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Where I think this is going. **SPOILERS FOR HAZBIN HOTEL**

Just as a friendly note of warning, if you are currently watching or aiming to watch Hazbin Hotel, now on Amazon Prime Video, the following addendums apply... #1: Um, what are you waiting for? Go see it, it's awesome, support the official release and all that good stuff, just be aware it is for mature audiences only, if you didn't know already. #B: You won't want to read any further, because this is the section of the old-timey-blog-map that bears the legend, HERE THERE BE SPOILERS. and Po

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Hazbin Hotel

Episode 30. “Luna Eclipsed”: The Princess of the Night Returns for Thine Love... and Thine Candy

“Forgive me if I withhold my enthusiasm.” – Princess Luna What Happens It’s Nightmare Night (a.k.a. Hallowe’en) in Ponyville, and Spike (in a dragon costume) is impatiently waiting for Twilight as she puts on her robe and wizard hat. (And beard, and bells.) When she does show up, Spike is confused as to who she is dressed up as. Twilight tells him that she has dressed up as Star Swirl the Bearded, and asks if he ever read that book on Obscure Pony History she gave him (Nice call forwar

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

Cartoon Show Classics v2.0: Invader Zim

Tallest Purple: Weren't you banished to Foodcourtia? Shouldn't you be... frying something? Zim:                Oh, I quit that when I found out about this! Tallest Purple: You "quit" being banished? Tallest Red:     The Assigning is over, Zim. I will stop there (for now), because I could quote from Invader Zim all day long. And happily, this is the next Cartoon Show Classic I will be delving into. Invader Zim (IZ) is the brainchild of Jhonen Vasquez, creator of the comics Johnny

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Cartoon Classics

Cartoon Show Classics v1.0 - ReBoot

Hey, everyone, your friendly neighbourhood Sunny Fox speaking... so I thought I'd start a new series on my blog... Cartoon Show Classics. This will basically be an exploration of the cartoon shows I grew up watching, delving into setting, characters, story lines, etc and why I feel they were awesome, while still being aware of their faults (every show has them, after all). While I may occasionally delve into the creators / context in which they were created, this really is not supposed to be the

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Cartoon Classics


(Except for the things she possibly actually did wrong) So, in Amending Fences, Twilight goes back to Canterlot to make nice with her former Canterlot friends, who she feels she wronged by leaving Canterlot for Ponyville. Most of her friends forgive her, but Moondancer wants nothing to do with her, instead pretending not to care about renewing the friendship. Of course, there is more to the story, and Moondancer is secretly harbouring resentment for Twilight skipping her "little get-togethe

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 4


Coming up next millenium, on a Very Special Episode of Sunny Side Den: A recently created thread is sparking a heated debate about Trixie! And her (mis)treatment at the pointed ends / of the writers' quill pens... (Do they still use those? Why did that last sentence sort of rhyme? WHY DO WE PARK ON DRIVEWAYS AND DRIVE ON PARKWAYS?! So many Questions!™) But I have cut through the Gordian Knot™ of argument and counter-argument to arrive at THE TRUTH!™ Sad! Sick! Believe me! And here, in

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 1

Episode 43. “Hearts and Hooves Day”: In Which the CMC Attempt to Steer a Ship

Girls, can you explain why I look like I’m getting married at the bottom of a pit? – Cheerilee Hearts and Hooves Day (the Equestrian version of Valentine’s Day) has come to Ponyville, and love is in the air. Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo are busy creating a giant greeting card to give to their teacher, Miss Cheerilee. This construction involves large quantities of paper, lace, glitter and paint. Despite the rather haphazard method of its creation, the finished product looks oddl

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

Episode 42. “Read It and Weep”: Rainbow Dash Joins the Egghead Herd

I hate to admit it to myself, and I’d really hate to have to admit it to my friends, but… I love this book! – Rainbow Dash Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie are watching as Dash practices some of her precision flying. However, during a particularly difficult maneuver, Dash loses control and crashes into the ground, breaking one of her wings in the process. Confined to the Ponyville Hospital to rest and recover, Dash finds herself going nutty from boredom. When she complains about this to her

