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  1. You have. As penance, you must do 10 deadlifts while reciting Jack Donaghy quotes. I have not shaved since I got out of the military. I trim and that is about it. Beards require work but are worth it.
  2. I am relearning Spanish and I am learning Russian currently.
  3. Jedishy

    How do some ponies get money

    Fluttershy is shown to help with all sorts of issues with peoples pets and organize animals for shows. She is going to make her living there Twilight was a student at first and thus likely cared for by Celestia. Then she was the libraries caretaker and as a pony says in the bugbear episode she became the main organizer for Ponyville. So that is where she makes her living. This is so not true. How many PC repairs is an SUV worth? How many loaves of bread is a roof job worth? What if I hate bread and that is what you have to trade? Do you want to pull a Trade ya and be running all over town for what I do want? No money exists as a store of value that we can all trade for goods with set prices that we can more or less depend on. It makes it so the baker does not have work forever to get a house or that the land owner can get more then PC repair if they rent to a PC repair tech.
  4. Thank You for the follow, New Friend! :D

  5. Jedishy

    Team Signatures

    Thanks for the great art Val
  6. Jedishy

    General What's Your EDC? (Every Day Carry Items)

    Just my two cents but I would recommend if you carry a firearm you carry a trauma kit. If might have to use a gun you plan on having to patch yourself or others up while waiting for EMS. At the least a pressure bandage and tourniquet. I also recommend that you carry less than lethal if you carry lethal. Having a tool that is not a hammer prevents everything from being a nail.
  7. As we do not know her intent or if the elements will act without intent I guess it comes down to what we think happened sans any more athorative source. Most magical systems in fiction or in real life hold that you are born with your full power and learn to tap into it. Further as we did not see her horn as she touched twilight but only after we do not know for sure that she did not use magic at first to break through. So again both of these come down to what we feel happens. Thus Id wager we put forward our points, we see it differently and are not likely to change each others views without expanded material to work with.
  8. She intended to banish her not purify her. Further, you assume they could not use them to their full powers but where is that backed up? They used to do whatever the chose to do with them so in what way were they limited? She lost her worthiness with her acts of not healing but instead banishing with them but that does not change the fact that no one else has ever been able to use them all at once. Further weaker? Prove this as she was a glowing eyed avatar at the time. I would posit that she always held the raw power and that her rise to Alicorn was about worthiness to rule not her powers. As for shield she had the magic bubble pop right at the end like any shield break we have seen in the show. ( or teleport ) so I will admit it could be a generic graphic for magic being popped or whatever its not a terrible assumption.
  9. The use of a tool does not take away the power needed to wield it. Further her own skill and power went into it as well. So that is as sensible to me as saying well you only won because you used a spell scroll or healing potion in battle in an rpg. Knowing our resources and when/how to use them is just as much part of our power/skillset as raw magic. The elements only have ever responded to ONE pony per attribute in the pillars or in the Mane Six. So tell me why that does not show power on the part of Celestia to be able to wield them solo. As for relaxing Twilight she had to reach into her magical shielding that she was floating in at that moment. Not something I have ever seen done by any other pony. Further, she has shown the ability to undo magic from powerful ponies like Twilights want it need it spell or protect the elements from even the powers of the close to all powerful discord.
  10. Then we can agree to disagree on what we consider Canon. Twilight as a foal was in full on titan mode after the rainboom. She had glowing eyes and was floating meaning she was using her full powers. Celestia shut her down. She did not defeat Nightmare Moon or Discord? Hmm I seem to remember something about a banishment and being turned to stone but ok. My point is they are changlings and work from ambush. Hard to beat an ambush and so its not a good indication of power.
  11. That is why I said unless the show contradicts it. Just like anything else writers can contradict old material. But unless it is directly contradicted its a fine source.
  12. The journal of the two sisters is approved by Hasbro so unless its contradicted in the show its just as fine a source as any. The moon might be easier to move for her as its smaller but that has little to do with my post and it point that doing what they are meant to do empowers them rather then drains them like other ponies. She has shown she can shut down Twilight in full on eye glow titan mode. She has put to bed most major villains that Twi takes on and further feats like holding back the storms of the Crystal Empire with Luna or taking back the crystal heart from a dragon of various feats in the comics that I have yet to read. Oh and DayBreaker like Nightmare moon is exactly what she could be if she went all out. Those are the dark sides of the sisters with no restraint.
  13. Possible. I mean " A Royal Problem " showed how draining their jobs are. So they could very well be tired and thus not at 100% all the time. Or more likely because of the expansions of their duties as Equestria developed, expanded and populated they are stretched thin and thus MUST let others do a lot of lifting or thing will fall through the cracks and emergencies cant be handled.
  14. There is no basis for Alicorn powers being tied to friendship at all. But it could be why the elements of harmony chose others after the banishment as we see that they are tied to healing and friendship as per the end of season 7. Raising the sun empowers her and makes her stronger. So any drain from the moon would have been negated. She has shown time and again to be a Titan when she needs to be. Daybreaker proves what she can do if she fails to hold back. She simply is wise enough to only do what she must and let others do things to develop when she can.
  15. She did that when she SAW an attack coming. Can you prove she is omniscient or can see all around her at all times? If not she is no more capable then you or I of stopping a cudgel to the back of the head or dart to the neck. She can stop most things she can see coming or has a reason to activate her shield. But if she does not see it and is hit unexpectedly that shield means nothing. Im sorry but the concepts do not wash unless there is a claim that she can see/know all or has some defensive magic that tells her when attacks about to happen. But the example of walking into a WAR and seeing yourself surrounded by foes leaping your way does not translate to stopping an ambush you do not expect or see coming. If your attacker can be a rock or some other bit of scenery or animal one second and thawp you over the dome the next well I dont care who you are you will take a nap and wake up captured.