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  1. Twilight Karamel

    Are most Bronies conservative?

    Well, I seem to be one of the most centrist people as on every test I take I am either directly left or right of the line (usually a bit left, just depends on the test I guess), but I do usually tend to find more left leaning ones. Personally, I think your situation is more of one used against SJWs. I think MLP is very diverse and continues to be so in subtle ways without forcing it. Though, while I find forced diversity in historical movies very annoying (because it's factually incorrect and basically lying), I think you should be allowed to do pretty much anything with diversity, I'd even go as far as saying if you're making a show with the main target audience being young, it should be diverse (including everyone, not just minorities) aslong as it doesn't insult a child's intelligence through hammering it in or pushing an agenda. (Note: I don't know the exact context of what they were angry about) Alright, after hearing that example I'll need to read up some because that sounds like a forced minority which is dishonest to anyone that cares about the storyarch and the minorities themselves as it just finds a random spot to throw them in rather than actually being genuine and putting care into the character themselves.
  2. Twilight Karamel

    Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Not necessarily, I mean, personally I feel like I'm hit in the chest when I think that one day Friendship is Magic will come to an end, however, from my lurking on Ponychan and/or 4chan (I use both but I can't remember which site I got the leaks from) it looks like a mixed bag. I'll have to go through my phone but I have like, 10-20 emails and concept art that seems to coincide with them so for me it feels like it's going to happen. Now, take note, even if this isn't an elaborate prank of some sort, it still isn't a guarantee to happen; I have the schedule that they proposed to their boss or whatever it was they had to report it to, and it hasn't been confirmed nor denied that it will happen. This is all merely an idea at this point and has little more than drawings and ideas scribbled onto paper. I just hope that if they do have a reboot, it stays wholesome and sweet like G4 instead of turning into an abomination like that Powerpuff Girls reboot that was recently made.
  3. Animation is one of if not the hardest thing they would have to do. I myself know a few animators that absolutely hate doing their job, but end up loving the content that they finish with and that's why they continue doing it.
  4. Now, I've only done a bit of research into what their basis is, (I.E. seeing it on the news a few days ago and reading two or three articles online) but my main issues with it being classified as a "Mental Health Disorder" are A. At what point does the addiction become a disorder, B. Who decides when the addiction is severe enough to labeled a disorder, C. How do people plan to treat this "disorder", and D. What effects will it have on the industry and video game enthusiasts as a whole? I mean, I can see their point in labeling a certain degree as a disorder, but exactly how many people in the world other than young children have the ability to play video games all day every day? Personally, I play games every day almost, but after a few hours I'm done and at that moment in time I'm ready to do pretty much anything else. I'm not against it possibly being labeled a disorder at a certain point like those examples in South Korea and China where people drop dead from play 36 hours straight or whatever, but I have a feeling this is just going to end up as a slippery slope when people try to mess with video games back during GamerGate, but at this point I suppose I'm just rambling.
  5. Twilight Karamel

    Equestrian military ranking?

    I think that the Royal Guards are the main, but likely not the only military force in Equestria. Like most countries' militaries, they're likely split off into different groups with the Royal Guard being what guards the castle and princesses (obviously), while the wonderbolts (due to their rankings being in line with the Airforce and badges aswell as them being called in to stop the Ursa Minor that one time) are the Airforce, so at the very least we have enough evidence to say that there are ATLEAST two different military branches in Equestria. However, I do believe that there are more even though we have no evidence of them such as a Coast Guard of sorts (not in the sense of actually guarding the coast, but to help ponies trapped out in the ocean and such. Though, there seems to be no evidence of a Marine or National Guard type of branch in Equestria. The EUP in my opinion, still exists, I would say why I believe this but it would spoil plot points from the new movie. Finally, yes, Shining Armor would HAVE to be replaced as the Head of the Royal Guard due to this basically being the General of the Army retiring; somebody would HAVE to take that position since it was so important.
  6. Twilight Karamel

    its 2017 is the brony fandom dying?

    My thoughts exactly. I was brought into this show by ex-bronies and while they make fun of me for still liking it, when I sit down and actually ask them why they disliked it now was because it just all became the exact same thing, and while I could see their point for a few things here and there, the show's hit a major turning point and I think it will explode once again after a small while. And as others have said, I certainly don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon, hell, I plan on getting tattoos and more recently I just spent $2500 for a convention ticket! I have a strong feeling that even if it doesn't blow up like it first did, it will gradually expand.
  7. Personally, my idea on that is because My Little Pony and how it teaches values and such could be seen as western propaganda which is a massive no-no in certain sectors of the world and while it's not a big no-no in South Korea, they still likely disallowed it for so long in order to see the direction it would take in order to prevent any values they didn't like to be censored. While game consoles and Pokemon may be against their values at first, the money and popularity stream was way too good to just disallow for so long.
  8. Twilight Karamel

    Pen sketches

    Giving my totally original opinion here, your work is bloody amazing~ If these are just little doodles to you then I would LOVE to see what you call actual art!
  9. Twilight Karamel

    Custom My Little Pony Pop! Kits

    This is pretty decent work for a first time crafting job, if you could find a way to detail the paint and/or clothes a little bit smoother they'd be perfect!
  10. Twilight Karamel

    1/87 H0 scale ponies

    For the size that they are, I have to say this is bloody impressive work you've done here!
  11. Twilight Karamel

    Do you ever wear the same outfit twice without washing it?

    I'll wear the same pair of pants a few days in a row before washing them unless they get mud or something on them. Other than that the only time I wear the same shirt is if I only had it on the day before for a very short amount of time. Glad to see I'm not alone though!
  12. Twilight Karamel

    Rate song, then post another!

    8.2/10 The video mixes great with the song.
  13. Twilight Karamel

    Are you embarrassed to play videogames in public?

    I'm embarrassed playing those demo thingies at Wal-mart in the games section and all that but I and anyone else has the right to play their Switch, DS, IOS, Android games, etc. wherever they like.
  14. Sent the pictures of a list from back in the day to your PM. But here they are again.
  15. Twilight Karamel

    Web Help save Net Neutrality! (URGENT!)

    I can't stand these people in high up positions either being this downright stupid, or corrupt. It's beyond obvious that almost every single person nowadays needs internet not only for the ability to buy common amenities but also to pay bills, pay taxes, sign legal documents, sign up for school, send in bloody job applications! If they have to pay hefty fees just to use the bloody internet then exactly how many people will have jobs come the next generation? If you don't have money and you need a job to get money so that you can pay your internet fees to apply for a job, then that's just a paradox! Too much relies nowadays on the internet and now Ajit wants to make it where many people can't even further their lives because they can't pay for access to the ABILITY to further them! IMO, there's just way too much lying anymore to trust almost any news network on television.