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  1. Hello I just wanted to tell you that yours is done. Very sorry for the wait
  2. Most of the translations can be be found on the Zelda Wiki. I did manage to find the page on it so I will place the link here which does have it for all the games in the series.
  3. Wow its been that long already man I feel old lol. My favorite part hands down would have to be is Ikana Canyon along with the Stone Tower Temple. Both have a pretty dark atmosphere and a interesting story. Not only that there are tons of theories surrounding them so making it so much more interesting. Also I really love the fact this game really does make you care about the NPC's. Which is something not many games has really done for me. One of my favorite moments though is when I realized I could translate the hylian and find all the nifty little easter eggs hiding in plain sight.
  4. With the one being completed I am closing this shop since I did state I would only take 1 or 2 in the description of this thread.
  5. @Bakugou is my Man Here is your finished request! I do apologize for the long wait but here it is.
  6. I know this is late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope your birthday was amazing and that your day was filled with smiles and joy.

  7. Happy birthday to you, I remember you there one that drew me OCs in the old days

    1. AriaTheLovely


      Thank you so much and which one was it? Sorry for asking I just have drawn lots of requests over the years lol.

  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. Happy Birthday AriaTheLovely!:blue_baloon:
    1. AriaTheLovely


      Thank you so much :pinkie:

  10. leaves u a box of donuts*

  11. That's perfect I will try to do as much detail as I can
  12. I think a vampire costume would actually quite cute/spooky. So is there any kind of specific vampire costume you would like?
  13. Hey everybody its me again back with this cute blepping pony to celebrate the fall season. I am probably going to be taking 1 or 2 so I can have some finished examples of this YCH. All pony races I.E unicorn,pegasi and alicorn Any gender You can also choose to have a little costume as well
  14. Well since I have a heavily restrictive diet any food that coincides with my gluten free/lowfat diet I will eat it. Fruit,veggies and meat included.
  15. *I leave you a muffin*