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  1. Movies/TV Steven Universe Fanclub

    New episodes return April 9, and will be released on the CN app on Monday. I’m not sure how many.
  2. Visual Art PinkiePie97's Non-Pony Art

    For spring starting, I decided to draw Bubbles sitting by a dandelion.
  3. Fundamentals of Magic

    New episode:
  4. I’m not sure what to believe now. According to CNBC, Toys R Us is exploring a plan that could keep 200 stores open after liquidation. EDIT: Just took a better look at the article and this might fall into the sell portion of my previous post.
  5. Toys R Us is planning to close or sell all their U.S. stores.
  6. Happy birthday!

    1. PathfinderCS


      Thank you! :D

  7. Who collects the old G1 ponies? I do!

    Bought a 35th anniversary Butterscotch earlier.
  8. The movie didn't get nominated.

    As others have said, Hasbro or Lionsgate (not sure who's responsible for submitting it) didn't even submit it for consideration. Also, I don't care if The Boss Baby was nominated or not.
  9. Fundamentals of Magic

    New episode:
  10. DJ Pon-3 Rave

    New music video on Hasbro’s YouTube.
  11. Spoiler April 2018 Episodes

    Discovery Family's April highlights have been released and they have the April episodes.
  12. Movies/TV Phineas and Ferb Thread

    Considered it my favorite show back when this thread was started. While that's not the case anymore, I still think it's a great show.
  13. Favorite Underrated YouTubers?

    Pop Arena. I've only seen his Nick Knacks series, so I can't comment on his other stuff, but I really like it. Nick Knacks is a show-by-show retrospective on Nickelodeon. I think part of why I'm so invested in it is because he's currently on the early years of the network (a time I don't know much about, but have wanted to know more on), but I also love the research he puts into his videos.
  14. Lack of episodes for an entire year

    I think he meant season 5 was delayed 5 months from when it would've normally premiered.