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    There are two things which are infinite: the universe and WinRAR's free trial licence.
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    I like MLP and Sonic a lot, which are my two favorite universes. My two favorite characters being Twilight Sparkle and Tails.
    Besides this, I like video games, books, sports like tennis or badminton.
    I also like writing and programming sometimes.

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  1. Floppy Snow

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    Second movie poster seen in a theater... It doesn't stop getting worse! No seriously, despite Sonic's design, which was perhaps (or surely) difficult to render in a real environment, I still hope this movie can do good. I'm sure the many creators working on it do their best, even if they don't have control over everything. So I'm still waiting for it. Seeing Tails hit the big screen must be really cool.
  2. Floppy Snow

    Movies/TV How did you react to Phantom Menace?

    Well I was 8 years-old and I fell asleep when I watched it in theater. It only happened for this movie in my entire life. Suffice to say I'm not really a Star Wars fan.
  3. Floppy Snow

    What Languages Would You Like to Speak

    I would like to learn Swedish and discover more of the scandinavian culture in the process.
  4. Floppy Snow

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    I don't know how to be affectionnate. If I fall in love someday, will I cherish my loved-one enough? Did you dream being in love for someone?
  5. Floppy Snow

    What does one do when depressed?

    When I'm not listening to sad music to make everything worst, I try to occupy myself instead with a big, motivational project (and entertainment of course). If I can't find new people to talk to, I can try to get more love for myself for a beginning. The rest will surely come after, right?
  6. Floppy Snow

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Who doesn't. ^^ I never had a partner but I remember this one time when an italian colleague and I had to say goodbye because I was leaving. She gave me a hug and I was surprised at first. This felt really friendly and sincere. Did a loved-one send you a letter someday (not an email)?
  7. Floppy Snow

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Foxes! They're fluffy, orange and totally cool. What will you do tomorrow?
  8. Floppy Snow

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I am terrible today, I was way better at making them in my younger years. Are you waiting for the Sonic movie coming next year?
  9. I'm a big fan of Tails the two-tailed fox and Twilight Sparkle the princess of friendship! Kind nerdy characters are always my favorite but those two take a special place in my heart. One seeks self-confidence and the other fights (fought?) social anxiety. Those struggles are important for me.
  10. Floppy Snow

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    When it's snowing! With what predominant colors will you decorate your Christmas tree this year?
  11. Floppy Snow

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Maybe I would like to meet Yuji Naka (one of the three Sonic's dads) and Lauren Faust. But I would be too shy to say anything. On the second day of Christmas, what your true love sent to you?
  12. Floppy Snow

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Nowadays it's Fresh Static Snow by Porter Robinson. Same?
  13. Floppy Snow

    Answer The Love Question Above You!

    Someone kind with some shared interests. A real friend to spend life with. When you know each other so much that you can really appreciate every moments without unnecessary doubts. You meet princess Cadence! What does she say about your couple or romantic life?
  14. Floppy Snow

    When was the last time you .....?

    Yesterday. Last time you completed a video game?
  15. Floppy Snow

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Fishes and one turtle. And yes, that's a turtle, not a turtoise. Same?