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  1. Hail the Princess of the night!
  2. Jedishy

    Are Luna and Celestia their real names?

    If the names they are known by are nicknames I doubt that they would use further nicknames like Tia in the journal of the two sisters.
  3. Jedishy

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    Ill be honest I do not care one way or the other really. I just wanted guidance on how to post lol.
  4. Kaaaaa! *boop* :3 lol.

  5. Jedishy

    OOC Defenders of Equestria (ooc)

    @Scare Effect how do you want us to procede like are we going to be lead down, is there a safety brief in class or should we be getting up to move?
  6. Thanks for the follow! :D

  7. Jedishy

    Do you wear shoes in your home?

    Thanks to living in Japan I have gotten used to having house shoes. Occasionally I end up wearing my boots inside if I am running in and out a lot during the day.
  8. Jedishy

    Luna Fan Club

    OMG this fanclub is always posting the BEST pics of Luna. How do you find such great artwork of my fav princess?
  9. Jedishy

    Why Does The LGBT Community Get So Much Hate?

    Oh, what you like is a choice? Hmm ok, find some show you hate, now choose to like it. If you can't just choose to like a show you hate what you are into is not a choice. And I said to show how someone's views on ANYTHING I do not care if its religious or entertainment can hurt anyone. Actions not views hurt. No one has to accept anyone. You can't demand people like you, you have not right to a say over their reasons. I do not care that you think your reason for disliking someone are better than anothers'. You do not have to like their reasons for disliking someone or something but you do not get to say they are wrong. Well you can but it does not make it true. I do not have to like a persons views or life choices, I just have to let them have them. That is just it VIEWS are not doing anything wrong in my business. You do not get the fact that you are fine with my refusing to give service to a member of a church I call bigoted is no different then refusing service based on skin color or sexual preference. You can claim that one set of rational is better than the other but that is subjective opinion nothing more and you have no right to force your opinions on others. Every law and court decision is backed by the guns of the government IE cops and military. Dont believe me? Ignore the law and the court see what comes for you. Contract. Short of that you have no right to demand the labor of another. But you feel that you do the moment you demand someone offer services to people they do not want to. Funny my life is not ruined by that guy not being willing to sell me a wedding cake nor do I want to give money to someone that does not like me. He was faced with the threat of his life and business being ruined because he wanted to dispose of his labor in the manner he sees fit. You are ok with him being forced to work against his will. Was I not clear in my explanation? If a legal prostitute in Nevada refused service to a person due to their skin color would you be ok with the court ORDERING her to go to jail or perform the service? Are you ok with forced sexual services? If not why is it ok with making a cake? Services are services both are demanding control of a persons body. Demanding YOUR morality have the backing of law is forcing it down peoples throats. The government and its laws are force embodied. So any time you demand a law you are demanding force against those that disagree with the law. So when you demand a law to stop a behavior you want force used against those that want to engage in that behavior. Its that simple.
  10. Jedishy

    Does coming to the MLP Forums relive your stress?

    Indeed it does. Coming here to talk with the wonderful members of this community is a great source of joy and relaxation to me. Even when I end up disagreeing with people I can usually have a chat about things we do agree on later down the line. I have never really found anyone to hold a grudge no matter how intense the debate or discussion which is a rare thing.
  11. Jedishy

    Why Does The LGBT Community Get So Much Hate?

    Views hurt? Do people hating bronies hurt us? How does someone not liking what I am into be it sexually or entertainment wise hurt me again? No one is owed acceptance or people liking them. In your opinion. You cant demonstrate how its different other then you dont like the reasoning. I would deny my goods or services to a known member of the westbarrow baptist church and to you its ok even if he said or did nothing out of line in my store. But the baker well you feel its right to threaten him with government guns and ruin his life because you somehow have a legal right to his labor against his will. Nevada has legal prostitution, should those girls be forced under threat of jail to give said services to someone against their will if you deem their reasoning bigoted? All this amounts to is special pleading for your reasons being ok but someone else's not. You want to cram your morality down the throat of people you dislike just like the religious people who wanted to outlaw same-sex marriage wanted to.
  12. Jedishy

    World Cup - The Moon vs Wonderbolts Academy

  13. Who's ready for NightMare Nights? This guy!



    1. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      witch celestia looks absolutely on point

    2. Jedishy


      @Trix or Treat? Oh yea. I loved that cover. I grabbed it at the comic shop today. I am so amped for the 1st 

  14. Jedishy

    Personal Dilemma

    There is a lot I can say on this one. First you need a way to get out of your own head. Worry only leads to self-sabotage. So find a way to center yourself and step back from your concerns. It could be meditation, mindfulness exercises, zoning out to music, whatever shuts down the thinking part of your brain and lets you just BE for a bit. Further, you need to stop beating on yourself for worrying or not being where you should be. We are never perfect being so take the time to accept yourself as you are right now while planning to improve as you go along. This covers ( lightly ) the mental aspect. As for work you are worried about the great what if. What if your fears of what if are wrong? What if it all goes great? Does contemplating on either really help? What can you do NOW to help you ensure that your concerns are not as likely to come to pass? Learn to write a good resume and interview well. Your college should have resources to help you with that. Learn about leaders in your degree field and keep a file of your top picks so you can know what their companies, institutions, etc are like. Knowing about a jobs culture and history before walking in is a great way to blow the interview out of the water. Now, time management aah my old foe. Heck Im still not great but let me share something with you. 90% of it is just doing whatever it is you need to do and then moving to the next thing. IE just do or do not, there is no try. Now what I am about to tell you is not to make you feel bad but to show you that even someone who sucks at deadlines can make it by ok. At one point I was running a religious group, going to college for a legal degree, working, training 2 apprentices, and coming here. I did it by setting days and blocks of time in a day for each thing. Once you factor in sleep and set aside x hours for work, x hours for study, x hours for forum time etc it all sort of falls into place. The final key is do not be rigid and do not get upset if you fail to keep to the schedule. Each day is a new change to do a little better one day at a time. If you ever need an ear let me know and know that you can do it. Just one foot forward at a time and you will do great. BTW I love metal myself so you are not as alone there as ya think. MTFBWY Jedishy.
  15. Jedishy

    Whats your comfort food?

    I love rye and have never had challah. Rye is part of the reason a ruben is one of my favorite sandwiches.