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  1. Sorry I had so many folks to reply to I did pass over that. I swore I replied though. In reality you replaying either wouldn't be a huge thing but it's cool to know those were your choices. I also am glad you pointed out Spikezillla which I honestly forgot about because it was one hell of an episode. The thing is I'm not sure you would have 100% control on that. Spike never really set out to hurt or do damage but end up doing quite a bit of it so it raises the question of do you think you'd have that control? Sorry for missing your post. Seriously how could I have? I quoted and somehow didn't reply.
  2. Oh nooo! XD That would be hallarious terrifying! - as in NEGATIVE?! Smart choice! Hmmmm... Great points... but if Ember is color blind she can still mistake y'all based on color due to the lack of knowing the differences between certain colors- verything else though stands. I ... hm.... good point but you'll die twice in horrific ways.... D: Celestia literally came right after Luna turned back- before she could even really wake up either so how are you gonna turn to Nightmare Moon when you're knocked out? Oh dear sounds like regular old Dashie though. Yeah but which background character? Some make you destine to specific situations. I can see those speratic moments causing uproar but due to your nature things won't be too bad for the mane six. Same. >:0 Plot twist! You got some solid ideas. You sure about that? Yo SAME! or have his powers stripped until a certain point... if ever... It can work! It just would be a bit awkward and make Spike a bit gay (if he still keeps the falling for Rarity) but if it doesn't- you would have a cool little dude to hange with making Spike more confertable. :3 I hope you understand what I mean.
  3. @Ragland Tiger @Samurai EquineSince the Time skip is wanted,I would put that we enter that special part of the library and while digging through the book- we lose track of time- letting the time skip happen. We don't need to go into every single detail, just enough where it can be generalized of how we spent our time.
  4. @Bakugou is my Man Okay, sorry about that.
  5. If an MLP game let you gt a cutie mark over the course of the game how you implement it? I would have a system of completion. If you complete all the main tasks, you get the cutie mark. Completing other tasks determines what your cutie mark will be. Like if you do a lot of tasks on weather- you'd get a weather based cutie mark. If you do a lot of tasks on selling- you'd get a selling based cutie mark. What do you think?
  6. Beryl rolls her eyes and her tone seemed off as she continued. "Doubt it. Posurmade was de onry breezie to have dat ardifact- in our endire histoly. We courdn't ever repeat it- nor did we wand to after knowing de cruelties of de outter world. Dus de reason we limid oulserves in inderadions." She took a breath and her tone became somewhat more welcoming. "But show us da book. I would never boder disgracing it."
  7. @Ragland Tiger @Samurai Equine Beryl sighed before turning to Bluebell. "Posurmade is- or was- a Breezie known for deir magic and pranks... Like I said it's for anoder day but long story short, de was forced away an made de charm to navigate widout assistance, it was stolen from dem before dey can get home. An no, I don't know where Saurai is eder."
  8. Well the Librarian was the last to say something, maybe just have your character either talk about their thoughts on things or cut it off to get their objective done.
  9. Hang them- nah, I have a special pin binder where I'll be storing them. Speaking of, I got to revamp the binder soon.
  10. If it's a wasp I am running for my life. Spiders I'm chill with, roaches I may swat at (not kill) if they're too close. I can kill them but rarely do now and days.
  11. Their not best quality but here are pics I managed to take earlier when I was in the hall way for a few minutes talking to my cousin.