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  1. @C. Thunder DashOh yeah and the other as well... i still don't know what to do so I'll wait until tommarrow or the day after to see how the others respond.
  2. We have no other choice BUT to continue because others responded already @C. Thunder Dash Just keep going y'all I have no idea what to do next.
  3. ................................... I said this: This means it can be trying to attack ANYONE! Not just one person, let alone do the flying pattern. You don't know who it's aiming for, only that its trying to snatch people and throw them in the sky. You can't tell where it is or say that it has an actual pattern. You just know what it's aiming for, but you don't know the exact details.
  4. That doesn't explain how you managed to hit an invisible Roc and get on it all in a single swoop.
  5. @C. Thunder Dash Really? The Roc was invisible and flying around quickly. This has been a reoccurring problem with you and I have been consistently trying to work around. The way you role play makes it so unfair. I am trying to make this as engaging as possible but you always so happen to know the EXACT thing that makes it work unless I find a way to work past that. It is so annoying. The only reason I haven't been able to talk to you about this before was because I literally couldn't find this fourm to talk to you about it and I am just sick of this happening. Your character should mess up every now and again and not be perfect. Like the others, leave chances to mess up. Yes I am okay with giving you moments where you will be awesome but every time I do ANYTHING to REASONABLY set you back- oh no. you know the EXACT thing that sets everything perfectly fine on your end. I am just tired of it. sorry for the rant but like I said, this has been reoccurring and I couldn't find this place earlier to talk aout it.
  6. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @Oni Equine Even though the other two potions had positive effects it seems as if that was because they were ingested. With this one simply breaking, it caused the Roc to be covered in strange beautiful plants and you all gain extra EXP suggesting that one Roc was done. The other Roc cries out in pure rage. The leader Roc seemed to acknowledge the tiny cry but shrugged it off as it had to focus on Thundy. Even with a clear mind, it was not gonna play nice. It quickly jugged one of the potions before vanishing. The other Roc loses it and goes wild. The now invisible Leader Roc still casually swoops down but this time actually piking up pastel and soaring high into the sky before dropping her. It swoops down again and tries to grab the others and do the same throwing the team out of wack.
  7. @Dynamo Pad, @Pastel Heart, @C. Thunder Dash, @Oni Equine Dealing with the Pteridactls soon became a non issue When the one who chugged a potion did it again and this time turned into a lightning roc. Any thing that got too close was zapped with the only exception being the other rocs. It quickly flew around until it dive bombed near the car sending off its last bit off electricity in a shock wave that temporaritly stopped the car. It becomes stuck and begins to flail a bit before stopping, then it repeats a pattern of flailing and stopping. That specific Roc still has a singular potion. The other (non leader) has two (one got mcsnatched) and the leader still has all of them. The other Rocs are swooping very close by snapping at car and folks but they don't seem to have a pattern like the the one which is stuck.
  8. Rarity was such a gold digger, I was so mad at her for that. Apple Jack wanted to sell food.. at a place where food would be served. It is still possible for her to sell- hell I would buy, but it wasn't the best plan. Rainbow meeting the Wonderbolts could happen not only in Pony Ville but a ton of other places like Cloudsdale. Pinkie was the only one who wanted the party for the sake of the party. Sure she can party anywhere but that wasn't the point. Main issue is it wasn't the kind she was looking for. Even then, I can't stand PInkie and would chance on Spike changing his mind so Spike would be the only one who I would save the ticket for.
  9. lol yeah. I remember that. Hell I even got a birthday card (not for me just in general) that is G3 themed from Dollar General and they got back in stock recently too.
  10. I mean, it's kinda a generic cowgirl design.... Like really generic.
  11. There is darkness in G3. There are natrual dangers and such but the darkness there aren't total eclipses but more like passing clouds (and some have lighting given how they have nearly died a few times). So while it has it's moments, it can still shine pretty brightly.
  12. With one of the potions snatched the Roc tried to dive to Pastel but the added air support that Thundy gave her made it more difficult for the Rocs. Even the one of the Rocs downed one of the bottles giving it a temporary fire letting it burn down some of its enemies. This was only temporary as the fires easily got put out as they fell but the damage on contact was huge as it knockd out some of the pterodactyl. The one with no bottles taken swoops down to try to snatch Thundy but grabbed at the car. It quickly let go and went back up in the air to aid its brothers. Since it was so close, it was easy to see that this one in particular had a strange patch of white that set it apart. In fact the whole way it was acting set it pretty far apart suggesting it was the brains of the group. The kept fighting the pterodactyls and tried to fight Pastel in the sky- although Pastel was very skilled and seemed to managed okay with the aids- it didn't seem like it will last ling.
  13. We'll be humans there? Wouldn't we be mistaken for dragons then since they;re our closest physical equvilent? I'll just chill in a cave or some place and do general work. No ral job becasue that aint how we dragons do.