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    "I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who i’m not" -Kurt Cobain

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    Hi there! I'm a HUGE mlp fan. I can't stop collecting merchandise, watching the show, thinking about the show, thinking about ponies! In my head I'm replaying and making new episodes, just with my OC in it ^^ There are some songs that I listen to that if I were good enough I could make an awesome music video to with ponies :D

    I currently live with my dad because I don't have the money yet to move out. I work as an electrician which is a populare and a well payed occupation here in Norway.

    When I move out I want to have an apartement or a house. Im gonna have a room which is gonna be my "MLP room". Inside there is were all my posters and plushies are gonna be. It's were Im gonna go to chill out and get a daily dose of pone :P I allso want a TV in there which is allways gonna run the episodes wether or not Im inside :D

    I love Hard Rock - favourite band is Skillet - favourite song is Monster from skillet. I can listen to this band all day long, they're just that awesome! ^^

    I like country too - favourite artist is Alan Jackson. Great songs, but not better than Skillet ^^

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    Artist - Learning how to draw ponies from MLP:FIM

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    - I can draw decently good

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Earth Pony

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    ask me, and I'll say it ;)
  1. Oh hello there, totaly forgot this place existed! Well well, why not throw in som drawings I've made that I don't think I've shared before.
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Core


      Uhm, thank you? x3

  3. Core

    Been a long time :3

    Heh, I do that sometimes on my DA Could do it here too sometime :3 And thanks! I like hearing that my silly drawings look nice ^^ Do I? Am I maybe the white stallion from your dreams? hihii~ Thanks for the welcomes! Awww thanks buddy <3 Lovely to hear my art looks nice ^^ Thanks for the welcomes!
  4. Core

    Been a long time :3

    Oh my.. been a long time since I've been here.. I think it was back in 2015 I was here last Hohoo~ Well.. here's my newest drawings at least.
  5. Aaaaah! Comments, I love getting those ^^
  6. I wanted to share this one cuz I am a bit proud of how it turned out :3 I actually managed to get the drawing I had in my head down on paper 100%! That doesn't happen that often.
  7. Core

    Four new OC drawings

    And here I was starting to think everyone liked the cookie one the most
  8. Core

    Four new OC drawings

    I have been drawing, I just don't post everything here :3 Thanks! This is my first time trying backrounds for real, I think at leaste the Cookie one turned out well
  9. Core

    Four new OC drawings

    He's melting, my work here is completed.
  10. Core

    Four new OC drawings

    Here are four drawings I have been working on for four days for a couple of friends I met in Garrys Mod. Trying my way out with backrounds and shading They are also gonna be posted on my DA plus another special drawing :3
  11. Just wanted to share a cute little Dashie drawing I just did with y'all :3
  12. Core

    Daring Do!

    Thank you all! I've been away for a while, didn't get to say thanks to everypony.. so, THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS! <3<3
  13. Core

    Daring Do!

    Um.. hope it's not too suggestive.. she's just poking her stomach...