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

Episode 41. “The Super Speedy Cider Squeezer 6000”: Apples, Ya Got Trouble

He’s Flim, he’s Flam, we’re the world famous Flim-Flam Brothers: Travelling Salesponies, non pareil! – Flim and Flam Fluttershy gets an involuntary early morning wake up call, courtesy of Rainbow Dash. After a bit of embarrassment and blushing, Fluttershy is quickly hustled out into the pre-dawn dark of Ponyville. Rainbow Dash is in a hurry to get her and Flutters to Sweet Apple Acres, because today’s Fighting Day – fighting for a share of the Apple family cider, that is. RD explains that P

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

Episode 40. “Last Round-up”: The Rodeo Pony’s Country Town Blues

I just don’t know what went wrong! – Derpy The episode opens with Applejack racing around a rodeo course set up on her farm, while Apple Bloom cheers her on. During her jump over one of the fences, her hoof just clips the obstacle, unnoticed by AJ herself. She finishes by tossing a bale of hay, to applause from her little sister. Apple Bloom is enthused and gushes about how good AJ is and how she’s certain to take first prize at the Equestrian Rodeo. But AB isn’t the only one with expe

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

Episode 39. “Baby Cakes”: Pie and the Art of Juvenile Maintenance

Now how in thunderations is one of them twins a unicorn and the other a pegasus? – Applejack The Mane Six are all at the hospital, waiting to see the new foal born to the Cakes. However, Sugarcube Corner appears to have been having a two for one sale, since the foal turns out to be twins… and one is a unicorn and the other a Pegasus. Applejack wonders how that’s possible, but Pinkie is distracted by the prospect of having two new playmates. She also tries to celebrate their 0th birthday, to

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

Jack vs Aku – Part Two (Episode CI)

And here, at long, long last, we are: the final episode of Samurai Jack. When last we left him, it seemed Jack had finally been beaten by the shapeshifting Master of Darkness… and Daddy’s Little Destroyer. Let’s see how this all pans out… What Happens Throughout the land, all the various peoples and groups that Jack had encountered gather around their viewing devices in dread, because Aku is making an announcement. Aku uses the opening from previous seasons to preface his gloating. Then A

Jack vs Aku – Part One (Episode C)

Why does this episode make think of John Lithgow and Sylvester Stallone? Huh… Anyway, the penultimate episode of Samurai Jack is upon us! Let’s see how the lovebirds are doing...   What Happens Following on from the last episode, Jack and Ashi are kissing. However, the romance is dampened by the fact that they still have slug juice in their mouths, causing them to separate and spit the taste out. Reassuring each other that it isn’t a reflection on the kiss itself, they decide to g

Jack’s Swag (Episode XCVIX)

In this episode, another of my theories goes belly up (I sincerely hope), and I’m forced to make some retractions… what do you think of that, Jack? “Drinks all around!” Oops, wrong Jack. Anyhoo, let’s move on to the seventh episode of Samurai Jack, Season 5. Fish heads, tiger heads and Stanley Kubric inspired imagery await us…   What happens A gigantic monolithic ship is hit by asteroids and crash lands. Next we see Jack and Ashi in a desert city. Jack samples some of

Jack’s Journey (Episode XCVIII)

In this episode, questions are answered and unexpected characters make their reappearances. Join me as we rejoin Ashi and Jack on their quest to regain the Sword of Evil’s Bane… No, not that one… So let’s jump on our oversized budgerigars and have a look.   What happens The episode opens in the past, as Jack Classic climbs a mountain pass, escorted by the cutest little mountain goats that ever did goat. At the top he finds some old stone pillars and (wonder-of-wonders!

