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  1. RP Experience (in years): Not MLP, but I have been roleplaying for more than 5 years Character Applying With: Shadowtune Character Traits: Very cautious and constantly second guessing herself, Shadowtune is very soft-spoken, but caring. She likes to have fun, and even has a unique sense of humor, but it doesn't really come out unless she is comfortable. She is definitely not the "leader" type, but she is good at stepping forward when other ponies need her. Shadow is good at adapting herself to whatever a task needs. Position/Job Interest: Instrumental Music (Band) Why Do You want to do this RP: I love ponies, and I love teachers! This is basically an experiment on my part to shamelessly enter myself (Shadowtune is essentially me ) into Equestria! RP Sample: The loud screech of colt's clarinet causes Shadowtune to pull her ears back sharply against her skull. "That's great, Golden Grape, let's try using less mouth piece this time," she interjects, noticing the discomfort on her other student's faces. A slender teal hoof shoots up into the air. Shadowtune turns and smiles "Yes, Snowball?" The filly stares at her clarinet indignantly, then looks at her teacher. "When are we going to get to play real music? We've been trying out instruments for weeks!" An understanding smile crosses Shadowtune's face, and she clears her throat to address all the students. "I know we're all eager to get to start band. I'm excited too! But we have to find out which instruments work the best for each of us before we can really start to play." A snicker arises from one colt. "Well I'm pretty sure it isn't the clarinet!" Other ponies join in the laughter. Shadowtune cocks her head. "Hold on now. Don't be so sure. The clarinet is a really beautiful instrument if you work at it." She holds her hoof out toward a student close to her, who hands her the clarinet carefully. Shadowtune takes the clarinet in her hooves, sitting upright in a nearby chair. Her wings lower, and she presses the tips of her feathers into the tone wholes of the clarinet, lifting it to her mouth with a gentle breath. Shadowtune plays the first few bars of Grainger's Molly on The Shore. Her student's eyes brighten a bit, and there are a few audible "wows" and other interjections. The pegasi places the clarinet on her chair with a humble look. "The instrument you choose is a reflection of who you are. It's not something you can rush, like getting your cutie mark!" She glances back at her own flank, suppressing a bit of worry rising in her stomach. She still was very uncertain of her own mark's purpose. Shadowtune faces her students, and speaks with a gentle voice. "Class is dismissed. I'll help you put your instruments away. Good work today, everypony."
  2. The Apples are an industrious clan! Perhaps the parents operate another farm? Or maybe they are supervisors of several different farms! It's a bit strange that we haven't heard from them in all this time, but I think it could be explained as correspondence happening off-screen, or perhaps as the Apple's parents just really want their kids to prove how responsible they are.
  3. Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence, it's been another busy workweek for me. All of your characters look great, and I would love to have them as part of the story. What you can expect from me soon is: - An update to the information portion at the top of this thread, detailing the history behind the school's founding (this is not common knowledge to most ponies in the RP) - A group PM, to discuss plot ideas, introduction threads, and general RP Q&A - The application of my own teacher character, Shadowtune! (She's a music instructor) I cannot wait to start, thank you all so much for your patience.
  4. Apps and characters look great, you guys! I would like to know form both of you - Would it be easier to move the RP to its own forum, with sub-boards and things like that to represent different parts of the school? Or would it be better to stay here, and just do our own threads in the Everfree Forest board?
