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  1. I do love my family but my family has not been the greatest to me. The only family member that I have a pretty good bond with is my cousin. As for the others I.E parents and sibling they just either use for me for money or favors.
  2. I can probably remember as far back when I was 1 years old watching The Little Mermaid for the very first time. I seem to recall being absolutely terrified of Ursula lol.
  3. I am just happy that you love it so much but its no problem its always a pleasure doing art for you.
  4. Hey its me again and lookie here its another sleeping pony. I know I have done about a million of these but who could resist the cuteness of a tiny Laurel sleeping on a cloud. Of course this lovely character is not mine but my very good friend @chaosprincess
  5. Thank you so much, he gets his little fangs from his dad.
  6. Here is the what if baby of my OC Daphnes and my friend @chaosprincess sona Laurel. I did manage to figure out details about him. So I figured I'm going to write them down below. Name: Daphnes Jr. Age: few months Nicknames: DJ, and little shadow Abilities: All he can do for now is teleport and create small shadow portals. Which he thinks sinking his father into his little portals is a riot. He is still trying to get a hang of the whole making wings appear thing like his father though. Hobbies: Teleporting himself into odd locations to see if his parents will find him and hiding on the ceiling to sneak attack any unsuspecting passerby who just so happens to walk underneath him. Personality: For the most part, he is a lot like his momma but he definitely has daddy's bad attitude when he doesn't get his way. Parents will be shown below
  7. Hey everyone sorry not responding to all your requests I just have been a little under the weather with a cold. But I will pick out who I'm choosing and get started. Thank you all so much for requesting.
  8. Welcome to the forums I hope you have a blast here!
  9. My favorite would have to be generation 1 since It was a childhood love of mine. I actually still have some of my childhood ponies in my collection. Generation 3 is my second favorite gen because I really love the figures and the shows are suprisingly so bad there good. Minty's Christmas being my favorite out of all of them. But I could never like the newborn cuties they still creep me out to this day lol.
  10. Hello everyone as the title of the thread states this is a free request shop. You see after a bit of thinking I decided to go back to where my art career started and do some free requests. Now with that being said I will place some rules below. 1. I will not draw anything NSFW I know this primarily a safe site but I want to make sure I put that out there first and foremost. 2. Please do not stalk my profile,note me or post here asking when its going to be done. My life has gotten a bit busier since I joined a few years ago and I will be probably getting a new pc really soon so it might take a bit to get your piece done 3. Be sure to have good references. Text and pictures with shading are harder to get colors off of. But anyway I can give it a go. 4.Tell me what you would want I.E. chibi,full body 5. Have fun and request away
  11. This character is not mine but a friends ( @chaosprincess ) and your amazing style would make her look absolutely adorable. Just a tiny side note she does have gemstones for eyes. Since she was based off the generation 1 twinkle eyes I will put the info down below and of course there is no pressure to take my request.
  12. Here's some more art that I have completed from the last time that I posted here. Of course, all characters belong to their owners/creators. ^ Heres the what-if baby of my OC Daphnes and my friend @chaosprincess sona Laurel.
  13. Merry Birthiversary!