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    Uploader Description Here’s a piece o’ history for ya: Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a primarily Mexican holiday where people honor their ancestors and help guide them along in their journey to the afterlife. It is believed that on November 1-2 (some traditions vary from Oct. 31-Nov.2), the spirits of the dead are released to Earth temporarily to reunite with their families. People make gorgeous ofrendas, or altars, that are decorated with candles, flowers, and food/drink to feed the spirits after their long journey here. Little toys and sugary candies are offered to the children, and cigarettes to the adults. Sugar skulls are a signature decoration, and of course face paint might be present, too! (But seriously, just look up pictures of the altars they make. They are beautiful.)For this piece, I chose to show the lightheartedness of the theme, focusing on the joy of celebrating those you love and appreciating those you have. I hope you like it!
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