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  1. I'm gonna go off the menu here. Arachnophobes, you need not click: D'waaaah.
  2. Depends on the pony. Yes. Also yes. No real preference, actually.
  3. Sunny Fox

    Gender Race

    Two... Three... Eight! Anyone keeping score of victories?
  4. Oh Happy Day - Edwin Hawkin Singers
  5. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.
  6. Lunafur, why are you lying on my bed? You ponies are usually naked, so I don't why I'm mentioning that part of it, really, but I do need to know why you're messing up my bed clothes... I just made that bed... sheesh.
  7. Mosquitoes... do I need to elaborate? Favorite character from the "Wheel of Time" series and why?
  8. Assuming mankind is still around, definitely future. Have you read a history book? The past sucks. Plus no internet, so I don't care. I'll take the flying cars, personal jet-packs, teleportation and star-exploration, thanks. ("Star Trek" era, please!) What is your "guilty pleasure" media (film, series, etc)?
  9. @Dark Qiviut Counter-boop! and *boop* @Angle Alastor