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About this blog

For reference, this year I allowed the community to vote on a cosplay I would wear to this year’s BabsCon if we reached $2000. After a week the community selected Cozy Glow. 

This blog will document the purchases and decisions on putting this together. 

Entries in this blog

Cozy Glow Update

It’s starting to come together. For those that are new, as we raised over $2000 for BC Children’s Hospital the community voted for me to cosplay as Cozy Glow.    This is what I have already.      There are a few other items. I’ve decided to age up Cozy Glow because playing a character that young seems … all sorts of problematic. There will me a makeup element as well.    The con is a few weeks away. This is going to be … amusing for many of you … I’m sure. All


Jeric in Cozy Glow Cosplay

It begins

So I already put together a basic shopping list for each character. As I said in the the thread posted in the description of this blog, Cozy Glow is probably the easiest to pull together. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any challenge. Today as I started going through the list and checking Etsy and Amazon, I quickly knocked off two of the easier pieces. The pony ears and the wig. Cozy is basically a Shirley Temple gone evil trope, so grabbing a light blue curly wig was easy, as was the pink po
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