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  1. Animation

    Yuri on Ice , #1 most misleading anime title I've ever watched! D:< Someone should fire the marketing guy for that name o-o Also...this is a thing apparently..
  2. Mega Thread

    It depends on the love.... Love is like... Food... Sure, you wait long enough you'll eventually find something decent to eat... But if you want to find good food.... Great food... Then 9 times out of 10 you have to put effort to find it. Reach out, take risks. Thoughts on Smuckers?
  3. Mega Thread

    Pepper Mint, it makes me feel like Christmas morning I also like the Tea and Coffee scents Same Question?
  4. Mega Thread

    Adam Sandler I'm a sucker for rom. Coms. ^~^ Tanks or Ships?
  5. Nah it just feels impractical to me, I mean if I had a thousand dollars to spend on merch I would have just spent it some high quality fan made plushies instead. It just has more bang for my buck.
  6. Blueberries, A Certain grain but I don't know which one, Mushrooms....and worst of all...Beer. It's weird...I'm not allergic to vodka or wine...but for some strange reason my body can't handle beer. It breaks out in hives.
  7. Mega Thread

    Intermittently , I love it though ^ ^ Favourite hotel?
  8. Mega Thread

    Why not all three? Jax for the win o3o What character class do you like most?
  9. This is my jam! I'm no longer as good as I used to be, I pretty much lost my abdominals no more than 2 years ago due to a... Complication. My favourite day is leg day and I really dislike triceps and shoulder isolations! They are the worst! =_= Dead lifts are my favourite exercise! I used to slouch a lot in my early teens and I learned it was due to a weak back muscles so the Dead lift really helped me out with my posture and I'll always be really thankful for that.
  10. Teaching myself to anatomy: Still pretty bad but getting better and that's all that matters.
  11. Origin of your username?
  12. Grisel makes me queasy... Actually bones in general make me uneasy. That's why I never eat Fried Chicken or T-bone steak. I'm not a vegetarian though I still enjoy meat.... But just... Boneless meat.
  13. The one thing I missed the most from the old site was the Birthday Box! I miss it more than any of the old features that the old site used to have! Please bring it back ;-;
  14. I could see her as a brief cameo for the end credits... Just imagine you sitting in the movie theatres as the end credits start rolling and you see an animation of Toon boom human Sunset shimmer writing in her little book. The viewers would go crazy. I feel if they just made her a brief cameo in the actual movie (Not the end credits) without explaining why she was there. It'd gain hate from both sides. As it feels more like pandering rather than fan service.
  15. Whether it's something you make yourself or one you buy off a restaurant, What are your favourite salads?