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  1. Just to remind you, I am permanently leaving the forums in 2 days. You may want to write a farewell comment to my last status update before I go.

  2. The special is actually shorts edited together.
  3. There's a touring live show next year. I'm sure the toys will also continue for the time being, although I don't know if they'll release any new ones or just continue to distribute existing ones.
  4. Well, I was half right. It’s legit, but it’s actually done by DHX and not Boulder Media. It’s apparently shorts edited together and Hasbro doesn’t tell the crew about their release plans in advance, so when Nick Confalone said Sunset’s Backstage Pass was the last Equestria Girls special, he probably didn’t know Hasbro was going to release these shorts as a special.
  5. Got a few more since I last posted in this thread. Here’s what I currently have. The Butterscotch and Sunlight are both Basic Fun releases, but the others are original releases.
  6. I don't think I saw the full episode at the time because I remember wondering what was going on, but the earliest I remember watching SpongeBob was catching the end of the episode Plankton.
  7. There are credible sources that have been wrong at times. Zap2it comes to mind, but they don’t go off assumptions. It’s a good idea to put people on guard and tell them when the episodes might be airing, but that site is reporting the possible airdates as if they’re confirmed. That’s a good way to start rumors. Not blaming you or anything, but nothing on that site indicates that the dates aren’t confirmed. If it turns out there is and I’m missing it (which is possible), someone please point me to it and I’ll retract this statement, but I couldn’t find it.
  8. Simple Ponyclock isn't a credible source. Some of the dates he had listed at the time of these tweets turned out to be wrong. it is true that 9Go! (the Australian TV channel) will continue to air new episodes through at least this Friday: But presently, nothing regarding new episodes is known after that. They could continue, but they could also stop.
  9. I don't think Spike (who I'm pretty sure is a kid) should be shipped with older characters.
  10. I don’t think he knows anything about Hasbro’s releases before we do. Also, I don’t see why only Europe would get this.
  11. Wasn’t Sunset’s Backstage Pass DHX’s last Equestria Girls special? I don’t think Ishi would know anything about this.
  12. I honestly don’t see any reason to doubt the legitimacy of this. The Polish listing looks legitimate, and also, there’s an Equestria Girls DVD available for pre-order on the U.K. Amazon called Spring, Sunsets, Holiday. No description is provided, but it doesn’t seem that difficult to determine what’s on it. Spring is probably referring to Spring Breakdown, Sunsets is probably referring to Sunset’s Backstage Pass, and Holiday is probably referring to this.
  13. A Polish listings site is listing a holiday special titled Holiday Unwrapped for a September 22 premiere on a Polish channel called Teletoon+ (no relation to the Canadian Teletoon). I know it was reported before that Boulder Media wasn't working on new Equestria Girls material, but all that was said was that they "currently" working on new EG material, so it's possible this was already finished by the time that was reported.
  14. Merry Birthiversary!