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    ask me, and I'll say it ;)

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    Just do it!
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    "I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who i’m not" -Kurt Cobain

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    Hi there! I'm a HUGE mlp fan. I can't stop collecting merchandise, watching the show, thinking about the show, thinking about ponies! In my head I'm replaying and making new episodes, just with my OC in it ^^ There are some songs that I listen to that if I were good enough I could make an awesome music video to with ponies :D

    I currently live with my dad because I don't have the money yet to move out. I work as an electrician which is a populare and a well payed occupation here in Norway.

    When I move out I want to have an apartement or a house. Im gonna have a room which is gonna be my "MLP room". Inside there is were all my posters and plushies are gonna be. It's were Im gonna go to chill out and get a daily dose of pone :P I allso want a TV in there which is allways gonna run the episodes wether or not Im inside :D

    I love Hard Rock - favourite band is Skillet - favourite song is Monster from skillet. I can listen to this band all day long, they're just that awesome! ^^

    I like country too - favourite artist is Alan Jackson. Great songs, but not better than Skillet ^^

    Currently developing talents:
    Artist - Learning how to draw ponies from MLP:FIM

    Achieved Talents:
    - I can draw decently good

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Earth Pony
  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hello and Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Oh hello there, totaly forgot this place existed! Well well, why not throw in som drawings I've made that I don't think I've shared before.
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Core


      Uhm, thank you? x3

  6. Heh, I do that sometimes on my DA Could do it here too sometime :3 And thanks! I like hearing that my silly drawings look nice ^^ Do I? Am I maybe the white stallion from your dreams? hihii~ Thanks for the welcomes! Awww thanks buddy <3 Lovely to hear my art looks nice ^^ Thanks for the welcomes!
  7. Oh my.. been a long time since I've been here.. I think it was back in 2015 I was here last Hohoo~ Well.. here's my newest drawings at least.
  8. hii, your profile picture is really cute! oh, and I love Skillet too, they're the best band in existence!! wanna be friends? :)

    1. Core


      Thanks for what you said about my profile pic! ^^ Glad to finaly see someone else that loves skillet, don't see many of those nowdays~ And sure, we can be friends! :)

    2. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      Yea, it's a pitty not too many others I meet like them. What's your favorite song of them?

  9. I wanted to share this one cuz I am a bit proud of how it turned out :3 I actually managed to get the drawing I had in my head down on paper 100%! That doesn't happen that often.
  10. Doing requests! Check out my deviantart and find the list over requests to see when yours will be done ^^

  11. And here I was starting to think everyone liked the cookie one the most
  12. I have been drawing, I just don't post everything here :3 Thanks! This is my first time trying backrounds for real, I think at leaste the Cookie one turned out well
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