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  1. General Cryptocurrency Discussion Thread

    I'm afraid I can't do that, I'm pretty new to it myself and any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin is a lot more high risk. if you're lookin' to just play around with it...just for the fun of it, Bitcoin seems to be the most stable...and most easily acquired, Its price has risen by about 10 percent since 2 weeks ago. For Myself, I've decided to take a big risk with a good chunk of my spare cash on Verge, because it's fairly cheap at the moment and I think it'll make really good returns within the next few weeks...Not saying you should do the same, It's pretty much just as much a gamble as everything else.
  2. General Cryptocurrency Discussion Thread

    True , That's a real possibility, and a scary one at that o_o
  3. General Cryptocurrency Discussion Thread

    I get that , I've seen a lot of folks wishing they'd invest back in the hyper profitable days, But I don't think the deadline for high profits ended in 2010...I mean, If I had invested in Bitcoin just late last year, it would've Doubled by Today...(Quadrupled if yah managed to sell it during the Christmas Rush)...not sure if the deadline's passed , but it does make yah think
  4. So yeah, I've recently gotten into Cryptocurrency...Not the mining aspect mind you, but the Exchange bit. I dunno , It just seems kind of fun to dink around with it, anyways, I'd like to know the community's thoughts on Cryptocurrencies in general ^ ^
  5. Dang it! Past Vulcan, You could've gained me like 50,000 Dollars! if You invested some of your savings into it in the late 2015s, It wasn't too late, We could have been fiftythousanairs! ;-; OT: Study Brushing
  6. Randimaxis Answers Questions

    @Randimaxis Any thoughts on r/writingprompts? o_o
  7. Terrible Therapist game

    I hear Loan Sharks are great ways to get money! You don't even need collateral! Listen Doc, I can't afford to pay your bill!
  8. ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    Yum!~ The last thing you ate?
  9. 3rd Cider for Twilycorn! Also...side note, I wonder how long this will take...Hmm...Last forum post to hit 2000 was all the way back in December for the 2018 thing...Before that...most average at sub 100 with Random Spikes at a 1000 every so often...Considering there are 8 Participants , this could be the first thread to reach at least the 3000 mark in quite awhile....If I'm correct...the last game to hit that mark was the Snuggle thread all the way back in mid-2015... Random voice in the Crowd: Nerd!!!! Who said that?! o_o Quiet You! >:0

    Grrr... >:o

    1. Vulcan


      I came to see if you were still around...and- *Notices Cover page* *Angrily shakes fist in the air* Discoooooooooord!!!!!

    2. CinnamonPop


      I can explain. 

    3. Vulcan


      *Gasp* ....Betrayal o_o

  11. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    It takes a decent sounds system on High to keep me up in the Morning... What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
  12. *Robits' in Dis Guy* <_<


  13. Ask a Scot

    Is Alcohol as big a part of your culture as it is in Cartoons? Also, What does Haggis taste like?
  14. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    When I was in Highschool my friend laced Viagra in my drink right before I had to attend a volunteer teaching gig for Kids... We pranked each other all the time during April fools Week...So I wasn't really mad about it... Favourite April fools prank?
  15. Your favourite...

    Math... and P. E I'm not sure which I loved more... :0 Favorite Day in your life?