  5. Hello! Here is the roleplay prompt; A strange envelope arrives at your character’s doorstep. There is no return address, only a deep green wax seal covering the flaps. The embossed seal depicts two apples on a branch. Upon opening the letter, your character reads the following, in golden embossed print: Dear Friend, Jonagold Academy for Young Ponies – A private boarding school with over four decades of history. Surrounded by vast tracts of lush farmland, Jonagold Academy is nestled between the towns of Appleloosa and Dodge City, and dedicated to providing a cost-free, high-quality education of young fillies, colts, and yearlings of central Equestria. While the school was originally built with earth ponies in mind, the academy has become inclusive of pegasi and unicorn pupils, while also catering to the specific needs of their races. Science, math, language arts, and the study of magic are all taught alongside one another at Jonagold, along with many other subjects and electives. Students and instructors all reside on campus, in the recently renovated dormitories and teacher’s quarters! Student safety and comfort is always of the utmost importance at Jonagold Academy. Staff benefits include paid room and board, medical care, state of the art teacher’s lounges, and access to a private staff library. All teachers are also given access to the athletic complex after school hours. The school has been highly lauded by the Educators Association of Equestria, including the benevolent Celestia herself. Jonagold’s mission centers around one purpose; the pursuit of an individual’s desired purpose. Jonagold encourages students to take charge of their own destiny, regardless of what peers, family, or cutie marks have to say about the matter. The teachers and administrators endeavor to support their students, and encourage them to pursue their goals, and even their life’s dream, as this was the highest priority of Jonagold’s founders. We hope to see you for a campus tour, or as a future educator at our fine academy! Regards, Headmaster ___________________ And this is where it would be up to us fill in the blanks! To give you a little bit more of information in what kind of RP I'm interested in doing, I would like to run an academy, with the focus of the story being ON THE TEACHERS. The students would be mostly NPC's, unless we decided to develop a plot thread where a student becomes very important to the story. But I mainly want to focus on teachers, especially in the early stages of this story. Please do not apply with a student character right now. I want to build strong adult characters who live and work with one another, and create bonds together to become better at what they do. Right now, I'm looking for people who have characters they'd like to put into this universe, and people who like to get down to the nitty-gritty of plot building for this world. I have already planned a bit about the history of the school's founding and the two stallions that made it possible, but I won't get into that quite yet. Right now, I'd like introductions, and bit more information - here's a form below! RP Experience (in years): Character Applying With: Character Traits: Position/Job Interest: Why Do You want to do this RP: RP Sample: Here's a list of things you should know about the RP: - No non-pony OCs. That means changelings, griffins, hippogriffs, mules, and other non-pony characters won't be accepted. -No alicorn OCs. -No OCs with mechanical limbs. -Third person RP only - RP word minimums are 300 words. Every post in this roleplay will be considered moderate difficulty. Please pay close attention to spelling, grammar, and proper writing conventions. -Try to tailor your character to be AS SIMILAR TO THE PONIES IN THE TELEVISION SHOW. That means we want ponies who are not excessively neon-colored, and have typical pony names. Also, try avoid super dark pasts and backstories. It's excessive and overdone. - What job would you like your pony to have? A science teacher, a music instructor... the headmaster, nurse, janitor, or guidance counselor? Perhaps even one of the coveted teachers of magic? Get creative. Think of things they would teach in Equestria. You could be the Buckball coach, or you could teach a baking and life skills class! Your imagination is the limit. ------ Thanks for showing interest in this RP! If I have enough people who are interested in participating, I may consider moving us to a forum-hosting website such as a Proboards forum dedicated specifically to Teaching is Magic. If you have any questions, you can post them here, or shoot me a PM! Good luck! UPDATE - 3/4/2017 -History of Jonagold Academy for Young Ponies- Most ponies know the sole founder of Jonagold Academy. After all, he visits the building quite frequently, as his small home is only just down the road from the school. Green Acres, pictured above, provides all finances for the academy, and has done so for 40 years. With the inheritance of his highborn Canterlot-based family, Green Acres poured all of his riches into the school, and to the benefit of all its students. Because of the stallion's generosity, Jonagold Academy has never had to turn away a student who's family was unable to afford the tuition. Green Acres often surveys the school's teachers for their ideas and concerns in an effort to improve the school. He is a pleasant pony, and friendly to everyone he comes in contact with. Optimistic to a fault, Green Acres just wants to take care of everyone involved with the school. Most ponies do not know that there is a second pony to attribute