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  1. Whelp the way I planned it is that we have from Mon-Fri or more accuratly the 24th to the 28th to watch episodes 1,2,3 and then we use the right thread to talk about them at the end of the week. IE the 29th & 1st
  2. Ok so based on the convos we will start tomorrow and discuss next weekend. Anyone else want to join in?
  3. Yea a box set of the series A lil pip plushie and a more high end Dashie plush
  4. Oh no need for an apology I was laying there thinking this how I die and its like an idiot.... I was laughing at myself.
  5. Welcome to the herd. Hope you have fun and enjoy the events an fun we have around the forums
  6. I was trying to do a bench press with exercise bands. The bar slipped and smacked me in the neck. I lay on floor gasping and choking like an idiot. Pro Tip. If you are pressing out rubber bands and your cat gets in the way. Dont try to hold the bar out with one hand while shooing the cat away......
  7. This is my current desktop Always looking for more though.
  8. Ok so this sounds like its a plan. I will leave it open for a few days for feedback etc. Then we can call it set.
  9. I will post my thoughts, maybe a few questions for others, etc. I figure everyone else does the same. If there is something that really gets people going then we can dive deeper
  10. @AzureMoon " I just don't like not knowing what is causing this shift in the energies of the world around us. " Winter stared out the window. He hated the idea of having to meet with his parents again. But he knew very well that he might need their resources to face what was to come. Some esoteric texts and ingredients are not cheap and were not going to be bought on a shop keeps salary.
  11. Luckily you wont have to work on anyone's schedule but your own. So I look forward to seeing your posts once we kick off It would be chats ion the forums EVERYONE. Are we good with starting on Monday of next week 24th of this month We will watch Episodes 1,2,3 you will have all week to watch them On Sat and Sun 29th and 1st we will discuss.them here. What do people think? Any other start date discussion date? Are three episodes a week doable?
  12. Yea the goal is to make it so as many people as possible can join in and that we make is easy as possible to take part. So using a generic week time frame and using the forum topics already built makes both of those possible.
  13. LOL as much fun as a group watch time would be it would be too hard to fit into peoples schedules. So doing it on our own time makes more sense. As for the discussion there is already a spot for each episode so we can just use those. No need to reinvent the wheel plus the convos would just get moved to the right area any how lol.
  14. No no. What I am suggesting is Next week we all watch episodes 1,2,&3 then at the end of the week we discuss them. When everyone watches them is up to their own schedule just so long as you watch the episode/s at some point that week