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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Widdershins @~Phoenix~ "Well... I love animals... You know Fluttershy right? It's the same thing. My favorite animals are foxes, and are my main focus. As you can see... I kind of resemble one myself..." Foxy started, her nervousness fading as she went on. "...I'm a simple pony. I study and help animals, it's my job, and I love it. Recently I met a few new ponies, Briar and Brittle, along with Anomaly, who isn't 'here' right now. I came here to have something repaired, and then while waiting we met you." She continued, "They may not be ponies you see everyday, but they are kind. I am different myself of course, mostly in looks." Foxy hadn't ever worried about her looks, though she wondered what others think of her at times.
  2. I am not surprised
  3. I would hug back, but I am a snake, and I can't even constrict well being a viper.
  4. Uhhhhhh... well being a snake, there could be a good chance of you winning being a cat.
  5. The Brazilian Wandering spider. Specifically, one of the effects of getting bitten, which let's just say isn't something I'll go into detail. Very pretty spider though! Don't ask why someone is holding such a dangerous spider.
  6. I have recently needed glasses, so yes I do wear them. I don't wear them all the time, such as right now, because I can see well enough for that. It is interesting to see that the poll has most people wearing them.
  7. Since I'm not good at drawing, I find Ponytown a better alternative to the pony creator. Mostly because of the cute style it has.
  8. Definitely not. She would win anyway, being an alicorn. Besides, I'm not sure that is what she would do.
  9. No, as I don't even use them myself often, except in RPs.
  10. They seem to be mostly stock vectors, and they aren't that accurate, as the proportions are slightly off, likely since they are earlier vectors. Also it's easy to copy and paste the same image over and over.
  11. To avoid spoilers I avoided reading other replies to this topic, but generally adding movie characters to shows never happens, and wouldn't be the best idea. For example, people who haven't seen it could be confused/spoiler by having the character in the show, and movie characters are usually not meant to have a large arc.
  12. I love your profile pic! Is there a full version?

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    2. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      oh thanks,l, I actually meant the other one though :P

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      The other profile pic: :lol:

      Sorry, my mind was distracted. Did you like the cover foto tho? 

    4. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      yeah! I love foxes :)

  13. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Widdershins @~Phoenix~ "She's our friend. She may be a little troublesome, but I assure you she means no harm," Foxy told Rarity, referring to Anomaly. Foxy wondered what was going on in that room, as the noise seemed to persist even with Rarity out. Before Foxy could do anything Rainbow introduced herself, as she put her hoof around Foxy's shoulder, causing Foxy to freeze. "Oh, um, nice to meet you Rainbow... I'm Foxy S-socks." Foxy wasn't used to meeting ponies like Rainbow, but she admired her still.
  14. (No offense, but whenever I see these topics I can tell you are the one who made them before I even have to look ) Um, no. I'm pretty sure ponies wouldn't like it that much. Even if it is true horses can, it has been shown that they don't, as they replace it with other things. Even Rainbow wouldn't like it.