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  1. I think the basic idea is sound, but the way you suggest seems a bit silly, as there could be better ways to do it rather than make use of a short scene from season one.
  2. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Twilight-Shimmer @Widdershins (Again, just mentioning you just in case). Foxy was a bit surprised that the bright bird let her touch them with a bit of enthusiasm, but she was glad and relieved. Her feathers indeed had a warmth to them that she could feel a distance before even touching them, but not a painful sensation. Foxy imagined she could control her body temperature somehow. "Aww, Agni... You're so cute! And pretty too," Foxy complimented the phoenix as she was being pet. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. "Don't mind Anomaly. I trust her and she's my friend, though don't let her bother you too much." Foxy would feel silly talking to an animal if she were any other pony. Her experiences removed the possibility of that, as she could communicate with Foxes, and calm snakes with her words (even if snakes don't have ears). Not just them of course, but any other animal. It gave her a feeling of familiarity, as it gives to the animal too usually. "I hope you don't mind me too much," Foxy said lifting her hoof and putting it back on the ground. Foxy gave a quick smile to Agni before saying "Thank you." Satisfied, Foxy turned to Anomaly, who seemed bothered by something. "Um, you alright Anomaly? Let's get going."
  3. Hey there Kurama! Wasn't expecting the nine tails fox to be a brony i'll be honest XD

  4. They seem cute and cool. Of course!
  5. Honestly not at all, as I am not very spiritual or religious, but I do find people talking of their expiriences fascinating. There are times I wonder for a moment maybe something is going on, but being a strong literal person I don't really believe in it. Either way I mean no disrespect from those who had these encounters.
  6. My reaction seeing that I now have 1,234 brohoofs.

    10°25'01.87" N  23°25'01.33" E


    1. Coffee


      I wonder what they call themselves :/

  7. Possibly something like an illness or some kind of accident. To me honestly it could be anything, as it has never been explained and likely never will be, but I find it to give room for creativity. It is a bit of a strange situation, implying they died in a children's show but not explaining it.
  8. Open

    @Twilight-Shimmer @Widdershins @Twilight-Shimmer Foxy had decent experience in handling and being around animals, however, she had never been this close to a phoenix. This was something Foxy had dreamed of though, but she had to be cautious, as the encounter can easily become disastrous if the avian decided to act in defense. It reminded her in a way of dealing with venomous snakes. They were to be respected and understood, and one must act very cautious lest it becomes too frightened and bites, though Foxy believed it was the fault of the one approaching for being reckless. Nevertheless, it was vital not to underestimate the animals. "Hey, what's your name again? Agni?" Foxy asked them. She slowly approached, trying not to look threatening at all. "I'm not going to touch what you're holding, I promise." Foxy was well withing "striking" distance, at only about three feet, but she remained calm. Though she could be dangerous, Foxy put her complete trust in Agni not to harm her. The only one she attacked much at all was Anomaly, who couldn't be harmed majorly by her anyway. Carefully, Foxy lifted her right hoof, colored black like the rest of her hooves and legs accurate to her namesake, and inched close enough to touch her. "Is it all right if I touch you? I've only seen a phoenix once before, and even then it was only for a few seconds before flying off." Foxy hoped if Agni rejected her hoof it wouldn't involve flames, Foxy had to trust her not to harm.
  9. There is something wrong here, I can't put my hoof on it...IMG_20170621_235133.thumb.jpg.f477e7bcff2a3596010520854858a58a.jpg

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    2. Foxy Socks
    3. Coffee


      Clearly the ones on the lower left are cats in disguise =_=

    4. Coffee


      Also that Albino Fox looks so Cute o3o 

  10. Not just based on your avatar, but a wolf sounds good for some reason.
  11. I agree. Besides, having friends is a good thing. Some may not want as many, but any amount of the right friends is fine.
  12. Really? If it's true then that sounds great! Perfect set of characters in my opinion.
  13. Mega Thread

    @Lunar Echo 10/10 Though I do follow you xD Yes I realize I am late
  14. Why do venomous snakes look so angry? :P


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    2. Greyears


      @Foxy Socks People kill a lot of animals, it is sad though. 

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Animals kill animals too, for eating or pride.

      Plus I saw a video a while back of chimpanzees killing one of their own because he wasn't involved enough. 

    4. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      Some snakes like the king cobra above eat other snakes 

  15. Wait, isn't this the episode that is said to be false information? Besides, I haven't heard much about it.