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  1. @Snow 

      Best version of we are number one!

    1. Snow


      [not to self don't run over banana peels in the maus] xD
      I love it!

  2. Whelp, I was supposed to go to the UK this morning but the flight was canceled so I'm stuck in Canada for the rest of the summer.  Kind of a let down since I had to quit my job for that trip but at least now I have 2 free weeks.

    1. Snow


      Aww man, that suck, isn't there a replacement flight or something or did you just get a refund?

    2. Corgis


      Well it was "delayed" by 15 hours so we would have to leave at midnight which is something my dad would not do since he payed extra to fly by day and we had to get up early to get the original flight so we would have to be awake for 30 hours which is something my dad could not handle.  The other flights were booked so we just decided to get a refund instead.

  3. Holly heck, I just found out Corgi Fursonas are a thing!  I'm considering joining the fandom now because that is just too cool.  I've had some interest in furries for a while now but knowing that Corgis are part of that fandom brings it to a whole new level!

    1. Snow


      Doggos have fur my dude~ what'd you expect? :P

      I thought you already had a corgi fursona though?

    2. Corgis


      I did not know small dogs were used for fursonas, just big dogs like Sheppards, Huskies, Retrievers, etc...  All I have ever seen was big dogs and wild animals so I had no idea little dogs worked as well.  I don't have a Corgi fursona yet but I better get working on that!

  4. I got a Dev art account today.  Now I have a place to show off some of my film pictures and fictional writing.  Just need to try to focus on doing the writing though which is easier said then done.

  5. Even though this song may be a bit politically incorrect today I still have to admit it is one of my favorite American songs ever.


  6. Wow, haven't seen you in a while.

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    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Eh, could be better and I understand, you just get so tired.

    3. Corgis


      Well it's nice to see you again anyways!  Hope you feel better eventually.

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Thanks man, really missed seeing you.

  7. Tell her the truth, Bolder was never alive so get some glue and patch it up.
  8. 385 notifications holy cow that's got to be a record or something.  It's been a while though has anything changed since I was here last or is it just business as usual?

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    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo


      Black Dude! How offended I am!


      S6 is hit and miss, I personally really like S7s episodes involving the group.

    3. Snow


      Woops :blink: that's dyslexia for you, I proof read that like 3 times and still messed up~


      @Corgis just watch the episode "the perfect pear" ASAP, it is a must see in my opinion.

    4. Corgis


      Cool, I never made it past Stranger then Fanfiction last time because of University but I'll try to see some of the newer ones when they come out.  Perfect Pear is the one sort of about AJ's parents right?  Heard bits of it here and there but I have avoided most things about it so I'll try to find it on Youtube or something when I get the chance.

  9. Looks like I'll be gone for a while again.  With my new job I'm ending up with 6 day a week shifts for 50 hours a week right now so I don't have much time to be here.  Have a good summer though everypony!

    1. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      Ok, good luck!

    2. Snow


      Dang... best of luck mate! stay strong!

    3. ScrewLoose


      Ok! See you corgis, and good luck!!!!!

  10. I'm not even joking, right now there are 200+ people in a parking lot standing around with Soviet Flags blasting Soviet music and yelling Russian into megaphones.  It's being going on for more then an hour now and I have never seen anything like it.  Are the Communists invading Canada or something?  

  11. The purpose of a dog is the best movie of the year because the main character is a Corgi!  I don't think the MLP movie can beat a film like that!

  12. Why is EQD talking about Lesbian ships all the time?  It's never going to happen in MLP so I hardly see a point of talking about it so much.

    1. Snow


      It's what the people want I suppose :proud: let them have their little fantaseis.

    2. Corgis


      Still annoying to hear about it so much.  I guess that's just the price to pay for being in this fandom though.

  13. Depends on when they got the new tec. Post Stalingrad even nukes would not have saved them from defeat but if they had useful wunder weapons pre 1941 it might have been able to change the war. Germany was so badly outnumbered and outgunned it hardly even mattered if they had super weapons, the Allies could of just reverse engineered any of the useful tec within a year anyways and produced it in unmatch-able quantities.
  14. Well, now 2 of my friends have come out as transgender in the past month.  I honestly don't know what to think of it or how to act about it.

    1. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      Support them? I think you shouldn't make a big deal about it. They wouldn't want you to be upset or worried too much. I am trans now, but I haven't told many except on here...

    2. Corgis


      Yea I'm not going to make a deal about it or anything.  Just kind of strange how it happened in such a short time frame.

    3. Nerdy Luigi

      Nerdy Luigi

      I agree with @Foxy Socks, and I'm basically trans. (I call myself an androgyne, but basically still trans).

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