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  1. Still waiting for that Big Hero 6 series...



  2. Gabby's "let's make with the cutie" line has been resonating in my head all day. Probably because she's best griffon.



  3. Child Support: This game show has some crazy children and I love it.

  4. I can't take any more of these leaks. But reading about them is like a bad habit I can't stop. :P

    1. Kyoshi


      There are leaks happening? :o

    2. PacificGreen


      To quote one Redditor/Derpibooru-er, "a tsunami-sized leak". EqD and Derpibooru are trying to prevent exposure to the leaked content by banning any posts regarding it, but there's also a thread here on this site. Personally, I've been plenty spoiled already, I'm kinda wishing I could erase it from my memory and just pony on as usual.

      I won't spoil anything here, but read about it at your own risk.

  5. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Man, now my MLP world is shaken thanks to these leaks.
  6. Buckball game (WIP)

    This is cool! Great to see you've made progress on it!
  7. This looks cool! I'd love to try contributing to something like this but I've only just started working in Unity and haven't really worked with 3D models. I'm also working on a project of my own, but still, I'd love to keep up with this project!
  8. Episode Titles You'd Like to See

    Just for Fun: Are there any episode titles that you'd like to see become actual episodes of the show? I know we have threads focusing on your episode ideas, but I'm placing a tad bit more emphasis on titles (which, I guess, tie right into plots you'd like to see on the show). As for me, I'm kinda hoping we get a 12 Angry Men parody titled "12 Angry Ponies", as well as a Star Wars parody called something like "May the Horse Be With You" or "The Horse Awakens".
  9. Anyone remember that old PopCap game Peggle? Yeah, I'm doing that now.

    1. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      I used to have peggle. I've also tried peggle blast, that wasn't as much fun though :/

    2. Frostgage


      I've played that game endlessly xD It's relaxing

  10. I cannot believe Season 7 is done already. Seems like Season 5 ended just yesterday.

    1. Prowl


      It's like S6 never happened :P

  11. Pillars of Old Equestria (Who is your Favorite?)

    I like all of the main six ones. They have interesting designs and voices.
  12. After watching Shadow Play and A Health of Information, I just realized something. Cattail is said to be a descendant of Meadowbrook, and there's this gardener from the finale who says that the garden that includes Mistmane's flower has been in her family for generations: So here's a wild theory...does that mean that these two Pillars got married and had children? Granted, Cattail could be a several-times-removed descendant of Meadowbrook, and this gardener never actually says that she's part of Mistmane's family, but that obviously doesn't rule out the possibilities. What are your thoughts? EDIT: Apparently, "removed" isn't quite the word I'm looking for...maybe a distant nephew.
  13. S07:E21 - Marks and Recreation

    I never actually took the time to say this, but this is one of my favorite episodes of the season. Sure, it wasn't too outstanding, but I think there's just a sort of genuine-ness about episodes like these. When the show isn't afraid to ask questions about its own world or even the motivations of some of its main characters. I feel like the show did a great job of that with Rumble expressing his fear of being "put in a box"- like when he questioned Apple Bloom about the last time she made potions, and how the various plot points, such as the other campers' cutie mark insecurities and Rumble's own dream, tied into the main conflict. The episode was also just sorta surprisingly both funny and heartwarming, with the CMC eventually getting Thunderlane to help resolve the issue. While I definitely like the more adventure-y episodes, this felt like a real down-to-earth slice-of-life episode done right.
  14. TIL that there's a German dessert called Spaghettieis: vanilla ice cream extruded to look like noodles, topped with jam made to look like marinara sauce.

  15. This might sound weird, but I once had a professor that reminded me a lot of Coriander Cumin. Indian accent, mustache and all.