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  1. I have been letting my practices slip and its showing. Not been a very good Jedi as of late. 
    Never mind living up to Knighthood or its responsibilites... Must remember what my Master said
    " We are practicing Jedi, Not perfect Jedi " ......

  2. Hey everypony. So I do a lot of the events in general and I have been really smashed with stuff since the start of the year. I wont make excuses for the badge issues right now. But over the course of the next several weekends I am going to fix badges that are lacking. If you feel you are missing a badge please post it here telling me which and I will look into it. If you know the event and date that would make it easier. Thanks in advance for the understanding.
  3. Hey everypony finally got my internet set back up. It died on me last week. Gonna get posting etc tomorrow when I get up after work 

    Missed ysll and can't wait to interact again

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, my friend! :D I just came across this and thought you may like to see it. :grin:


  5. Happy JediBirthday day dude!!

    Don't stop being awesome!


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    and may the magic of friendship be with you! :grin:

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Jedishyezgif-6-f2983032997b.gif.6f9867f34587827389eedb6bb6a6546b.gif

  14. Specter limped into the meeting place. He was carrying a cane and dragged his left leg as if it was badly injured. He watched the rest of the group appearing for all the world the old man his illusion made him appear to be. He wondered how many would fall for it.... He looked around appearing lost and confused as if the old man had boarded the wrong private jet. He hoped staying mute would help sell the ruse.. @TBD 🚬
  15. @Lazy Ferret " Start picking them off only if you are absolutely sure they are raiders that we can't negotiate peacefully. We don't want to start killing innocent ponies. " Eldricg felt his stomach churn at the thought of taking a life. He really didn't like the idea... " oh and I'm on my way. " He added the second part a bit belatedly as he trotted off in the direction of the sisters.