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  1. I know generation 3 is not the most amazing generation, but it seems so many people hate it I like the art I think its really pretty and I don't see why a show has to have violence or combat to be considered good I must admit I do find the songs to be catchy now I'm not forcing anybody to like generation 3, but a lot of people consider it ugly and horrible which I feel they are over exaggerating now I'm not starting an argument or anything everybody has a right to their own opinion or things that they like I just thought I would start this topic and see what everybody thinks me personally I like generation 3 and a lot of ponies in generation 4 are from that generation so without generation 3 and older there would not be a generation 4 so do you like generation 3 or hate it and why?
  2. Just like the title says did you ever have that person or people that got you into a game serious that you now love? my cousin princessofcompassion has gotten me into a lot of good game franchises like the Silent Hill series my favorites being silent hill 1,2,3 and origins she got me into Devil May Cry I really like the first one and will be playing the second and third game at some point she also got me into Dark Stalkers/Vampire Savior in which I purchased the Japanese playstation version Vampire Savior for $8, she got me into the Tales series one of my favorites being Tales of Symphonia and she got me into Harvest Moon more friends of mineral town so who got you into your favorite game franchise(s)? I've been playing videogames since I was pretty much born, was born with a controller in my hand lol, but my first game was Mario I saw my brother/sisters playing so I wanted to give it a try and from the moment I picked up the controller I never put it down and from there I got my own systems and games, but as for other games I found them myself so I could expand my collection and a lot of them ended up being really good like Banjo Kazooie being one of them and many more games and like I said above my cousin introduced me to some awesome games.



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      I hope it will be an exciting day for you! :yay:

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      So far Its been a good day and I appreciate everybody that wished me a happy birthday. :fluttershy::pinkie::muffins:

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      Happy to hear that! :) 

  4. chaosprincess

    Command a user to post

    I suppose I will take part just this once nobody really comes to mind on who I should choose to post next so @anybody who wants to post next can post next.
  5. Hello everyone so I'm not 100% sure if this goes here so I apologize if its in the wrong place, but I am looking to cosplay as Pinkamena and will be having her notorious cutie mark dress made now that's where all you lovely ponies come in now if you would like your OC to have their cutie mark added to the dress leave the name of your OC and their cutie mark now its going to be randomly picked I am going to be using a random generator to choose who's cutie mark gets added so NOT everybody will be chosen, but if chosen your OC will be killed and their cutie mark added and also turned into a cupcake if chosen so that's everything I look forward to pulling some numbers out. RULES 1. THIS IS NOT A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE NAMES WILL BE RANDOMLY CHOSEN SO NOT EVERYBODY WILL BE ADDED 2.POST YOUR OC AND THEIR CUTIE MARK 3.IF YOUR OCS CUTIE MARK HAS ANY OF THE CANON CHARACTERS CUTIE MARKS ON IT THEN SORRY IT WON'T BE ACCEPTED DUE TO I AM ALREADY ADDING THE MANE 6S AND SOME OTHERS CUTIE MARKS ONTO IT SO I DON'T WANT THE SAME CUTIE MARK ON THERE TWICE.
  6. chaosprincess

    Cancelled G3 Feature Film

    *smacks my face* I don't even want to imagine what that's going to look like CGI, hand drawn and animation I can see those doing well more work is put into them, but live action now not all live action is bad, but a good chunk of them have been horrible we should just go back to the good ol days when things were hand drawn.
  7. chaosprincess

    Ask Laurel the Twinkle Eyed Pegasus

    Laurel: They are amazing I can't believe how much of the world I was missing its like seeing the world anew and as an added bonus they are made to fit my twinkle eyes soooo won't be blinded by the lenses.
  8. chaosprincess

    Ask Laurel the Twinkle Eyed Pegasus

    Hello everyone out there I'm Laurel and I'm a small adult twinkle eyed pegasus which means I have gems for eyes see how they twinkle oopsies forgot you can't see me silly me anyway looking forward to answering your questions so ask away.
  9. I did cancel the project due to some people fell through so I lost some characters and I was unable to find voices for other characters etc so I did decide to cancel the project, but you can still post recordings of characters you can do so if I do any future projects I can listen to the recordings and see if your voice fits.
  10. I did cancel the project, but you can still send me voice recordings so if I ever do any future projects I can see if your voice fits in. I did cancel the project, but you can still send me voice recordings so if I ever do any future projects I can see if your voice fits in.
  11. chaosprincess

