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  1. Not the actual d-word, but probably the word "die", which is what i thought you were thinking of.
  2. Spent a third of an hour trying to figure out why my font wouldn't install...then I realized I wasn't even thinking of the right font name. :P



    My headcanon is that Grand Pear's original name was "Grant Pear" before he became a father. 'Cause that's what I initially heard.

  4. I've never read the comic, but I could definitely see Strife being a villain, going by how you've described him. I do think Storm King is a little comical to be a true villain, going by his demeanor in that one part of the trailer. So does that mean Tempest is a subordinate of this guy? And the character voiced by Michael Peña is subordinate of her? Are we going to have some long villain chain in this movie? Alternatively, Storm King IS the villain, but he's just upset that he was betrayed by strife and it's up to the mane six to help him experience friendship again.
  5. Seeing as the movie is going to be Mane Six-centric, and, going by the trailers, we already have Starlight and Trixie making at least cameos, I don't really see a reason why she should. Sorry, I mean I like Sunset as a character (although I'm starting to like Starlight a bit more, thanks to the show writers. ), but she's mostly been relegated to appear solely in the EqG world. It would be rather jarring for her to appear in the actual feature film when she hasn't even appeared in the series proper.
  6. I kinda feel the same way, just on a MUCH smaller scale. I don't really see "coming out as a brony" as that big of a deal; I'd honestly just be rather embarrased getting caught in public saying "One ticket to the My Little Pony Movie, please" at the ticket counter. So I'm probably gonna wait till the movie comes out on Netflix or Redbox or something (or YouTube/DailyMotion if it doesn't get taken down). As for OP's question, I'm gonna say it depends on which movie you're talking about. If the movie is really good and lots of people outside the target audiences give it a chance, it could do as well as one of Disney's lesser known films (Treasure Planet, perhaps?) or even a movie like Hercules, which is still well-known but not as prominent as some of the other classics like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or Mulan. (Mind you, I'm only basing this on my subjective knowledge of the relative successes of some Disney films; otherwise I have pretty much very little knowledge of how box office revenues actually work) However, given how niche Hasbro and MLP are, and how well Disney is able to attract a wide audience, unless some miracle happens it's virtually impossible for it to hit the success levels of Frozen or Zootopia.
  7. Hey PacifcGreen!
    Here is the comic dub I was a part off.


    1. PacificGreen


      Awesome! XD

  8. Hey! One of your comic strips is being voice dubbed by me 

    and another VA. I'll show you the end result

    1. PacificGreen


      Ooh, can't wait! Thankies so much, Cap!

  9. A Tangled crossover, just for funsies.
  10. Even as an Asian-American, I don't really relate much to ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, but it's enjoyable as heck.

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Eh, ABC is a Leftist Extreme channel, their main audience is White despite having so many different raced shows.

  11. Starting my first art livestream ever! if you want to see. Constructive feedback appreicated!

  12. Shower Thought: Has Rarity ever said Scootaloo's name in the entire series?

  13. spoiler

    Was the episode heartwarming? Absolutely. Did it make me cry? No. Well, I may have welled up a bit inside, but honestly, this show is kinda hard to cry to for me. MLP in general doesn't give me as much of an emotional reaction as, say, a drama movie. I'm more likely to cry when there's death involved rather than romance. And even though it's strongly implied AJ's parents are dead, MLP is just too lighthearted to make me cry, really, even during its most touching moments.
  14. I actually didn't like Parental Glideance and thought Hard to Say Anything was an all right episode.