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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day.  You are missed.

  3. I love this show , It makes me feel like im watching an alternate universe version of MLP season 1 Favourite is Poison Ivy...Frickin adorable
  4. I really loved it! I hope they make a sequel! With him being in Arkham by the end of the movie, I think it perfectly sets up a movie that centers on How he met Harley
  5. Same! Though if this really is the last season there better be a Lapidot fusion! hahaha And it's Bright!!~ I loved the ending song to Mr. Greg! one of the best ones! Have you watched the movie yet?
  6. Kinda wish they went with something similar to the Fanart But y'know after replaying independent together a couple the new design starts growing on yah ^^
  7. The olds can be pretty good too, Garnet's and Pearl's songs are my favs ^^ It does sound like Disney now that I think about it...even Spinkie's Origins has that Toy Story vibe
  8. On my side, I love hugging my pillow When was the last time you were sick?
  9. I love how Spineli is kinda like reverse Pinkie Pie
  10. It depends, I love them both...but hmmm...I guess I'll go Amusement Park if the lines aren't bad, specifically one with a lot of rides, I love thrills and haunted houses the most. If the lines were long, then Waterparks all the way, Bonus points if the water park has a good Wave Pool, I could play in that all day.
  11. When the teacher leaks answers from his tests. I'm no star student , but We're supposed to be in class to learn, I'd rather fail a class I wasn't good enough to pass, than have that realization when I have to apply that knowledge. What was your first mobile phone? What happened to it?
  12. Merry Birthiversary!