    Random art dump

    Thank you again for drawing Laurel I love it.
  12. Notice: I am cancelling this topic, but I will still say the ones that were requested. Hello everypony and creature I enjoy making everyone smile with my Pinkie Pie impression and I was looking to make more videos so I thought I would ask all of you what you would like me to say as Pinkie Pie, but there are some rules which will be listed below this right now. Rules 1. I will not say anything that is nsfw (not safe for work) insults let's keep this friendly 3.Your icon will be used in the video along with your username since I will be saying who wanted me to say it or I may post what you wanted me to say. Well that's pretty much everything looking forward to getting some responses and seeing what you guys would like me to say as Pinkie Pie.
  13. Thank you I will keep that in mind I am just keeping it closed until I can get a better editing software once I am able to do that I will be re opening it, but as an admin the choice is of course yours if you feel the thread needs to be locked then that is of course your choice and I respect whatever decision you make.
  14. I am sooooo sorry this is way over due I ended up recording it and editing the recording, but then life got in the way and I uh forgot about it now I did take everybody's recent icons and used them in the video my Pinkie Pie impression was so so the allergies were pretty bad for me at that time, but still recorded for all you lovely people now for anybody who posted a question after the editing of the video I am sorry, but since it was already recorded and edited it was not added I do apologize, but without further ado here is the video.
  15. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    @Witch So sorry it took so long to complete the picture, but here it is now I did keep her sparkle body I added sparkles all over her body, changed the mane a little placed it into a bun with sparkles on both mane and tail, I did add a crystal heart into her eye along with sparkles I did draw the cutie mark without the book so its just the cat and the bottles I do apologize if anything is wrong, but I hope you like it.
  16. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    Your welcome, but I must thank you for the picture you have drawn and for being so patient I feel so bad taking so long, but I do have it sketched out I just have to color it which may take a while due to I want to make sure I get everything correct since she is a sparkle body there is a lot of detail there and I thank you again for the picture that you drew and for being so patient.
  17. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    @Witch Hello I just wanted to apologize that the picture is not completed yet I ended up getting really busy, but I have some of the picture sketched out I do have a sketchy look to my art and I did make some small changes to her nothing major, but I have been working on it, it should be done sometime soon not sure exactly when, but I just wanted to apologize for the delay and let you know that I am working on it.
  18. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    Its perfect thank you so much its adorable and I showed it to her as well and she loves it I am working on yours and it should be up today at some point.
  19. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    @Witch Thank you like I said if your unable to do both just let me know and I do apologize for asking for 2 ponies to be drawn if you'd like I can draw 2 for you as well I appreciate you accepting the request thank you.
  20. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    Sounds good I will draw her as soon as I can I do work so it may take some time. And instead of drawing my ponysona could I request to have somebody else's character drawn? If you can would you be able to draw my cousin's ponysona Aria with the link pony cuddling? I will add some pictures the first one is Aria she is an alicorn her cutie mark is a heart with a crown around it with laurel leaves forming around it she does have a pink heart in her eye as well and the second picture is the link pony if your unable to draw them together just let me know some pictures are down below of both of them.
  21. chaosprincess

    Any G4 style artists want to trade?

    I can give her a try if you'd like. The older generations are still awesome in my opinion my own ponysona is based off of the gen 1 twinkle eyes I always found them so pretty and loved their eyes.
  22. I was looking to re make my Ask Pinkie Pie 5 video which I had questions for, but I have decided to remove some of the extra characters such as Scootaloo and Fluttershy and keep it strictly for Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena so I was looking to have new questions asked for Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena only there will be some rules down below. Rules 1. Don't ask anything NSFW (Not Safe For Work) 2. Only ask a question for Pinkie Pie or Pinkamena 3. I will only be accepting a certain amount of questions so that the video does not become to long 4. Don't be rude or negative 5. Don't post any troll questions 6. Please don't use this thread to promote your fanfics, art etc 7. Have fun This video is going to take a while to make due to I am currently saving up for a better recording program, but I am accepting questions so I'll have them ready when I am able to purchase the program thank you for contributing your questions to Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena.
  23. That question will be answered by none other then Pinkamena herself. Since it pertains to the show I will accept your question.