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  1. PacificGreen

    Am I the only one who quite liked Season 6?

    Glad you enjoyed that season that much. Mine's Season 5. BTW, forgot to mention, but Top Bolt is also probably one of my favorite episodes in the entire show. I just love Sky and Vapor as characters, and their interactions with T-Sparks and the Dashinator Teachers Dash and Twilight also helped make the episode.
  2. PacificGreen

    Am I the only one who quite liked Season 6?

    I myself actually liked Season 6 as well. It was relatively low-key (well, except for the whole "Changelings capture the princesses and mane six", though that finale was relatively subdued compared to the Season 4 and 5 finales), with episodes like Dungeons and Discords, Applejack's Day Off, No Second Prances and Every Little Thing She Does. Nevertheless I thought it was pretty amusing all around. I think I'd go as far as to say that it's up there with Season 7 in terms of how much I like it. Though Season 7 had several great episodes and was a really solid season, there were a few duds that REALLY brought down that season (looking at you, Fluttershy Leans In and Fame and Misfortune! :P) So when I say it's up there with Season 7, I mean that, sure, it had less "epic!" episodes, but it didn't have as many thoroughly disappointing episodes.
  3. For a while, I had a hard time deciding which of the Pillars was my favorite. Now I think it may be Starswirl, just because of how fun it is to reimagine him as a hipster/millennial.

    millennial starswirl.PNG

  4. PacificGreen

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    I've always thought textbooks to be expensive, too, but I've sorta always chalked it up to the many factors that go into making a textbook that most students (and the population in general) aren't aware of. I mean, unless we know exactly what goes into making a textbook, who are we to judge? I know I'm sounding a bit naïve here, but that's just kinda how I am with life in general. But hey, most likely others know about this better than me, but I personally haven't been able to find any reliable sources on this.
  5. PacificGreen

    What is your recent achievement?

    One of my most recent proud moments was ordering a burger completely in Chinese while I was in Taiwan this past summer.
  6. You know, this actually looks like a fun, interesting concept.
  7. Yeah, as much as I have my doubts about the very concept of a friendship school (and the premiere, which I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about from me :P), I've definitely fallen in love with the Student Six. Sure, they fit into their own tropes (the Genki Girl, the shy girl, the clumsy strong girl, the cool dude, and the rebellious 2kool4skool types), but they're definitely interesting characters that seem to have a lot of stories to tell just with them alone. I especially agree with the title, though, because, as much as I want FiM to keep going while focusing on different characters (as they have with, for instance, Starlight and Trixie), the title wouldn't quite fit the show anymore; they'd either have to keep the focus somehow on ponies (or make Sandbar the leader or something), or, like you said, rebrand the franchise, which is almost certainly not going to happen. Still, there's tons of potential left with these characters and others, and I hope the writers keep tapping into that potential for as long as they can keep this going.
  8. I remember when my first reaction to "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" was disappointment because Apple Bloom didn't get a pest control cutie mark. :P

  9. Just because the Mane Six have already gone so much development and change, doesn't mean we don't love them anymore. The fandom without a doubt still likes them as they are. Just look at all the fanart that gets posted every day. That said, you may feel differently from me, but I actually won't mind if they start drifting away from the Mane Six and start focusing on newer or BG characters- the Student Six, the Pillars, Thorax, Sunburst, Ember, whatever. It gives them time to keep expanding this world while keeping a sense of continuity with the previous seasons. Even then I'm sure the Mane Six could take a role as teachers throughout Equestria, just as they've done in the past with the map missions and the friendship school. To be realistic, though, I think the Mane Six will always be the focus of the show for as long as it keeps going, so I wouldn't worry about them becoming irrelevant anytime soon.
  10. Sorry, banh mi and Arby's, but you've been dethroned as my favorite sandwiches.

    Tortas, time to take your new spot. :P

  11. PacificGreen

    Spoiler Teaser for Second Half of Season 8 at SDCC!

