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    There are two things which are infinite: the universe and WinRAR's free trial licence.
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    I like MLP and Sonic a lot, which are my two favorite universes. My two favorite characters being Twilight Sparkle and Tails.
    Besides this, I like video games, books, sports like tennis or badminton.
    I also like writing and programming sometimes.

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  1. Gaming Favorite Final Fantasy Games

    FF IX is still my favorite game of all time, mainly because of its variety of characters and its story based on the relation between life and the fear of death. I also like FF VI, VIII and I a lot.
  2. Science Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking

    I discovered recently his work and I liked it a lot. He had a really specific way to explain his theories with simple concepts. A great man, a remarquable teacher. One of the few who open a door to his scientific domain and gladly welcome you with great enthusiasm. RIP Stephen Hawking and thank you very much for all the fantastic secrets you told us about the universe.
  3. Craft Memories from another world

    Thank you for your message! I'm both happy and sad knowing people experience the same feelings, we should make more group hugs! Anyway, I wish you great times for the near future. Perhaps poetry didn't work out for you in the past, but I'm sure you could write really good poems nowadays. You felt familiar with the feelings in this text, I'm sure you could express yours with even more talent! Really sorry for that. I got a bit carried away, I won't forget it in the future. Pinkie promise.
  4. Which fanfics would make a grea animated adaptation?

    I just began reading Through the Well of Pirene and the dialogues and actions are described so well I would imagine a cool animation for this story.
  5. Craft Memories from another world

    Well thanks for pointing this out then!
  6. Craft Memories from another world

    Well I wish you good luck with your studies then. ^^ I had a teacher in the past who said every languages have their own beauty. I think it's true.
  7. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Dark chocolate is the best! Edit: @Recherche I think I like violet flower the most. Sorry I answered at the same time and I'm a bit slow with my phone. Do you have a map fixed to a wall in your house?
  8. Craft Memories from another world

    @CrystalBloodMoon Yes I think. I remember just now there was a time I translated a French fan comic with little dialogue in English. People said they understood it but some sentences sounded wrong. I also find it more complicated, but also more instructive. Well, I think more practice is always good! Do you study Spanish? I learned it a long time ago and I wasn't very good. I forgot a lot of things. Are you interested in other languages? I really would like to learn some Swedish one day.
  9. Craft Memories from another world

    French. I translate some English fics in French sometimes. Never the other way around, though.
  10. Craft Memories from another world

    @Divine plywood @CrystalBloodMoon Thank you for your messages! It's the first time I wrote a story in English indeed. Glad it wasn't too bad. I was in some kind of mood yesterday. It's good to dream a little before a new week at work. I wish you a good evening everyone!
  11. Gaming Your game(s) of the year 2017

    Sonic Mania was clearly my favorite. Hope a kind of sequel will be announced this week!
  12. Command a user to post

    Ok ok I'm here! I will grant you 3 wishes! Choose wisely, cher ami. A super nice brony will post next, I'm sure. Can you, @Sonic Shimmer ?
  13. Craft Memories from another world

    (In advance, sorry if my English isn't so good. I just wanted to write something. I don't know what went wrong.) Memories from Another World Do you remember? This cool afternoon we spent? We walked in the woods, fallen leaves under our steps. Sky was shiny, hand in hand we wandered freely. I swore I saw a deer between flowered trees. "Impossible" you said, a bit amused. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? This great evening we knew? With friends we watched a movie (it was awesome). Then we headed to a restaurant, they wanted to celebrate. It was your birthday, laughs and congratulations echoed in the room. I swore I saw wonderful candles on the cake, changing colors every second. "It would be super cool if true" you said, dreaming of it. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? This lovely night we shared? We said goodbye to each other, we left. I parked my car, turned off the radio. For a moment, we gazed at the sparkling roof. Stars were so magnificent, we could make out the Milky Way. I swore I saw a shooting star, it was so fast and brief. "That would be so wonderful" you said, making a wish. Well you were right, I thought. Do you remember? Those impossible times we lived? 'Cause you don't exist, you're still a dream. Yet I know you're somewhere, you're dreaming too. We hope, even if it's hard to believe. Boundaries are so high, time and space won't help us. I swore I saw your smile, I don't know anything more beautiful. "I saw yours too, a very sincere one" you said with confidence. Well I think... You are right.
  14. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Yes I did. It was a really loooong time ago. Do you sleep enough recently? Do you feel tired?
  15. Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Ape Escape 2 and Day Dreaming Derpy.