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  1. Just wanted to say I love the user name 

    1. Feather Spiral

      Feather Spiral

      Shucks, man. I came up with it years ago, but I remember spending some time on it, so I'm glad you like it. Yours ain't so bad either, shame I'm not into Star Wars.

  2. Olly we are going to have to stop agreeing like this.... But basically what Olly said. I have been attracted to a number of characters. Even gone through mental exercises of what a relationship with said character would be like. Heck imaginary friends are awesome even if for nothing other than a 15-minute creative mental break. But is that love? Nah I can't claim the same depth of feeling that I define as love if I can't get to know someone and debate things with them etc.
  3. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Hearing the noise from just down the hall roused Winter Bolt out of his thoughts. He got to his hooves leaving behind his saddlebags and headed towards the commotion. He walked into the room where he heard voices and stood there looking at Twilight confused. " Princess, what is going on? Is everything ok? "
  4. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Winter Bolt sat silently in his room reading for the umpteenth time his copy of the Journal of friendship. The pages and binding were well worn and they needed to be rebound soon if it was to hold together. If he wanted to do that he needed to ensure that he earned a few more bits and took a few more jobs than normal recently. He was in awe of his current situation. He was here with the ponies that he spent his foalhood reading about. He was accepted into the home of the Princess of friendship and she remembered him. She didn't even hold his first winter weather work mishap against him. He had backed up the main road of Manehatten for blocks with his exuberance. Sure it was the winter he earned his cutie mark. but it was also the winter the sealed the relationship between himself and his parents.
  5. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Winter watches his companion go to their room. He sits in the room offered to him unsure what to do. He was so used to being alone. Flying and camping between jobs. Heck, he did not even stay in any one place for more than a job or two unless its winter or apple buck season as those are longer term jobs. " What am I doing here? I never settle in anywhere. Maybe I need to consider this is a hint that I need to find a friend? " His hoof brushed the saddle bag that contained the journal of friendship as he snorted derisively. If his parents couldnt stand him what were the odds anypony else could.
  6. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Winter Bolt cleared his throat gently to get Vincents' attention. " Of course Princess. Let's get a move on. It seems like our friend could use a rest. " He placed the empty pie plate on the counter and nodded in thanks to Pinkie Pie while securing the straps on his saddlebags.
  7. Hydrogen peroxide and cold water for dairy/blood/and other organic proteins. So long as you don't let it sit it won't fade the colors too bad so spot treatment works just fine.
  8. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    " Oh wow thank you, Princess. That would be great. I have not had a roof over my head since before apple bucking season. I flew here by way of Appleoosa after the last basket of apples was bucked. But that took a while and I got a bit sidetracked in Los Pegasus and then I visited Couldsdale. Then on to Ponyville just this morning. " As he finished he clapped a hoof to his forehead with a force that ought to knock over an apple cart. " Oh crabapples! I almost forgot I have a letter for the Apple family from their cousins out in Appleoosa. They are the ones that put me up for the season while I helped on their back orchards. "
  9. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    " Hmm Well are we running or flying? Because I won't lie that I can be beaten on the ground. But I have never done a running of the leaves so I might be game for it anyway. " Looking outside to see the lowering sun he wondered where he would be staying for the evening. He had seen some empty fields on the edge of the town that he could likely set up camp on.
  10. LOL well with a name like Jedishy I couldn't well leave it out now could I? Plus as a sailor, I am used to being able to get out stains from dress whites. Getting out a bit of pinkie pie from a regular shirt wouldn't be that big an issue.
  11. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    " Im always up for a race. But I didnt get the name Winter Bolt for nothing. No pony outta Manehatten can out fly me and my lightening bolt is well earned" Downing the pie in a few bites he sighs with relief and places the bits on the counter not even caring he almost had no bits left. It was good to have a real meal for the first time today. He then turned so his flank faced Vincent to show off his cutie mark. It was a grey cloud with a lightning bolt made of snowflakes coming from it. " The only ponies faster than me are on the Wonder Bolts. Aint no way an earth pony is gonna outspeed me. I spend days most days in the sky. " The young Pegasus grins clearly proud of his flying abilites. It was the one thing he had to take pride in as he really did nothing else but fly and drift from city to city across Equestria. He had given up everything to fly and help with the weather every winter.
  12. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Winter sets down the foal and gives him a stern look that seems to freeze the threatened tantrum. He flies up and sets the jar firmly on the shelf it was toppled from. Landing he spoke directly to the foal. " Well, young man you are brave and flying early eh? Maybe be careful before ya get hurt. " With a chuckle, he ruffles the foals hair and turns to face the group. Nodding he prances his hooves a bit on the floor making a clopping sound in his excitement. " That sounds great Mrs. Pie. Vincent do you want to split the piece?"
  13. Jedishy

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Winter frowned a bit and he really hated to do this as he heard rumors that Pinkie made great cupcakes. " Umm I don't want to hurt any feelings but the frosting on cupcakes is too sweet. Do you have anything more like a slice of pie or apple fritter in that range? " He looked around the shop marveling at all the baked goods and his stomach rumbling at the amazing scents from the various treats. Suddenly he spots a young Pegasus trying to reach for a jar on a high shelf. " Hey, little guy you are gonna want to be careful that jar looks about ready to fall...." As the words trail off Winter Bolt lives up to the bolt part of his name and darts forward in a blur. He catches both foal and jar mid-air hovering a bit as the foals lips start to quiver with the hint of a fit of tears to come.
  14. Jedishy

    Food Cake or pie?

    I prefer pie. Cake is too sweet. Also this question reminds me of the Eddie Izzard tea and cake or death bit.