    Kinda necro-ing an old thread, but I think I'm starting to stick by my initial opinion; I still think Neighsay was kinda right about them being unqualified, since I'm pretty sure none of the Mane Six have any actual teaching experience. And sure, they may know a lot about the elements and embodying them and experiencing one of the strongest friendships Equestria has known, but just knowing a lot about something or even having directly experienced something doesn't necessarily make one a good teacher.. On the safety point, I think that actually falls on the students. The whole thing happened because Ocellus turned into a giant beast and frightened everyone. I guess this overall stems from my belief that government is not without its flaws, but it's often there for a reason. And I'm all for questioning the rules, and making sure governing authorities adapt when new discoveries are made, but I'm also a believer in due process. Of course, this is a show about cartoon horses, so the situation here was vastly idealized. I just don't think a viewer IRL doing what Twilight and co. did would actually fly in the real world. I mean, if you tried saying "Screw you, DoE, I do what I want because I believe so," things probably won't just "work out" like they do in the premiere.
  12. PacificGreen

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    I've been thinking about this ep for a while...while it doesn't really do anything wrong, I can't really say I like this episode at all. It kinda makes Twilight seem unforgiving and condescending towards the idea of another friendship school (and I quote, "Who would open another friendship school?"). And I know most probably wouldn't trust Flim and Flam either, but I thought they were going to turn over a new leaf in the Las Pegasus episode? I mean, maybe, just maybe, they deserve another chance? I'm probably just bringing in my own biases into my judgment of this episode, but this also seems kinda like a way to deflect criticism of Twilight's school from the first few episodes by making this one look bad in comparison. I mean, I doubt the writers intended it as such, but it seems to be an inadvertent side effect.
  13. I think I'm slowly coming to the realization that, if you feel the need to have other people affirm your own opinions to feel good, maybe those opinions aren't worth defending.

  14. PacificGreen

    Spoiler Why The Leak Makes Sense...And Doesn't

    I'd prefer it. I don't read the comics, since I don't live too close to any comic book stores (and I'd be rather embarrassed getting caught reading a pony comic in public), but I'd like to see them make more stories about ponies besides the mane characters, especially the Pillars and the Student Six (and maybe that gardener from Princess Spike! XD I know, wishful thinking) I mean, I'd totally understand if the show truly was ending after Season 9, but honestly, that doesn't mean the universe of G4 should end.
  15. PacificGreen

    Problem with Flim and Flam

    I agree with a lot of what has been said here. Honestly, Flim and Flam episodes tend to be rather formulaic, and, as some have mentioned, a lot of their "scams" tend to be questionable (namely the SSCS6000 - it's a legitimately good way of producing cider, but for some reason it's just not good's mass produced? Plus the scam came down to their unfair sharing of the profits rather than anything regarding the machine or cider quality itself). Which is why I actually really enjoyed Viva Las Pegasus (which if I recall was kinda a middling episode in terms of reception?). It showed that there's probably a better side to the twins and that they are capable of pulling off a legitimate business - it just seems the writers aren't making that good of use of this potential, or would just rather have them always play the con pony. As for their most recent episode... There were a lot of problems with how FU was run, but one of my biggest beefs with the episode was that, aside from Twilight's overly jealous attitude, they never really give a good comparison as to how a university should be run- they only point out what was wrong with FU, and even then, a lot of those problems were explained a little unclearly (for example,"spending students' bits to expand your resort is wrong", but they really should have explained what the difference is between using school funds and what they themselves earn as headstallions). About the only thing we get with regards to how to run a university is that Rarity's sewing machines were bought with her own funds, but that's it. And honestly, even that is a questionable example, since if the machines are used for a legitimate friendship school lesson, shouldn't she be allowed to use school funds with Twilight's approval? So yeah, unfortunately we don't really get a clear point of reference for how Twilight would run things, which definitely makes it hard for some viewers to see some of the twins' actions as wrong.