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  1. Animation What are your favorite cartoons?

    I'd say my favorites are: The Powerpuff Girls (both original and reboot) MLP Gravity Falls SpongeBob Looney Tunes Tom and Jerry Regular Show The Amazing World of Gumball Steven Universe Littlest Pet Shop 2012 Harvey Beaks The Simpsons Scooby-Doo
  2. Crazy fact about me and mlp

    That's actually not her birthday. It's actually October 30.
  3. Spoiler First 1 Hour Special Premieres February 17

    Discovery Family put a promo on Facebook.
  4. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    In addition to the fact that ratings on all of TV have fallen in recent years, I think at least another part of it is from them not focusing on linear ratings as much as they used to. They're focusing more on stuff like On Demand (which they're doing well in) and have been doing a lot of early releases on there and online. TTG still remains their highest rated show on the live feed.
  5. If anyone is still interested in other people's reviews, Ed Liu on Toonzone gave it a favorable review.
  6. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    If people were that annoyed by it, they could just change the channel when it comes on. Ratings would fall and CN would stop airing it so much.
  7. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Not how it works. TTG airs so much because of how well it does.
  8. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Don't know about toys, but TTG is actually one of CN's highest rated shows. Does well with kids.
  9. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    He'll be in the movie. Instead of Ron Perlman, he's being voiced by Will Arnett. Anyway, while I'm no fan of this show, I have no issue with this existing. It has an audience that does like it, and that audience is clearly big enough for Warner Bros. to want to do this.
  10. Spoiler First 1 Hour Special Premieres February 17

    This isn’t actually part of the YouTube series, though. Not that I heard.
  11. Discovery Family’s February highlights has revealed that the first 1 hour Equestria Girls special is titled Forgotten Friendship and will premiere February 17 at noon.
  12. The release date isn’t until tomorrow, but my order of the MLP movie came in today.


  13. Visual Art PinkiePie97's Non-Pony Art

    I drew a confident looking Blossom.
  14. Happy birthday!

    1. cmarston1


      Thank you.

  15. In celebration of MLP’s 35th anniversary, Target is now selling Year 1 Collector Ponies. The ponies available are Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, and Snuzzle. Don’t know if any others are being planned.