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  1. So there's a changeling named "Cornicle". I just love these insect-related terms as names for the changelings. XD :3 :3 :3

  2. Since the redesign, I've been wondering...has to "go to first unread post button" moved somewhere or been removed altogether? I find it to be especially handy in the forum games, and it'd be nice to use it again...
  3. The announcer in that Mario Tennis 3DS ad kinda sounds like Fancy Pants.

    1. Cajunbony23
    2. PacificGreen


      Probably not.

      And it turns out I meant Mario Sports Superstars or something. The game that was released this year.

    3. Cajunbony23


      oh lol. 

  4. That looks amazing, Moony!
  5. That would be amazing. I love Vapor Trail. XD
  6. Gotta love this Duolingo sentence: "Anden spiser ikke sæben når den svømmer i vandet." / "The duck does not eat the soap when it swims in the water."

  7. Request Shop

    Not yet, but I will get on it soon.
  8. Request Shop

    @@Runie, here's your request. Sorry for the long wait. Gonna do @ next.
  9. Food

    I usually nibble the frosting on top a little. Then I peel back the wrapper and start eating from the side. Then go back to eating the frosting from the top. Repeat.
  10. Mega Thread

    Remember, kids, smoking is cool!
  11. Spoiler

    Those are pretty legit character designs, though I'm not too sure about Taye Diggs' furry cat.
  12. Mega Thread

    No idea; maybe a music channel that I've subscribed to. Or something Disney related. Samesies.
  13. Been a long time since I've posted a status update,

  14. I've been considering making an MLP animation but will definitely be needing sound effects...does anyone know where I can get free sounds similar to the ones they either use in the show or in other MLP fan animations? I assume that music can just be found on YouTube or something...unless there's another source for that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.