that's in my spare time.
  12. request shop

    Oh no need to apologize no worries I do wish you luck on your new shop.
  13. request shop

    If your still taking request would you mind drawing my ponysona Chaos? I would like number 3 which is a happy expression I will leave a little information below this on her and a picture. Eyes: her left eye is red and her right eye is gold Mane: She has natural curls coat color: her coat color is gold Mane color: is red and black