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  1. I apologize for being gone for so long.  I will be slowly easing back into things so that I can help with my duties and get back to RPs here. 
    I had a death in the family and someone I have known since high school was murdered. It put me for a loop and I needed recovery time. Hopefully I can be back to speed shortly. 

    1. Tacodidra


      *hugs* I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. :sunny: I hope you're doing alright! And don't worry about the forums, it's completely understandable – take all the time you need.

  2. Not really. Them drifting apart made more sense. They had to have known each other for some time due to her being ABs teacher as well as the both living in the same relatively small town and yet never seemed interested in each other until the love poison situation. After that they explored if it could have had more to it then the potion and whelp it didn't work. IE no spark from the get go it was all potion. Finding someone new he had never met before just makes more sense.
  3. Being bi myself doubt it would make much of a difference to me. But it would take getting used to. Sound to me you are degrading peoples sexuality. Or that it can be changed if you just try hard enough. Sorta like oh idk conversion therapy. Not feeling any acceptance for the fact that peoples sexuality are a deciding factor who they date/sleep with.
  4. Ill get us started with one of my boys sleeping
  5. Umm no. Its not their right. You do not have a right to touch other people or property against their will. Lets apply your arguement to any other situation: If someone want to just come into your house and take a nap its their choice so its their rights too If someone wants to take your food and eat it, its their choice so its their rights too You do not have any rights to stop other people from doing something legal. You do not have a right to violate the rights of others. And stopping someone from doing what they wish with their property requires one of the following property theft/damage assault trespass All of which are criminal and morally wrong and not something you have a right to do
  6. To all my brothers and sisters who served 

    Happy Veterans Day. 

  7. Hey how many people would be interested in fitness routines and maybe meditations based on the MLP franchise? Is that something people would use / be interested in seeing? 

    1. Tacodidra


      That sounds interesting, for sure! :)

    2. Lord Valtasar
  8. Yes I have Never have I lied to get out of work
  9. Yes you did. You claimed I justified it. Show me where. Show me where I justified it rather then what I did which was say stopping someone from doing what they wish with their property is wrong. Ill wait. Never tried to change your mind. I asked by what right do you think you have to use force against someone for an act that harms no one. Plenty of people think of bronies as sick deranged monsters for liking a " show for little girls " should they be able to " stop us " from watching the show? If you say no then its all special pleading, straw-men, and slippery slopes. IE no logic but just forcing your will on others because of feelings.
  10. @cuteycindyhoney 1. Nice slippery slope fallacy. Protest does not auto equal restrictions of rights or harming the person you are protesting 2. You do not have the right to force your ideas on someone else via criminal acts which is what you are saying you would do 3. What you find offensive does not give you any right to touch another person or their property against their will 4. Nice strawman at the end. I never justified it, in fact I said I think its stupid personally. Saying someones right to do something should be protected does not mean you support what they do with it. Unless you are trying to say supporting freedom so speech makes you responsible for anything anyone ever says.
  11. That has nothing to do with anything. I replied to the person saying they with would put a stop to it, then you said: And no its not their rights. You have no rights to touch the property or body of another person against their will. And no matter what emotional bs people want to use no one can justify infringing on the rights of others because they dont like how they use them or what they do with their property.
  12. No its not your right to stop anyone from doing what they want with their property. Its going to require assault, theft, or damage of their property to stop it. You have NO right to touch someones property against their will let alone to stop them from doing what they want with it.
  13. This is a very nice straw man question. One easily answered by my own statement on this very page if you bothered to look up. So its a cute deflection but it does nothing. One does not have to be in favor of something to say that others have the right to engage in it if they wish. I think many things stupid that people do. But it does not give me the right to stop them.
  14. Well sorry to sound confrontational here but who are you to stop someone from doing what they want with their property? Unless they are in some way endangering others you have no right legal or moral to try to lay hands on anyone or demand they not do something. Sure I think its stupid. But guess what liberty means people get to be stupid. We do not have a moral right nor generally even a legal one unless the act " picks our pocket or breaks our leg " or by some random chance violates a contract with us, to stop anyone from doing anything without the aforementioned factors being in play.
  15. Spoiler




