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  1. Sunny Fox

    "Am I the only one who..." Game

    No, it's one of those shows where if you don't love it, you probably hate it. Personally, I love it. Am I the only one who is sitting in my chair right right?
  2. Sunny Fox

    An episode a day Marathon

    Go see my blog posts, call me when we get back to "A Friend Indeed".
  3. Organising the Hallowe'en awesomeness? Sweet!

    1. Trix or Treat?

      Trix or Treat?

      Sweet indeed, as sweet as the candy you'll find while Trix or Treating, as sweet as the pies we'll make with the innards of all those pumpkins you see all around, as sweet as the tears of scared little fillies when they realise that there's a reason we call it NIGHTMARE nigh, oh those sweet sweet horrified faces, muahahahahahah

  4. Good news: I caught Suicune! Bad news: Its stats suck.

  5. Sunny Fox

    I feel like I'm over MLP's animated series

    Nowhere in the OP does Nightmare Muffin say their opinion is more worthy or correct than anyone else's. Quite the opposite, looking at the bolded phrases above. Heck, even the title emphasizes that it's a personal feeling or opinion, not an pronouncement of how any one else has to think. Well, that's good, because NMM didn't say anyone else has to agree with their views. NMM never stated that they think their opinion is more important than anyone else's, or that there is no other way to think. As for me, I haven't been keeping up with episodes since the end of Season 6. So, yes, I do feel MLP is not what it once was, and may no longer be for me. I find Steven Universe much more to my taste these days. Just my personal opinion.
  6. I ♥ Chisame Hasegawa.

  7. Sunny Fox

    General Video games you miss playing???

    I really miss Fable 2. There is absolutely no reason not to port it to PC, given Fable 1 AND Fable 3 were released on PC but Microsoft is all, like, naahh. That was the best one in the series to me.
  8. Sunny Fox

    You Are Cordially Invited

    Sounds fun, no guarantees, though:
  9. Sunny Fox

    List all the stupid injuries you have had?

    3 hernia operations before the age of 5... Getting hit in the face with a cricket bat and breaking my nose... Crouching down to pick something up off the floor and nailing the middle of my head on the corner of a bookcase... Plus sticking my finger into various outlets at various times... nothing like a little jolt of the ol' electricity... sometimes I'm surprised I'm still alive...
  10. Sunny Fox

    cute Try to post a cuter image than the one above

    How do you make a Giant Cricket Woman look cute? Like this:
  11. Sunny Fox

    How much of a "weirdo" were you when you first joined?

    Pretty much the same level of "weirdo" as I am now.
  12. Sunny Fox

    How pretty would you say Rarity is?

    I like Rarity for reasons other than her undeniable, though slightly-assisted, beauty. But, yeah, 10/10.
  13. Sunny Fox

    How I changed from hating EQG to kinda liking it.

    My journey was shorter. EGQ - Hmm, that was okay, had some huge flaws, but I didn't hate it. EQG Rainbow Rocks - OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS!
  14. Sunny Fox

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    No, I don't have any instruments of nautical navigation. Do you own a vinyl record player?