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  1. Still mourning over the loss of my cousins dog sure he was her dog but we were close as well. Yesterday we picked up his ashes along with his paw print which of course I was happy about but there was still a sadness there knowing I will never see my saggy little friend again.
  2. Hey everyone my cousin @chaosprincess is going to need a lot of support right now since she just lost her dog of 15 years earlier this morning. So any condolences or any words of comfort is greatly appreciated during this difficult time.

  3. Of course I do lol and that must have hurt like a mother. I do hope your leg makes a speedy recovery since monitors plus any part of the body are never a good mix.
  4. Ate hamburgers and fries for dinner then my cousin proceeded to wash our dirty dishes.
  5. Not to sound like a prude or anything but I think I would be quite bothered or irate if there was lewd art of any of my ocs especially since it would probably would have been done without my expressed permission. I have never seen any of my MLP OCs in such a way, not to mention I would be really creeped out if someone decided to make lewd art with my main sona since I do have a partner in real life.
  6. Hey I know its been like forever but I actually got one done so here it is. As for the others I am working on them in the order as they were received but hopefully I can start getting these done quicker. @chaosprincess
  7. Happy birthday I hope it gets better for you :coco:



    1. chaosprincess


      @AriaTheLovely Love the song thank you :love:

    2. AriaTheLovely


      your welcome giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e478chy86gmrptzn8ytp1

  8. As, much I would love to hand feed my beardie he would probably confuse my fingers for a collard green or a mealworm. And I would like not to be bitten so its either I feed him with tongs or I just place the food into his bowl.
  9. My sona Aria is an alicorn that has great healing abilities. She does have a backstory and a few others that were written by my cousin. I will probably place those in a spoiler below since I don't want a huge wall of text taking over my post.
  10. Hey everyone I know it's been awhile since I last posted but here we are. I decided to see what my OC Daphnes would look like as an sea pony but I decided he would look better as a shark. Laurel belongs to @chaosprincess . DO NOT STEAL THIS PICTURE, DO NOT CLAIM THIS PICTURE AS YOUR OWN, DO NOT SELL THIS PICTURE, DO NOT POST THIS PICTURE ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES AND BE RESPECTFUL DON'T STEAL PEOPLES ARTWORK
  11. Sorry for the confusion but its just pink wavy hair that has some sparkle to it as shown in the first picture. Also I found the updated color palette very sorry for not including it the first time
  12. I'm from Massachusetts and the farthest I have been is Michigan.
  13. Could you draw my sona Aria? Of course, you don't have to but here goes. All references will be below.
  14. Sure I will add you in so your accepted
  15. Well my worst fear would have to deal with my health. Just the thought of some deadly disease manifesting itself without any symptoms that could have been treatable if caught early enough but I waited to long to act so now I only have so long to live. Luckily that thinking has not revealed itself to be true but it does make me incredibly wary of minor symptoms. Also I am terrified of heights and bugs with the name pede in it.