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  1. I have been letting my practices slip and its showing. Not been a very good Jedi as of late. 
    Never mind living up to Knighthood or its responsibilites... Must remember what my Master said
    " We are practicing Jedi, Not perfect Jedi " ......

  2. Hey everypony. So I do a lot of the events in general and I have been really smashed with stuff since the start of the year. I wont make excuses for the badge issues right now. But over the course of the next several weekends I am going to fix badges that are lacking. If you feel you are missing a badge please post it here telling me which and I will look into it. If you know the event and date that would make it easier. Thanks in advance for the understanding.
  3. Hey everypony finally got my internet set back up. It died on me last week. Gonna get posting etc tomorrow when I get up after work 

    Missed ysll and can't wait to interact again

  4. Specter limped into the meeting place. He was carrying a cane and dragged his left leg as if it was badly injured. He watched the rest of the group appearing for all the world the old man his illusion made him appear to be. He wondered how many would fall for it.... He looked around appearing lost and confused as if the old man had boarded the wrong private jet. He hoped staying mute would help sell the ruse.. @TBD 🚬
  5. @Lazy Ferret " Start picking them off only if you are absolutely sure they are raiders that we can't negotiate peacefully. We don't want to start killing innocent ponies. " Eldricg felt his stomach churn at the thought of taking a life. He really didn't like the idea... " oh and I'm on my way. " He added the second part a bit belatedly as he trotted off in the direction of the sisters.
  6. Well if you are happy with how you are good on ya. I only asked cause it seemed like you might want to bulk. And without properly tracking calories in vs out there is no true way to tell you are getting enough, too much, or not enough for sure
  7. Have you tracked your calories in vs out and made sure you are in a sure you are in a healthy surplus. By healthy I mean healthy foods making up the surplus
  8. A true AI? Maybe as true AI is basically a life in itself. So if you mean a synth like fallout 4 sure maybe. But a limited AI or other false life? No its not a real relationship. But I can see the use of such creations for lonely people. Why or how is it wrong?
  9. I am indeed overweight and have been for some time. This is being addressed through diet and exercise
  10. Freedom trumps order however order is a necessity. Thus we need a bare minimum of rules that curtail people abusing others and that's it. In short order is to serve freedom.
  11. I am from the US and Japan is the farthest I've lived from home. Lived there for five years.
  12. And what leads to that belief. What information have you looked at confirm this?
  13. @Lazy Ferret Eldrich looked at them. He was skeptical but the idea made sense. " Well the pipbuck isn't showing anypony up ahead but if they are out of range it could be useful to have that information..... but be warned if you leave me even if I don't make it back you will be bared from returning to the vault only way back in is with me. " He found a few scraps of metal and made a lean too to make himself less obvious as he waited. " I'll be right here but if I hear shooting I'll come galloping "
  14. @TBD 🚬 " That works for me. However if you are who you say you are and you work for who you say you work for you will be able to contact me on my secure channels. Reach me on my secure server with the data and I will get you what you need. Fail that and I am a ghost. " Sepecter placed a few more bills on the table and headed into the rest room. After a moment a totally different man walked out. Sure they could assume its him using his quirk but he would change again in the first alley he could find. There would be many outfits worn today because he had to ensure he was not followed.
  15. I believe in ghosts and feel alien life is a high probability. Too many stories of both. Too many unexplained phenomenon for me to totally dismiss it.
  16. @Lazy Ferret Eldrich stepped out blinking into the grey light of the Equestrian wastes. He had never been out of the tunnel leading to the stable before. Looking around he was seized by the enormity of his surroundings. Living all your life in the stables could never prepare you for how big Equestria used to be. " OK I think I see a factory or something in the distance....if we're lucky we can scrounge some supplies early. After that we can plan our route a bit and figure out the best way to do this.. " He kicked on his eyes forward sparkle seeking no dots friend or foe he moved forward cautiously.
  17. Of course. Infinite time to pursue things and no fear of death to stop you. Never understood the goofy assumption that it will get boring or be torture. That is simply admission of one's own inability to be imaginative with their time.
  18. @Lazy Ferret Eldric grabbed a few personal items from his room and then locked the door. He was unsure when they would be back but he was sure it would be a while. Heading to the Stables main entrance he saw the sisters waiting for him. He really hoped they knew technology better then he did because he was not much in the way of archnotech outside of the skills his pipbuck gave him. He also knew that he would be worthless with weapons but his magic more than made up for that. " Well I guess we'd best just get to it. First thing we need is some more supplies as this is not going to be a short trip. So scavenging is out first priority. We need trade items and supplies as we don't have much in the way of caps. " With that he used his pipbuck to open the Sable door. Security was right behind him read to seal it again as soon as the left. The long tunnel out of the Stable stretched before them and its boundary marked the furthest Eldrich ever had been from home. Looking back at the sisters he gave a flick of his head that was more confident then he felt and stepped into the unknown.
