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  1. Movies/TV

    Yeah, it’s live action. Here’s a source: I’m honestly surprised by this news. Nick hasn’t really done anything with Dora for quite some time now. The original series has been out of production for a few years now, and its second spin-off, Dora and Friends: Into The City! (which premiered in 2014) didn’t last long either. I’m also surprised that Michael Bay is a producer because I didn’t think this seemed like the sort of thing he’d do. If it does turn out to be bad, I honestly wouldn’t be that disappointed. I liked Dora when I was a kid, but it doesn’t hold up for me as an adult. I don’t hate it, but it’s not really something I can get into either. It does at least do its job since it’s a hit with its target demographic (or at least was during its heyday). I probably won’t be seeing this movie, though (or at least not in theaters).
  2. Visual Art

    This is an entry I drew for a contest being held by a PPG group on DeviantArt. I gave the girls costumes that I felt fit their personalities. Blossom is a scientist (I based her costume on Professor Utonium's outfit), Bubbles is a butterfly (I based her costume on the wings she gave HIM in All Chalked Up), and Buttercup is a football player (I actually didn't base her costume on anything in particular). The girls are out on Halloween night when HIM disguised as a bat shows up. Looks like things are going to get real (emphasis on real) scary.
  3. I’m pretty sure she’s the size she’s supposed to be.
  4. Animation

    Yes, it airs on Disney XD. DXD is a digital network that you may need to pay more to get, while CN is usually available on basic packages.
  5. Animation

    The original PPG didn’t follow a story and it was one of CN’s biggest hits ever. It was episodic. The reason TTG gets more viewers than DuckTales is probably because DuckTales airs on a network available in less homes than CN.
  6. Yeah, I don't buy it either. When 4chan posted that budget, they also posted a soundtrack listing, but not only did they have the wrong number of tracks, only one was actually a title from the soundtrack (Off to See the World), and I'm guessing they only got that one right because we already knew about that one.
  7. I’m not sure what Nick in your country is like, but in the U.S., they’re worse than Cartoon Network. Even with their own shows, they don’t get treated well unless they get SpongeBob level ratings. I’d honestly rather have it on Discovery Family. At least they’re consistent with premieres. Nick could pull it at the last minute or put it on an unnecessary hiatus for months.
  8. Except Netflix wouldn't be producing it. It would just be the home for new episodes in the U.S. I think he was referring to Netflix U.K.
  9. This is just about the U.S. I would guess that MLP's home wouldn't change in other countries.
  10. It's now titled Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own. The full series premieres on Discovery Family in May 2018. The shorts are also now being released. 3 are now on Hasbro's YouTube. Seems they're uploading them weekly. Discovery Family has also been airing shorts in the same fashion they aired the Equestria Girls shorts a couple months ago. So far, they've aired 7. 6 (one isn't on there for some reason) are available on Discovery Family Go and On Demand.
  11. To be honest, I don't think Discovery Family's end is that soon (to my surprise, the new LPS series is going there), but I still wouldn't be surprised if it does happen at some point (or at the very least, Hasbro pulls out). If/when that does happen, I wouldn't be surprised if MLP's new home in the U.S. is Netflix. Agreed on Netflix, but Cartoon Network hasn't really been a boy centric network since Stuart Snyder left. In addition to rebooting The Powerpuff Girls, they also have Unikitty and DC Superhero Girls series coming up.
  12. I know about that. He was asking if she was around in the 90s and thought she wasn't used again until FiM. The original G1 show was in the 80s.
  13. I don’t know if she was around in the 90s or not, but there was an Applejack in G3.
  14. If you're referring to the song, no, it's not in this movie. Skystar was part of a song (One Small Thing), but that was it.