    Pinkie and Fluttershy getting into the spirit of Dia De Los Muertos 

    1. Tacodidra


      Very nice art! :pinkie: And cute too, in a strange way! :ticking:

  16. @Critical-Hit Winter lead them inside. Iron Feather was waiting at the center of the room. A pair of mane clippers and razor sat on a silver tray. Alongside it a basion of water and a small container of shaving cream with brush. Wordlessly Winter squeezed Tranquils' hand and moved into the circle. The two ponies bowed to each other and each removed their shirt. Iron feather was of a massive build his body like iron. Winter contrasted him with a slimmer frame his muscles like cords. Both bore the scars of a hard life and hours of training clearly visible on all across their bodies. Iron Feather knelt before Winter. With a nod Winter picked up the clippers and shaved down the larger ponies mane until very little of it was left. When the clippers could do no more he lathered his friends head with the cream and proceeded with the razor. Slowly but surely the large Pegasus lost any trace of his mane. With the job done Winter cleaned the traces of shaving cream away with a dampened towel. The two exchanged their mala beads and embraced each other in a brotherly hug. " Congratulations brother. And be sure you send my thoughts to Renpony. " " Of course but Winter you must be sure to visit us. The monastery is more silent without you. " With a cheer Winter raises Iron Feathers fist to the applause of the crowd.
  17. People that burn their own belongings in anger at an authors/creators actions that are not part of the series are fools. I dont like Rowling politically and find her to be another person whose money insulates here to the point of foolishness. But that has nothing to do with enjoying the literary world she created. Burning something like this is not even going to be a big enough symbolic act to make a difference. Instead of putting your energy into pointless rage go out and do something useful with that time and those resources.
  18. Today we release our NMN trivia. You shall have four days to turn your answers in to @Princess Luna 1. What pony asked Princess Luna to continue to scare them in Luna Eclipsed ? 2. What costume did Big Mac wear in Luna Eclipsed ? 3. What was turned into a Jack O Lantern prior to the use of pumpkins? 4. What were Mr & Mrs Cake dressed as in Luna Eclipsed? 5. What is the legend behind wearing costumes on the Celtic Holiday Samhain? 6. What rhythm is used by foals to get candy on Nightmare Night? 7. What creatures wail will spell your doom if heard? 8. What is the name of the black spectral dog that guards a church yard? 9. Where do foals leave candy offerings on Nightmare Night? 10. Who was the first pony to recognize Twilight Sparkles costume accuracy in Luna Eclipsed? Bonus: What were the costumes of the CMC for Nightmare Night in Luna Eclipsed?
  19. Well considering in the finale song he is large but we dont see his mouth open its hard to tell. But based on his voiceover he was an adult or near adult in the Slice of Life episode. So there is no reason to think that the lack of teeth was due to age.
  20. Do you have a favorite candy? Here is the place to talk about it What about NMN pranks? Do you enjoy them? Do you hate them? What are some funny ones you have seen? Lets start sharing those tricks and treats everyone
  21. @Critical-Hit Winter nodded and shrugged. " I expect it will take some time to train you and get myself back up to speed. Which should allow us time to gather information. " He gestured towards the doors back inside it was clear that ponies were gathering for something
  22. Do not do business with the creator known as  Rainb0wDashie

    Placed order on the 19th of August was told it will take about a month or so to get to me

    Asked for an ETA and was told it would be shipped within that timeframe

    No notices that its shipped and I ask two weeks later whats up and get the run around almost for another month.

    Only then do I get told they did not even order the book.

    When I complained that they could have been straight with me they canceled my order and claim they will refund the cash.

    In short if you want to be lied to and put your cash at risk go ahead. If you want what you paid for stay away.

  23. This episode and the destruction of the elements are what showed me that the Mane Six appear to become unworthy over time just like Celestia. I mean if you think about it rather then reform they were pulling what Celestia and Luna did and trying to attack with them. I dont consider this a flaw either. When you go to battle for long enough you become jaded. It takes a new generation to renew the hope each era. IE seeds fall from the tree an spread the orchard. Now here is the real question: Healing to Kindness Bravery to Loyalty Sorcery to Magic Beauty to Generosity Hope to Laughter Strength to Honesty What will the new generation be?