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  1. You are assuming intent without evidence and asking for law based on assumptions that is dangerous. Then you underestimate the dangers of law. Every law you pass you handover power to the government that you are unlikely to get back peacefully and set up legal precedent that will be twisted and used in ways you can't possibly see 100 years down the road
  2. So you think via threat of government intervention you or anyone ought to have the right to say I think that makes no sense so nope you don't get a say in what your kids name is? No way that can be abused or go wrong. Again who are you to force your views and will on someone else in a matter that does you no harm.
  3. Jedishy

    Uh, Hey

    Returned to the herd you have? Strong the friendship is with you. Welcome you back we do.
  4. So you think it's wise to start enacting law's based on what " might happen " that is tossing grease on an icey slope and thinking you won't slide to the bottom. The names Clarence and Elmer could lead to bullying should they be banned? The names Cicero or Mao could offend people because they are connected with people or cultures that did a lot of nasty things should they be banned? Who do you trust to draw the line and to you honestly believe that the power won't be used to suit the whims of those who enherit it?
  5. I simply view it as one not having the right to use force to change someone else's decision when said decision does you no economic or physical harm. And who gets to make the call on what's culturally offensive. Those lists you say are bad are exactly the outcome of such thinking. And with the ever growing pc cancel culture movement its easy to see many names being declared offensive because of links to historical figures that have grey or dark pasts
  6. It matters very little what you intend. It matters that you are handing power to someone to decide what is or is not offerensive and censor it. You think it will stick with your intention? That is never how the law operates. Plus you can't possibly word it to prevent it from twisting that way if the whims of those in charge change. Further it does not matter what I agree with or not. I don't need to agree with how someone exercises their liberty. Its not my business and as it does not pick my pocket nor break my leg I have no right to a say in the matter. Let alone the right to use threat of force to enact my will against someone.
  7. And who gets to draw that line? Your name offends me change it? What about if the government has mostly religious people in charge should we outlaw any names that are not biblical cause they are now " offensive "? If not who are you to say otherwise you handed them that power willingly.
  8. No not at all. Allowing the government to control language for any reason is dangerous. Further some people have mentioned names being copywriten that is false. Single words cannot be copywriten. They can be trademarked but that is a very special situation with narrow scope of use and narrow definitions and its not going to cover use as a personal name. Why? Why do you think it's ok to use threat of force to change someone else's decision on what to name their child? Why should you get that say? And if not you then who? Should I be able to decide your name is bad and make you change it? If no they why do you think it's OK to give said power to an ever changing group with ever shifting values
  9. @Lazy Ferret what do you mean by part of a gang? As in they are raiders?
  10. As a Sailor I've made questionable choices so first thing I'd do is ensure its not just a tattoo gained after a night of drinking. Then I would 100% test if it also granted the Equestrian magic that seems to come with your special talent.
  11. Nope. I've always been odd and into random stuff. So I've always just liked what I liked and everypony else can pack hay if they don't like it
  12. Myself and @Lazy Ferret are looking for one to two more participants in a FOE role play. We will be a team solving issues across the Waste and rendering aid to towns in need. Time frame will be flexible but likely running concurrent to the Lil Pip saga. If interested please post Pony name Age Race Vault Dweller or Waster Personality
  13. Oh a good fair number at BronyCon2019 then again it was a forum event to find me
  14. OK I got this one. As such I'm going to close the topic.
  15. So is the issue the length of whatever you said or the award itself? Because I believe I can edit awards. I can check when I get home in a few hours. If you just want it edited let me know via pm