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  1. PacificGreen

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    This is just my preference, but if they are going the reboot route (which I think is the most likely case), I think they should either (a) keep the general setting and character designs as they are but tweak some things here and there, so that it feels more like an "alternate timeline" sort of reboot, or (b) come up with an entirely new world and characters, maybe borrowing some elements here and there from G4, so that it's easier to distinguish from G4 and doesn't just feel like a "new and improved G4". The way they seem to be going about it in the leaks though, they seem to be keeping the main characters but changing them and the setting drastically. And I'm not usually one to say this, but I feel like this is one of those times where a middle ground may not actually be preferable to either extreme. That said, maybe there could be some sort of compromise between the two extremes that can be achieved so that there are still elements of G4 carried over for nostalgia's sake, but at the same time the show feels different enough that it's able to carve its own identity. One of the emails mentioned boys tagging along for the "journey", the word "journey" specifically making me think that, instead of one pony and her five friends learning about friendship, maybe the next show could follow two members of each pony race going on some journey together, having some epic adventures with other friends, and then the six ponies meet further into the series? Just brainstorming, but I think an idea like that might help G5 defray some of the inevitable comparisons it'll get, rather than feel like "G4 but different now!" if it just has the same premise as G4. Anyways, yeah...that's my rambling for today.
  2. So, with the most recent news involving the show, expect a long write-up from me.

  3. PacificGreen

    A note on the show ending

    Well, I suppose it's better to confront the end of the series now than later. It has been an excellent ride and this show is what inspired me to be an active fan artist. I'm grateful for the amazing fans (you guys included, of course!) that the series has birthed. I'm glad a lot of people here are optimistic about G5. As for me, I'm just hoping that even if G5 ends up being more popular than G4, fans everywhere will continue to show G4 love. "Enjoy new shows, but keep the old", if you will.
  4. Kelly Sheridan tweets a Starlight Glimmer valentine I made a few years ago, and all of a sudden my Twitter feed blows up. I am forever grateful.

  5. PacificGreen

    Discord in G5?

    Never mind about Spike then, I think it was just a case of people assuming that since Spike was in every generation, then he'll be in the next one as well.
  6. PacificGreen

    Discord in G5?

    From what I've heard (I haven't taken a look at all of the actual leaks, just ones you can easily find on Google Image Search), the only characters who have been mentioned to (possibly) be returning in G5 are the Mane Six and Spike. Discord has been an extremely popular character in G4, so I'd actually be kinda surprised if he wasn't rebooted in some form or another. As an aside, I think it's kinda weird how we literally haven't heard anything about Season 9 from Hasbro yet (other than Grogar), much less the start of G5. Perhaps they've changed course a bit in their schedule due to the leaks.
  7. PacificGreen

    Hello Everypony!

    Hi there! Welcome to (arguably) the most fun site on the Internet! Hope you enjoy yourself here. Ah, yes, Hurricane Fluttershy. We've come a long way but episodes like those are still classics.
  8. PacificGreen

    Technology Anyone still use Windows XP in 2019?

    I have a relative who I know still uses Windows XP for work. I still remember it was actually not too long ago, when it still wasn't out of the ordinary for someone to still be using an operating system that came out in 2001.
  9. The MLP Wikia page says she and her crew are anthromorphic parrots, but they don't really look too much like parrots (e.g. talon hands instead of wing hands). Then again, Grubber doesn't really look much like a hedgehog.
  10. PacificGreen

    Could G5 be as big as G4?

    I'd like to add to this one more thing: most people have already made up their minds what they think about MLP and bronies. I've sifted through comment threads, both past and recent, of articles specifically about FiM and the fandom, as well as videos that offhandedly mention MLP and bronies (yes, I know that breaks one of the most important rules of the internet, "don't read the comments", but sometimes I just can't resist!), and from what I've gleaned, the general spectrum of reactions hasn't really changed. You have people saying that bronies are the scourge of the Internet and need to die, you have fans defending the show to varying degrees of politeness, saying people should give it a chance, and then you have the people who just plain don't care. Most of the people who are willing to give it a chance have already given it a chance, those who aren't have moved on, and pony as a meme has pretty much lost its steam. Consequently, the number of new fans the show gathers has been at a pretty small scale post-2015, arguably post-2013, no matter what new developments the show comes up with. Remember the season 4 finale with the big Dragon Ball Z-like fight between Twilight and Tirek? Fans everywhere were fangasming about that fight and pointing to it as a prime example of how the show isn't just a girly show, yet, as awesome as that scene was, I can't remember coming across anyone saying that that particular moment was what drew them into the show. The MLP fandom has kind of been at an equilibrium for quite a while now, even with the growing lore and the increasingly mature themes. There will always be a large portion of people who won't want to watch the show, simply because it's directly connected to a girl toy cash cow from Hasbro (honestly I don't blame them; if they're not interested, they're not interested), and we'll always have small volumes of people both joining and leaving the fandom. Bottom line, I think it would take a MASSIVE overhaul of the franchise as a whole to get a large number of people now to change their minds and brew up the same kind of hype as G4 had back in its heyday. I'm not sure how big of a risk they're willing to take with it, what with the risk of alienating current fans and compromising the generally lighthearted, kid-friendly air the franchise has had for so long.
  11. PacificGreen

    Have you ever cried during an episode?

    Don't think so. Maybe once or twice upon deep contemplation, and there are genuinely sad moments for sure, but the show is still too lighthearted and juvenile for me to actually be a tearjerker.
  12. PacificGreen

    HarmonyCon bomb threat

    Yeah, I read about this earlier. Some pretty messed up people, prank or real. I normally don't talk about hot topics and current events, so I'm sorry if what I say comes off as offensive or ignorant, but I just felt like this needs to be said. While it's likely this was targeted specifically toward bronies, unless there's more evidence, still can't rule out the possibility that this was anything else other than a petty fandom war. Remember the Austin, TX bomber in 2018? There was evidence the suspect was possibly racially motivated, anti-gay, etc. but there was also evidence to suggest that he was just a psychopath who may have been more indiscriminate. We still don't know for sure, and given that the event happened almost a year ago, I don't think we ever will.
  13. Makes me grateful there aren't too many cockroaches where I live.


  14. PacificGreen

    Why do some cultures glorify death?

    Do you have specific examples? Just asking because I do believe there is a difference between glorifying death and honoring the dead in a different manner, like Mexicans do during Día de Los Muertos.
  15. PacificGreen

    The Geography Game

    Harrisburg (Pennsylvania)