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  1. Frankly it is very hard to find it. I had to look for the scans because Hasbro is pretty annoying with making the books. Some sites you can check out are sites like thriftbooks.com but I never used it before and I don't think it has all the books.
  2. Maybe throw in some DNA of things like Dragons who grow with Greed and (unreformed) Changling to have it shapeshift
  3. Another idea! A mystery story with Puzzlemint! (Made her in Pony Town). I think it would have made something very interesting to have a whole deticated special on that.
  4. Ponies like Aloha Pearl And Fiesta Flare Are ponies I would have just loved to see at last a single whole special on. Fiesta Flare is coded as Mexican (from what I remember) and Aloha just seems super cool to me. I would also Love to have Storybelle back. Idk I just love her as a narrator. I just wish we got to learn more of her. Hell I even had an idea of her trying to narrate a Spanish book and Fiesta helping her with Aloha Pearl as the listener and maybe trying as well. it would be an interesting problem for the three of them. That all aside, what ponies would yo
  5. Zora mask, I love the water and can't swim for the life of me so being able to breath underwater would be awesome... Although I would barely use it, I'll carey it for safty when ever going to beaches and such.
  6. So here is an idea I had to match with this. if you are an Earth Pony you will get flowers. Flowers have different meanings. Here are just SOME examples I could think of. The flowers for beauty (so if you join beauty contests a lot) -American Cowslip -Poly colored Daisies (by default minimum of three) -French Honey Suckle -Glory Flower Honest flowers (always choosing to be honest) -Nightshade (May include fruits) -white chrysanthemum (not possible if you get a white pony unless you get a secondary mark) -Bittersweet (may include Nightshade) Secondary marks
  7. I hope you realize ANYONE will be called annoying or obnoxious if they aren't liked. It has nothing to do with adhd or autism- it has absolutely nothing to do with ableism. Those words have never been exclusively for each other. Hell people with depression are called annoying as well. Even people with absolutely nothing wrong with them will be called annoying/obnoxious by those who don't like them. How is that ableism?
  8. @C. Thunder DashOh yeah and the other as well... i still don't know what to do so I'll wait until tommarrow or the day after to see how the others respond.
  9. We have no other choice BUT to continue because others responded already @C. Thunder Dash Just keep going y'all I have no idea what to do next.
  10. ................................... I said this: This means it can be trying to attack ANYONE! Not just one person, let alone do the flying pattern. You don't know who it's aiming for, only that its trying to snatch people and throw them in the sky. You can't tell where it is or say that it has an actual pattern. You just know what it's aiming for, but you don't know the exact details.
  11. That doesn't explain how you managed to hit an invisible Roc and get on it all in a single swoop.
  12. @C. Thunder Dash Really? The Roc was invisible and flying around quickly. This has been a reoccurring problem with you and I have been consistently trying to work around. The way you role play makes it so unfair. I am trying to make this as engaging as possible but you always so happen to know the EXACT thing that makes it work unless I find a way to work past that. It is so annoying. The only reason I haven't been able to talk to you about this before was because I literally couldn't find this fourm to talk to you about it and I am just sick of this happening. Your cha
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