Jack Tracking (Episode XCVII)

The fun fun fun continues with the sixth episode of Samurai Ashi… I mean, Samurai Jack Season 5. While Ashi tracks Jack’s journey, a villain unexpectedly returns, on a journey of his own. Will the villain’s dastardly plan succeed? Will Ashi find Jack before he does something irreversible? Isn’t it weird how the word “irreversible” is itself irreversible? (Well, not if you want it to make sense anyway…) Questions, questions! And the answers lie below, so let’s leap right in…   What happ

The Scotsman’s Back (Episode XCVI)

And he got biz-zay! It’s a whole family of Supers Scots!   What happens Three armies arrive at Aku’s tower, one army of tanks, one army of rhino-riders and one army of statuesque red-headed Scottish warrior women. These are led by the Scotsman, Jack’s old buddy… now literally his old buddy. Although he is now grey-haired, one-eyed and wheelchair-bound, the Scotsman hasn’t lost his pep, and is delighted to have found Aku’s lair. After seeing what his daughter is wearing to the batt

Jack’s Backpack (Episode XCV)

I’m getting a sinking feeling that the theme naming of these entries is going to become harder to pull off... and speaking of sinking feelings, let’s check in with Jack and Ashi!   What happens Jack falls from the sky, hitting a few branches on the way down that slow his descent enough for the snow to cushion his impact and save his life. When he regains consciousness, he leaps up in panic, swinging a spear around in case of attack (STOP! Hammerspace! ...Oh, God, I’m old…) The onl

Jack Attacks Back (Episode XCIV)

Rivers and caves and wolves, oh my! Welcome back, loyal readers! Today I look at the third episode of Samurai Jack Season 5. There’s quite a lot to get through, too, so let’s not waste any more time and dive in like we just got stabbed in the gut and found a river!   What happens Following Jack’s first battle with the Daughters of Aku, he is left bleeding out while floating downstream. After the shock of going over a waterfall, Jack regains consciousness long enough

Jack’s Attacked (Episode XCIII)

Here we go with the second episode of Season 5, featuring the first fight between immortal wandering Ronin Jack and the team of warriors dedicated literally from birth to slaying him, the Daughters of Aku. Things are going to get interesting...   What happens The first part of this episode allows us to catch up with an old friend: the Shapeshifting Master of Darkness, the Emperor of Evil, the Shogun of Sorrow… the one, the only, AKU! After waking up, while dealing with dirt-tracki

Jack's Back! (Episode XCII)

Very recently in a close-by land...A wish really did come true... Yes, cartoon fans, Samurai Jack is back on the grid! A mere 13 years after the series was left in limbo, a final ten-part conclusion is airing. Jack's back, babe! And he is sporting a new beard, a new ride and a new attitude. It's beau coup cuckoo, babe! Skeeeee-dee-bab-bab-boo! (That's scat speak for SPOILERS AHEAD, YO! - and those spoilers will cover more than just the first episode - you've been warned!) What Happens The

WTDW: What's the Deal with... "Tricks Up My Sleeve"

Let's face it.... there are two songs from Rainbow Rocks, (one sung by RD and one sung by ... ugh... Trixie) that are pretty pedestrian, compared to such gems as "Welcome to the Show" and "Let's Have a Battle". Neither RD nor Trixie are exactly my favorite characters, and their respective songs don't do them any real favours in that respect. But for this entry, I'll focus on Trixie's "boast song". And it contains this wonderful line: "You're from the past, I'm from the Space Age..."

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Equestria Girls

Episode 38. “Family Appreciation Day”: In Which the CMC Get a History Lesson

Long ago, when I was a little pony, things were very different here in Ponyville… 'cause there was. No. Ponyville! – Granny Smith Today’s review is for an episode that reminds us all that the older folks in our life deserve a great deal of respect, no matter how strange their ways may seem to us. It’s late at night at Sweet Apple Acres, and the timber wolves begin to howl. Granny Smith is outside, banging pots together and shouting about how the Zap Apples are a-coming. This delights t

Sunny Fox

Sunny Fox in Season 2

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