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    There are two things which are infinite: the universe and WinRAR's free trial licence.
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    I like MLP and Sonic a lot, which are my two favorite universes. My two favorite characters being Twilight Sparkle and Tails.
    Besides this, I like video games, books, sports like tennis or badminton.
    I also like writing and programming sometimes.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Floppy Snow

      Floppy Snow

      Thank you dear bug queen! :)

  2. Tough question, but a music I always liked through the ages is this one: Sonic 2 on GameGear was the first Sonic I completed but I never got all the emeralds because one of them is near-impossible to get due to the infamous deltaplane and to screen limitations compared to the Master System version. So I always knew this bad ending but the song is really good, a bit melancholic for the Sonic series. Listening to this song now bring back nostalgia everytime. Same?
  3. It will always be Miles Tails Prower, the nerdy and kind two-tailed fox who helps his friends, and the world sometimes, with his science! Gentle by NannelFlannel: https://www.deviantart.com/nannelflannel/art/gentle-791298208 Same?
  4. You seem so much in love and kind to each other. Share your feelings and try to reassure yourselves. Perhaps this anxiosity will go away.
  5. Hey, I still think pegasus are the best! But I would choose unicorn for me because I just wouldn't resist to use some magic and learn many many spells like a nerd.
  6. It would be a good 10 for me. I didn't find any other show that was that great. MLP:FiM just gave me everything I expect from a TV show I like: slice of life, interesting characters who involve you emotionnally, nerdy character as the main protagonist, comedy, good animation, good character design, good writing with great lore, music, a bit of action... And I surely forget other GREAT AND POWERFUL things to describe how I like this show.
  7. When I ate cookies at one party someday and it wasn't chocolate but raisin. Same?
  8. I spent a looooooooooong time on Tomb Raider 3. This game not only has challenging levels but it also won't let you save your game peacefully: saves are collectible and limited! Nowadays I play Tomb Raider 6 which is also hard to beat but not for the same reasons. There are so many bugs and glitches, the game will crash even before you finish a level!
  9. "Dream Dream Dream" by Madeon. This new song is so relaxing and positive. Same?
  10. Pizza with my friends. Are you traveling somewhere this summer?
  11. But what if we're all dreaming right now in fact? *INCEPTION HORN* Definitely choose the first option!
  12. I agree with the previous post. Even if I never knew love, I feel dating websites are not a so great idea for me. Each one is expecting love around the corner and I think it can be difficult to just let be friends in the first place. It's really better to search just friends I think, then see if there is some attractiveness well after. The fact is I never made new close friends for ten years now. I tend to stick with my previous ones a lot. I think I'm still a bit desperate and I must focus on other things like my hobbies. Perhaps one day I will find enough courage to meet new people but still not today.
  13. Yup! Great avatar by the way. As a Sonic fan, this is excellent!