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  4. I'd say I'm an agnostic atheist. I don't believe in any religion(but maybe there's one out there though that I like) while some could be true, there is no actually evidence to support that God or any other deity exists. If that is scientifically proven, I'll believe it. I used to be christian since it was forced on me by my mother who is christian and I just thought that was just the way to live, but when I was 10 I was really questioning whether or not the things in the Bible are true and actually happened, whether or not God/Jesus can actually see and hear everything I do and say, if praying even does anything....and look, in no way am I saying that it's wrong to pray, follow the Bible and feel god/Jesus around you and believe in all that stuff because if it helps you, makes you happy, and you're not hurting anyone and respecting everyone else's choices and beliefs, and not being hypocritical, I see no problem. Anyways, I decided that Christianity was not for me. I hated how my mom would say that it is the only truth and she wasn't open minded at all to other beliefs, yet told me to be open minded about her religion. So I was just atheist for awhile, and now I'm also agnostic and a strong believer of science and the scientific method. But I'm also pretty spiritual about auras/vibes/souls/hippie stuff and very open-minded.
  5. I really loved that episode. But what always bothers me is why Pound Cake looks NOTHING like his parents. None of the colors present in his parents' designs are present in his design. It would have made much more sense if Mr. and Mrs. Cake just said that they had one of both parents who were a pegasus and a unicorn. That would have been simpler and more likely. But maybe Pound Cake isn't actually their biological child? O.o
  6. Thank you for the apology, but it wasn't all your fault. We all make mistakes, and we learn from them. All that matters is that we admit to the mistake and move on. And you haven't really caused me any pain so you can stay and talk about something else if you want.
  7. I stopped talking since I didn't want to continue arguing, and everything that needed to be said has already been said and there is no need to continue to argue. This whole feud could have been done a long time ago if we all just agreed to disagree instead of continuously trying to prove others wrong when most of the time that's just unnecessary. I didn't think I needed to say this, but some people are just being immature. I am not arguing with anybody on this post, so please don't try to argue and point out what is wrong here because that's being immature and not seeing the point. I'm also not being aggressive. Let's stop pointing fingers and just move on. Actually talk about what this thread was originally about, respect others' opinions even when you disagree, and not get aggressive. I've tried very hard not to be aggressive and I know it's hard for others too, but if we all genuinely tried to stay calm even when something angers us, we could discuss our opinions peacefully. I know there are people who were trying not to be aggressive, and trying to be respectful. Again I'm not pointing fingers, and I know that others have moved on, and I've moved on too. This post should be the end to the feud. I will include exactly why I edited my posts, and I'm sorry If I hurt anybody because I didn't include exactly why I edited it. Thank you.
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  9. Shame on me? So it's wrong to admit that I was wrong about something and changed my thinking to something more reasonable? That's the only reason why I edited my post. Not to make you look bad.
  10. We all get it that you don't agree the "Scootaloo is an orphan" theory/fandom meme. You've already made that clear. It is just only a theory even if it has little or no evidence, and the theory became a meme so it's both. If you hate it and disagree with it, that's fine. You've already explained why you felt that way. You can believe whatever you want, but you need to just let others believe what they want instead of trying to prove them wrong. Just accept that unless you believe the tweets to be reliable, it is unknown about Scootaloo's parents. I can theorize whatever I want, and you don't have to repeatedly tell me that I'm wrong. I know that I could be wrong, but I don't care. This. Is just. A theory. Okay?
  11. I've notice that most background stallions in the show have duller or more natural colors with not much variety while mares are more brightly and unnaturally colored. I really wish there were a lot more brightly and unnaturally colored stallions, and more dull natural colored mares. There needs to be a balance there. Any colors can look good on any pony; as long as it's a simple color scheme, the colors fit well together, and it's easy on the eyes.
  12. Thanks for that, and I see you are new here. Welcome to the forums.
  13. Of course she has to have somepony to sign school paperwork if Equestrian schools were just like ours, but we don't even know for sure if that is what happens in the pony universe....and I never said they were dead, and of course she had to have parents to be born, and I already said what an orphan actually is and corrected myself.....I'm not stupid.
  14. I never said Scoot IS an orphan, I said she most likely is. Is there anything suggesting that she DOES have parents(in the show besides the tweet)? She could just live in an orphanage (if it wasn't canon that she does have parents). Scootaloo said in the episode Parental Glideance: "You know, some ponies dream of having parents like that. Me. Growing up I'd never thought I'd be the best at anything, because nopony told me." She might have meant that her parents are very very distant relationship wise, making her feel like she doesn't have parents/parental figures making her almost like an orphan. I also thought that orphan meant just not having any parents in general, not necessarily dead, but turns out it means dead. But what other word could I have used? It's obvious that Scootaloo doesn't have parents that have a close relationship with her like parents usually do, making her feel as though they are absent. Interesting. I guess I have to edit my post then. I don't go on Twitter often.
  15. When? Can you send me a link to where they said so? I had no idea of that.