to Jonagold's years of success, as Green Acres is a very private individual, especially in matters about his past. Green Acres met this second pony in Appleloosa, traveling with his father, Vast Expanse. Vast was a enormously successful land dealer, and owned a great deal of property in Equestria. On this particular trip, Green Acres was meant to observe his father negotiate a land trade with members of the Apple family, as he was meant to inherit his father's legacy one day. At 20 years of age, Green Acres felt he was prepared for this responsibility. But these plans changed on this trip. Green Acres became acquainted with a young stallion of the Apple family, Jonagold Apple. Jonagold was an aspiring school teacher, whom Green Acres quickly formed a deep connection with. So strong was their friendship, that it was only natural for it to grow into something more. However, this was a clandestine love. Green Acres convinced his father that he could successfully base a dealership in Appleloosa. Pleased with his ambition, Vast Expanse left Green Acres with a sizable inheritance and the property rights to several local plots. Jonagold's family did not approve of his career prospects. They wanted him to continue to work as an apple farmer, as this was tradition. Green Acre's partner was desperately unhappy with his home life, and just wanted to pursue his dream. Jonagold spent a great deal of time with Green, confiding to him often about his desire to escape and begin a school. The couple grew closer and closer, and began to plan a potential life for both of them to be happier. Two years into the relationship, fate would throw a wrench into their plans. Jonagold developed an illness that slowly drained him of his vitality; he eventually debilitated into a state of terminal illness. A heartbroken Green Acres rarely left his partner's side in this time, staying close and comforting him. Jonagold expressed great distress in the fact that he hadn't pursued his goal, and regret hung heavily over his head. After several months, doctors were no longer able to help Jonagold. In his last days, Jonagold revealed his true relationship with Green Acres to his family. His family refused to see him after this. On his final day, Jonagold asked Green Acres to encourage other ponies to live the life they wanted to live, and to not wait for "the right time." Green Acres lost his partner early that morning, 40 years ago. To this day, Green Acres has promoted Jonagold's wish. He built the academy on this very principal, even though his father greatly disapproved of this financial choice. Word of the school spread throughout Appleloosa, and then eventually the rest of Equestria. It is Green Acres's proudest achievement, and his way of honoring the love he had for the stallion he had shared his heart with.
  6. Yes, I am! So sorry for the late reply, busy last few days. I'll be sure to read up on both of your bios a bit more. I've mostly skimmed. Shameful, I know. Whenever you'd like to get started, let me know!!
  7. It's no secret that Starlight is a novice to friendship. It's obvious that she wants to learn more about it, and try to get more experienced, but does she actually want to put effort into making friends? I feel like she made friends with Trixie purely on providence, and discovered they had enough in common that they clicked as friends. With Sunburst, she had a pre-existing friendship; all that needed to be done was to reconnect, and even that was like pulling teeth for awhile. With the mane six, I think Twilight really wants her to be friends with her friends, but that isn't want Starlight wants. I may be reaching, but that's what I've observed. I feel like she's the kind of pony who can't be pushed into a friendship by another pony. It needs to be more natural; I know there's still a lot of development ahead of Starlight and her connection with Twi's friends, but right now things are SO awkward between them. I love Starlight to death, but she is like a seventh wheel. I wouldn't mind if the show-writers gave her her own friends! Trixie and Sunburst mesh much better as her friends. Let's get her more like them! She doesn't have to be besties with the other five of the mane ponies, in my opinion. I love their characters, but not with Starlight. Any other thoughts?
  8. Hello hello! I would love my OC to be involved with Mirage. She is also based in Appleloosa, and she's kind of a fish out of water there, too. Her profile is in my signature. Let me know if we could do something fun!
  9. I love Satin's concept!! Since both of our characters are musically inclined, it would be awesome to do something. If you shoot me a PM I'm sure we could brainstorm some ideas.
  10. Oh, very much so. Fun fact about the show: each season, they are only "allowed" to drop one f-bomb.
  11. Nice to meet you, Caramel! I just recently joined, too. Hope we can both make our way here.
  12. I played Ponyopoly (Monopoly but the Pony Version) with my family! My whole family, even though we don't actually live together. And I got a bit drunk and forfeited early..... but it was fun!
  13. Oh no, OBOE?? It's okay, I'm sure I'll forgive you... eventually.
  14. Oh my god I just listened to Call Upon the Sea Ponies for the first time! I actually really loved it, almost more than some of G4's most recent songs.

  15. I can definitely roll with that! We could do something around the lines of Shadow getting a job where Crescent works! After all, her purpose is to teach music! He could be like her mentor in teaching, perhaps? PM me if you have any ideas!!