  19. Depends. If I am eating normally ite ketchup and mustard on the side. If I am wearing clothing I don't wanna risk getting messy, It goes on top and I use a fork to eat them.
  20. @Lazy Ferret The OverMares gaze hardened and she shook her head. " There us no other options girls. The Stable needs this cure and Eldrich needs help to get it you have repeated been given a slap on the hoof for your actions. But not this time. You will accompany Eldrich or lose your place in the Stable entirely. That is the position you are in." As the OverMare spoke Dr Kind Hooves placed three doses of Eldrichs' medicine in the saddle bags along side three healing potions and one super restoration potion and a hoof full of healing bandages. Eldrichs' mother placed few days of provisions in the bag and kissed him on the forehead before dashing out the door. It appeared the mare could not stand to see Eldrich to the Stable door. Stripes placed a zebra amulet in the bag along with a potion. He placed a bracing hoof on Eldrich and headed out without a word. " Thank you for the supplies everypony. I'll do my best to get this cure. " The overmare placed a bag of caps into the saddle bags alongside some notes on where to look for the cure. She then rounded on the girls. " You have ten minutes to gather whatever supplies you wish and be at the stores to the Sable. If you are late or steal anything else you will be removed from the Stable with nothing and the deal is gone. "
  21. @Lazy Ferret Eldrich turned around to speak to the shop keep to ask who he thought he was to give such a punishment to anypony. Before he could open his muzzle the vaults PA systems crackled to life. " Eldrich, Gale, Abbey, report to the OverMares office immediately. " Looking up to the ceiling of the vault Eldrich let out a sigh before trotting towards the office of the OverMare. He was sure the Doc had reported him for being rude and he was going to get a lecture. Head down he entered the OverMares office. There were far more ponies inside then he expected. The OverMare Kind Quill, Doctor Tender Hooves, his mother, and even his martial arts teacher Stripes. The mood was tense and somber. " What's going on, I'm pretty sure this is not about my attitude in the clinic this morning....." Kind Quill shook her head glumly. The Doctor stepped forward taking a breath as if to brace himself. When he spoke it was in a clinical tone as if speaking normally would break a wall of emotions he did not wish to get into. " The Stable is under grave threat. Or at least our ghoul population is. There is a disease that is spreading rapidly that appears to only impact ghouls at the moment. We have managed to keep this from being public knowledge thus far but the speed at which its moving is going to change that very soon. The disease seems to be some mutated form of the very rate disease cutiepox. It changes the cutie mark of the pony that contracts it and forces them to work themselves to death performing the task of their new cutie mark. Now the one upside is that with a ghoul this is very hard so we have only lost one pony so far. But if it makes the jump to non-ghoulified ponies this will no longer be the case. " The OverMare stepped forward looking sad and stressed. She hesitated for only a moment before speaking. " We need somepony to head out and seek a cure for cutiepox so that we might alter it to fight this mutated strain. You are the best combatant in the Stable. I am going to send Gale and Abbey with you to make amends for the theft and other troubles they have caused....if it not such a threat to so many ponies in the Stable I would not ask this of you. But we don't have much of a choice. His mother with tears in her eyes set saddle bags down in front of him. This was going to happen now...... as he tried to gather his thoughts each pony and zebra in the room stepped-up to place items in the empty saddle bags.
  22. So do you want to rp that one out in your next post or shall I? I want to push us out into the wastes soon.
  23. @Lazy Ferret what do you think of the sisters being sent with Eldrich on his quest out of the vault as part of a punishment related to their gang activity and thefts by the overmare? @TBD 🚬 need anything else before posting?
  24. Eldrich saw the sisters blow past him down the hall. He was not even sure how they ended up in the stable and in his current mood he didn't care. He knew they were part of some "gang" in the stable but they never gave him a hard time I'm fact that gang even gave his friends wide berth. Nopony wanted to risk a fight with a pony known to have learned Fallen Ceaser style from the vaults sole zebra. Never mind a pony who could in a blink melt steel to slag. There were at least some advantages to his "gift" he had to admit. He headed to the gym and walked to the punching bag and started to flow through the forms of Fallen Ceaser. He hooves smashing into the bag rocking it in wide swings with each strike. Faster and faster he moved sweat building on his brow. Finally he lost control the bag went flying off its chain smashing into the wall with a loud thud that reverberated through the gym and into the hall. " Celestias flaming flanks! " Eldrich swore loudly as he stalked after the bag.
  25. @TBD 🚬 Specter slid the tea away from him. Great way to get drugged taking food/drink from a potential enemy. He paused for a bit thinking on his options. He shifted the illusion he was creating under the table. If need be a fire would be a good distraction. " I am aware of that company yes. And I can "acquire" files and prototypes from most anywhere. That is a massive asset to any company. And there is no one better then myself at it. Now what proof do I have that you are an intermediary for the company?