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  1. @Lady Moonspell Winter nods and returns the hug wrapping an arm around her waist and pressing his head against hers to give a light kiss on the nose. " Of course. What is the plan? Do we bring it to the church or do you want to try some other things first? " He wondered if the necklace was part of what was going on but thought better of trying to use chi to reach out towards it. Acting without knowing the results to expect was a foolish endeavor.
  2. @Lady Moonspell Winter contemplated her words in silence for a bit. He ate his breakfast and as he washed it down with a bit of tea he looked up. " I think something is going on and it's going to be I do not want to say big but energetic, to say the least. I really think we need to get you trained as swiftly as is safe so that you can sense what we are dealing with the same way I can. Generally normal earth pony magic or pegasi magic is in our natural talents in ways that just make us seem really good. Oh, the chi can be manipulated to enhance our talents or our physical bodies but only for a short period and even then only with a lot of focus and training. But this... this feels like everything got the dial turned up to ten and the knob ripped off. " He stood and gave her a hug before rushing to his room and getting into his gi. " Lets both meditate and finish our tea. After our minds are settled we can work on your training. "
  3. Even if it was stable Nah. Cause I hate the heat so that is a hard pass. Roppongi Tokyo
  4. @Lady Moonspell Winter ate his oats in silence for a bit and sort of just leaned into Tranquil as if to ground his body despite his minds rapid-fire flights of anxiety. He took a slow drought of tea and took a few deep breaths. He set down the tea and brought his hands together in a centering mudra. From there he slowed his breathing even more and began to chant softly under his breath. He was determined to stop running and he had to master his mind to ensure his body would follow. " Sorry, all of this is just so new and yet Im going back to things I thought I had escaped. Worse something feels off with the chi of things. Its stronger but muddied. Like unicorn magic but for everypony else. is growing and with it something is stirred up... "
  5. @Lady Moonspell Winter returned the kiss and blushed a bit at her comment. As he ducked into the cabinets to grab some tea he sneezed and as he jerked his head back thunking it on the door of the cabinet. He growled in irritation at running the sweetness of the moment with an act of pure clutziness. He gets back to the food making two hearty bowls of oats with fruit, brown sugar, honey, and some dark chocolate flakes. As a side, he had two scrambled eggs and the mugs of berry tea. " So today we have Iron Feathers party to attend. Outside of that, there is a good chance a letter or worse an employee of my parents might arrive. Oh and your training. Then there is my own training for the shop. " His word seem to tumble out showing how his thoughts were swirling around. It seemed like survival in the mountains was just as complex as survival in the city. He was just not familiar with this type of survival and it caused his head to spin. He took a few spoonfuls of oats and then looked up looking a bit panicked. " Is civilized life always so complicated and busy? "
  6. This is where you are wrong. Col Lt. Grossman a psychologist and special warfare officer who wrote two books On Killing and On Combat has done the research and this is flat out wrong. People suffer when they commit acts of violence against their fellow man. Most have some form of PTSD from it. Literally only 3% do not suffer some form of mental harm from acts of violence against their follow man. First I mean most people who say they want war have not even seen an animal die up close be let alone a human and forget an entire war. Further, you do not get to claim you want to live and that you can't wait for WW3. Anyone that does is either a liar or delusional to think they would survive or even want to survive after what would happen during such a mass scale war. Because to think " oh I will be the lucky one to survive such a war " is a delusion and to say that you love humanity but want most of them dead is contradictory. To ignore that it would kill most of the people you claim not to hate or that you run the real risk of death is again delusional or deliberate blindness to reality. You seemed to have missed the point of my post entirely. The people that want this crap to happen have never seen real raw violence or the aftermath. I've seen the third world and I dont think any sane individual would go " gee I can't wait for most people I know to be dead and my living standards to go right down the toilet. " Further, most people whine and do very little else about their situations. Why do I say that? because I see it every day. People give up when it gets hard. The bolder pushes them downhill one too many times and they sit at the bottom and pout. That or the first time the boulder rolls at them they freeze and get splatted and lay in the mud. Very few people go at the boulder until they either grind it to dust or get it up the hill. Most people do not ever really push themselves anymore and our obesity epidemics alone prove that.
  7. I keep a RD plush on the bed. Not sure if that counts cause I kick almost anything I sleep with around so I dont really cuddle lol. This would mean war.
