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  1. It resizes it? I tried uploading one a couple days ago and it wouldn't let me because it has to be a certain size. Was that fixed since then?
  2. I reported a post earlier and there was a character minimum. Is that part of what needs to be fixed? Because I know reporting didn't have that before.
  3. I don't think Strange Magic was even announced until the trailer was released, so I'm not sure how much Disney actually cared about it. Hasbro, on the other hand, seems to care about the MLP movie (even if we haven't gotten a teaser yet).
  4. Movies/TV

    Apparently, there's going to be a movie.
  5. I don't know if this is related to the upgrade, but I haven't gotten e-mail notifications for a few hours. I checked and that setting wasn't somehow switched off and the e-mails weren't going to spam either. I forget exactly when I got my last e-mail from here, but it was sometime between 2 and 3 P.M. EST.
  6. Seeing that we're getting 3 Equestria Girls specials this summer, I'm not going to miss getting a new movie this year.
  7. Brohoof notifications are showing up as "liked". Is there a way to fix that?
  8. Am I doing something wrong? What seems to be the setting for it is switched on, and I even turned it off and back on to be sure, but I'm still not seeing signatures on my phone. I can see them on my Kindle if I rotate the screen, but that's it.
  9. Is that a thing on mobile? Because I can see signatures on the computer, but not on my phone or Kindle. I didn't do anything.