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Sunny Fox


Coming up next millenium, on a Very Special Episode of Sunny Side Den:

A recently created thread is sparking a heated debate about Trixie! And her (mis)treatment at the pointed ends / of the writers' quill pens... (Do they still use those? Why did that last sentence sort of rhyme? WHY DO WE PARK ON DRIVEWAYS AND DRIVE ON PARKWAYS?! So many Questions!™) But I have cut through the Gordian Knot™ of argument and counter-argument to arrive at THE TRUTH!™ Sad! Sick! Believe me!

And here, in all its glory, is the ultimate truth, justice and the American way! (which, by the by, appears to be "outsource all your voice acting needs to Canada!")

Guys, I think we all know who the real cause of all Trixie's #Totally #Unfair and #Not #At #All #Poetically #Justified #Woes is... one scaly S.O.D. (Son Of a Dragon) at whose clawed feet we can lay the blame!


If Spike hadn't said "Look, unless an Ursa Major comes waltzing up the street for Trixie to vanquish, I am not gonna believe a word she says, and neither should you!", Spins™ and Slains™ would never have gone looking for one. GAAAASP! Does his evil know no bounds? When will just vengeance fall upon the one who truly deserves it?

This is something that cannot be denied! Grab your pitchforks, ready your torches! We must punish the perpetrator truly responsible for the totality of Trixie's torrid treatment! (Alliteration never gets old for me... for you, eh, YMMV.)

Brought to you by the Trademark Corporation™ and your friendly neighbourhood Sunny Fox!

PS -



If you're one of the people who reads "#" as the full "Hash Tag" or "™" as the full "registered trademark" in your mind whenever you see it: thanks for sticking with me this far. I know I didn't make it easy. Now go reread it!




I hate Trixie, you're never gonna convince me otherwise, nanananana!




I totes didn't just say that.




I totes did not just say "totes"


PPPPPTTTTHHHHHH! - That was a raspberry.™







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She didnt beat an Ursa, she came back and caused unwarranted mischief on her own accord, some woes are justified, somethings just dont make sense, reducing her character was a flaw with the writing/character "development" its a moral message type thing, I think Twilight would have called her on the Ursa before Tweedle Dee and Dumb lured one into town... It may have made events, less memorable, and obviously the writers wouldnt have done something so simple, but Trixie takes a lot more hate than even makes sense,(at this point) and she has far paid her dues to Ponyville and really all of Equestria... #freeTrixie xD no more like #giveTrixieheractualmagicback  

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Oh she did many things wrong.especially in her second episode.but she did it with style.and she then became the great and apologetic trixie which couldn't be easy for her considering the image she wants to show.so i'm glad she was forgiven


Also that dragonhunt sounds great sign me up

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4 hours ago, Key Sharkz said:

What the fuck did I just read?

A blog post on the internet... *air horn* Sunny Side Den dot com!

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