  8. @Lady Moonspell Winter was filling the kettle and ended up sloshing water in the sink as Tranquils voice caused him to jump. He snorted a bit laughing at his jump scare. He filled the kettle and put it on the stove. " Good morning. Thank you for taking care of me when I was dreaming. I am not sure how that could leave me ice cold though.... wonder what that was all about? " He grabbed some oats, brown sugar and honey from the cabinets. With that, he set about making a hearty breakfast of sweetened oatmeal, eggs, and a couple of mugs of tea. " " What would you like in your oats? I tend to add brown sugar, honey, and some chocolate shavings. Oh, and what type of tea would you like? I start the day with tea and have a cold coffee around mid-morning "
  9. Jedishy

    Star Wars Day

    Just under two weeks to go. Are you ready?
  10. @Lady Moonspell Winter woke up feeling like he had taken a bath in snow clouds. His fur was freezing. He stumbled into the living room and towards the kitchen shivering. He did not even see Tranquil as he staggered past and turned on the stove. " By Luna's mane, I am freaking freezing. What in Equestria happened in last night? It's not even cold. " He muttered this in hissed tones clearly still oblivious to the meditating Tranquil
  11. Lots of conjecture without an ounce of reality to back it up. And I can say having been in the military and seen the stuff behind the curtains yea won't happen. Not like this anyhow. Yea this is hilarious. See my last post. I promise your enthusiasm would die the second the first shot popped off. So buy some take the advice given my Dead Pool and wear the brown pants if you ever get your wish.
  12. I have struggled with my phone in this area. I use the filter apps and a sleep mask. I also know that a bedtime routine where you slowly lower light levels in the house is a great way to help break these issues. Well a sleep routine is a great way to break these issues in general.
  13. Yea no. Every generation there is some chicken little squawking that the sky is or is about to be falling. The Y2K. The Mayan Calander. Various doomsday cults. A the media and talking heads cry anytime world leaders puff their chests up and saber rattle a bit. In short, everyone is addicted to drama and those that cry the most often know the least about the reality of it. Reality is we are living in a time of peace unknown to mankind. Every year living standards, charity, and technological advances go up. Every year violence has gone down* these are all baring the occasional out layer spike before anyone wants to leap in. So no we won't see anything like the end of the world as we know it. At least not by any metric we can find or any knowledge that I have from my time in the military For those that knock mankind or that claim they would welcome the end well I can say that 1) You are living first world issues and crying in your luxury so it's laughable that you hate people sooooo much. 2) You welcome the end? HA! Most people that utter that foolishness have never seen the violence that would be required to bring the end to an animal never mind a person and least of all the entirety of the world. I have seen something of violence and I can tell you most people that make such claims are the first people shouting how bad they want to live rather then doing anything to fix the situation. ( That is true of most people though they cry and whine rather than work to fix stuff )
  14. @Lady Moonspell Winter seemed to settle a bit. He was still covered in sweat but he was no longer tossing about He was now in the skies barely hours after the party ended. He was half blinded by tears of upset and yet laughter at the freedom he felt. The decision was the hard part but the skies understood. They always did. The cool wind in his mane, the sights of ponies the size of ants, the smells the wind carried for miles. It all seemed to be endless possibilities before him. That day he flew until he fell out of the sky and slept in the tree he crashed into. Winter seemed to laugh at himself in his sleep. His skin was growing cool as if the dream was becoming his reality and he was cold from his " flight " .
  15. Its possible I would suppose in lore. But it would rare and honestly unlikely based on what they show we have seen thus far. I think this could be a good lesson/episode for the CMC. They always seem to help people not just find their cutie mark but also WHAT that mark means. See how they help Trouble Shoes and to a funnier extent Bulky Yea because your special talent could not be tied to what you want to do in life or your most prominent trait... nah no way. So I mean its not like all of those things are tied together throughout the show if you pay attention. Or that they all can mean the same thing phrased from different points of view nope no way that could be the case. Children insecure about not meeting the same societal milestone as their peers? OMG noo waaaay. Its called soft magic and is one of two ways of writing a magical system. It leaves openings for plot over pointless rules for the sake of appeasing the people that will always find something to hate on. I guess Yoda must get tossed into the reactor shaft with Palpatine because for years so much was unknown about either of them and Yoda is and always will be a mystery. Why leave things for the fans to interpret and have fun with right? I mean who could ever want that?