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  1. Making the Yakity-Sax episode thread. Do you want me to use your screengrabbed guide as part of the OP (with credit)? Thanks.

    1. PinkiePie97


      You can use it if you want.

  2. PinkiePie97

    Spoiler Yakity-Sax possibly airing early

    My guide has updated to list Yakity-Sax for tomorrow at 2 P.M.
  3. PinkiePie97


    On the show, it's just a one time thing (not counting this (since it was produced separately from the main season 9 order), there are 4 11-minute segments left and I wouldn't be surprised if they air as a one-hour event judging by this), though Minecraft did have an Adventure Time Minecraft Mashup.
  4. PinkiePie97

    Spoiler Yakity-Sax possibly airing early

    It could update later. When Rollercoaster of Friendship premiered, my Xfinity Guide was instead listing Forgotten Friendship until the day before it aired.
  5. PinkiePie97

    Spoiler Yakity-Sax possibly airing early

    I have Xfinity too and it's listing Marks for Effort for that time. Either way though, if it is new that day, it will probably update later (that was the case with Rollercoaster of Friendship and yesterday's new Littlest Pet Shop episodes).
  6. Who goes there?? <3

  7. PinkiePie97

    Visual Art PinkiePie97's Non-Pony Art

    This year marks Toonzone's 20th birthday, so I decided to draw the site's old cat mascot. The cat can't be used officially because it's not the vibe the site's current owner is going for, but the original owner and current general manager still owns it and said I could use it. I've enjoyed being on the staff the past 7 1/2 months and a member on the forums since 2015. I've met some great people through the site and I look forward to seeing what the future of the site brings.
  8. PinkiePie97

    So there’s a new cartoon similar to Regular Show

    Just for the record, this is going to be on TBS, not Adult Swim. Anyway, I loved Regular Show, so I’ll be checking this out. Only other show it could be in that case was Regular Show, but the last episode aired in January 2017, so unless you auditioned in early 2016, I don’t think it was that.
  9. Gravity Falls is my second favorite show ever. The series DVD set is being released this month and my favorite character is Mabel, so I decided to change my avatar to her.
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. PinkiePie97

    A wild G4 Megan appeared

    Here’s a better image, one where she isn’t running:
  12. PinkiePie97

    Visual Art PinkiePie97's Non-Pony Art

    This is my half of an art trade with Pinkycandypie on DeviantArt. I drew her OC, Pinky.
  13. PinkiePie97

    Post your Desktop

    That post is from 2011. Also, he said they found it on Equestria Daily, so it wasn’t his.
  14. PinkiePie97

    Movies/TV Nationalism in iCarly

    Hobknocker was made up for the show. It was people online that made up definitions for it after the episode aired. Also, I doubt what happened in this episode was meant to be nationalist. Wade Collins (and his mother) always just seemed like a horrible person to me.