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  1. DonMaguz

    Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?

    From an in-universe perspective I don't think there's a good enough reason, and so it becomes an open inconsistency which Hasbro can live with.
  2. DonMaguz

    What is "canon"?

    That's the thing, it can still be just an alternate reality. The fact that the characters were introduced in EQG first doesn't mean that they are the same characters (from an AU viewpoint). I know it sounds like a cheap argument, but we're discussing confirmation of a canonical event. Should the portal had shown the EQG's world on the other side (think about Midnight Sparkle's portals to Equestria) the confirmation would have been solid, but since it was just the pillars sending the sirens into some random portal, FiM could well establish said portal leading to another place without clashing with the scene as it was presented.
  3. DonMaguz

    What is "canon"?

    People keep bringing that scene as if it was the strongest evidence when in reality is pretty bland. Equestria Girls can (and IMO should) be considered canon to FiM because: FiM is canon to EQG without a doubt. There's nothing in EQG (yet) that contradicts FiM's events. But seriously, anyone watching only FiM would never know where did the siren monsters were sent through the pillars portal. The scene doesn't set anything in stone, and because of that it doesn't confirms EQG as canon without a doubt. It definitely helps strengthen its canonical status, but it could easily be dismissed if they needed to.
  4. DonMaguz

    What is "canon"?

    On creative works with multiple authors, such as G4 MLP, I consider what's been released as 'canon'. This means that whatever the writers/artists/executives post on Twitter or other media would not be considered canon. So, what happens when different official media (FiM, EQG, comics, books, etc.) release contradictory events? That would mean each media follows its own canonical path.
  5. DonMaguz

    Spoiler My Top Ten Most Hated MLP Episodes

    Yup, let's say the mane 6 weren't so absurdly coincidental on their arrival to the WBHQ and they arrived 30 minutes later... Rainbow Dash would most likely be excited to introduce her friends to LD and would have told them what a great record had they just broken.
  6. DonMaguz

    Animation Naruto censorship

    @Yashiru sorry to bring this up again but, how is the swastika mark more intimidating than the 'X' mark? If you truly believe that the swastika means "good luck" and, more importantly, that that's how the viewers would have take it... It doesn't make sense to say that it is a more intimidating mark.
  7. DonMaguz

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Is that your opinion? If so... Why do you think it's intimidating? At least, more so than an 'X' mark? I'm usually against all visible censorship, but western countries are huge anime consumers and most of us don't have the buddhist knowledge to avoid getting a wrong Nazi reference from it. Knowing this, I think that the animation studio made a good commercial decision changing the mark to avoid unnecessary rejection towards the show. At the end the mark is just a mark, and doesn't represent anything too relevant to the plot. Changing it didn't cause confusion to the viewer and it avoided potential rejection from its western consumers.
  8. DonMaguz

    Who would be a good voice for Grogar?

    Will Arnett is the way to go (voice of BoJack Horseman), and when things blow up on his face let him say: "I've made a huge mistake".
  9. DonMaguz

    An episode a day Marathon

    I only write down whatever I remember about the episodes and if I liked it or not. I don't think there's 'cheating' in anything you write as long as you're writing about the topic (the marathon). Writing "just watched X, I liked it" or "just watched Y, I think it was boring" is enough if that's what you feel is everything you have to say about the episode at the moment you write your comment, there's really nothing to it.
  10. DonMaguz

    Does Rainbow Dash have the biggest ego?

    Lightning Dust is confident in her skills, but she's not all in-your-face about it, Dash is. Dust lives for the thrill of adrenaline, Dash for the applause and recognition. Rainbow Dash even claimed to have known all along that A. K. Yearling was Daring Do and that it was obvious, when it was a blatant lie... That's just claiming to be on top of everyone (as a Daring Do fan in said case). Rainbow Dash and Trixie are the ones with the biggest egos, there's no doubt about that. Both of them have learn to not be showing up all the time, but their personalities are like that, it's part of their charm. You're mistaking confidence from ego. You mentioned compensation, which is usually done by raising the ego to compensate for the lack of confidence.
  11. DonMaguz

    An episode a day Marathon

    Party of One: Pinkie's invitation song was a great way to set up the episode. Her insistence in having a party the very next day to Gummy's birthday party was too much, even without Pinkie's birthday I would have understood if the RM5 wouldn't want to assist the post-party. Pinkie was so ridiculously funny and the RM5 had one of their best moments setting up Pinkie's surprise party. The Best Night Ever: the best way to finish the GGG arc. Every character was incredible and gotta give it to Spike, the little guy was right all along. This season finale is like the best wines, it only gets better over time. The Return of Harmony: Discord's introduction and his incredibly funny chaotic magic was absolutely great! The discorded mane 6 was a brilliant plan to avoid being turn back into stone, but Celestia's trust on Twilight and her push to make her confident about the bonds she made was something Discord couldn't anticipate. This was my favorite season premiere until I watched The Cutie Map. Lesson Zero: Twilight picturing herself back at magical kindergarten killed me. The RM5 dismissing her issue, only to jump in her defense were great. Celestia letting them defend her when she was clearly not angry, but worried about Twi was also a nice touch. Luna Eclipsed: Another top tier episode with Twilight introducing her fangirlism towards Starswirl The Bearded, Luna having a main role, the introduction of Nightmare Night and Pipsqueak, the Royal Canterlot Voice! Absolutely fantastic episode. Sisterhooves Social: Another memorable episode with the relationship between Sweetie Belle and Rarity. Loved Sweetie's playfulness, Rarity's realization, SB and AB fighting for AJ, Rarity being upset about AJ making her look so bad, and the plan to make Sweetie forgive Rarity including Rarity diving into a pool of mud (if interested, here's a beautiful fanfic-headcanon about how did Rarity managed to get inside the mud As a side note I must say this is one of the moments AJ's and Rarity's friendship started to become closer and true (before this ep they seemed to be friends by association).
  12. DonMaguz

    Name Every MLP Character

  13. DonMaguz

    What were the 80s like?

    Being born in '85, I recall little of the 80's, but here in Mexico we got lots of 80's US pop media during the 90's. I remember watching cartoons such as the Thundercats and TMNT and playing the NES as early as 3-4 years old all the way through 8-9 years old. We also got 80's anime such as Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa and Saint Seiya at the early 90's.
  14. DonMaguz

    Name Every MLP Character

    Tender Taps.
  15. DonMaguz

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Finally finished the second season of GochiUsa, recommended to anyone who likes concentrated moe doses. Next one on my list is Great Teacher Onizuka.