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  1. DonMaguz

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    Hello everyone. This was one weird episode, I found it really entertaining with some good jokes some bad ones, but I didn't like some of the characters' actions. The first part with Pinkie Pie playing all over town was kind of painful, this is the pony whose purpose in life is making everypony around her happy and is shown to be completely unaware of how miserable she's making everyone in the town. What she did to Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack were particularly awful actions. The second part of the episode with Pinkie Pie feeling so down was heartbreaking and yet, it's once again Pinkie's fault to not raise her voice and tell her best friends how she feels and what she needs. As the amazing group of friends they are, I'm sure they could have found a solution in which Pinkie could keep playing without annoying everyone else and the rest of the remane 5 could join her rehearsals once in a while. Then again, I guess opening up to her friends would have maybe been out of character for Pinkie having so many experiences when she assumed the outcome and acted accordingly without saying a word. The last part was predictable and cute, I love how much the remane 5 love Pinkie Pie and I'm also glad about the Yaks' appreciation of Pinkie's music. I liked how the episode felt so melancholic despite having so much in common with other Pinkie Pie's episodes such as Swarm of the Century, Pinkie Pride or Too Many Pinkie Pies, which had a much joyful humor. Overall I liked the episode and will definitely check it again, but it doesn't have anything outstanding for me to love it. Cheers!
  2. DonMaguz

    Which pony of the Mane 6 receives the least attention?

    Based on the polls I've seen over the last year, AJ is the one. I agree with @Lord Valtasar about his in universe pick.
  3. We know that some of them become trees. Maybe there are other types of natural transmutation after death in their magical world.
  4. It was a great choice! A shame it wasn't her taste.
  5. AJ played the rope with her tail that time.
  6. DonMaguz

    Things you find weird about the Equestria Girls Universe

    Everyone is ok with the mane 7 doing weird magical stuff that no one else understands, yet no one asks them to explain, even out of curiosity. Selfie sensing drone. Enough said.
  7. I think OP is the one who doesn't respect what Trixie is as a character. Yes, Boast Busters shows a different Trixie, one with success on her shows and her tour because of a lie. That has not been shown again, but what it did show is a pony who doesn't give up, who keeps going no matter what and who tries to be a great showmare.
  8. DonMaguz

    What type of Pokémon is the above avatar?

    I didn't want to start with a pure Fairy type and the mane color seemed like 'Ground' to me. Ice/Poison ^
  9. DonMaguz

    What type of Pokémon is the above avatar?

  10. DonMaguz

    Why did the Main 6 befriend Starlight Glimmer?

    As I see it, Twilight legitimately wanted Starlight to see how she had been wrong in not giving friendship a second chance, and how was the best way to do so? By offering her own friendship. Even if she was forcing herself to do it, Twilight knew that friendship can only be offered sincerely, otherwise it wouldn't be friendship. That's the same reason Starlight didn't get a punishment, how could Twilight offer a sincere friendship after punishing Starlight? The Cutie Re-Mark is the biggest game changer to Twilight since S3's finale.
  11. If you want to keep her spoiler free (for the big changes at least), I would recommend Season 1's 'Applebuck Season', the plot is not girly, the main character is the least girly and it shows the awesomeness of a few ponies. If you don't care about spoiling her, Season 7's 'A Health of Information' I won't spoil you, but once you get to it, I hope you can see why it's a good hook.
  12. DonMaguz

    Which world should Sunset stay in?

    The perfect ending to Equestria Girls would be an equestrian magic issue in which the girls had to close the portal for good and Sunset deciding where to stay, and the girls losing all their magic because of it. My preference would be Sunset staying in the human world and dedicating her life to open a portal back home without the magic component, and doing so around her friends.
  13. Starlight Glimmer handed over her victory. She planned perfectly to avoid facing Twilight with her friends. She conceded defeat only because her beliefs were shaken, but the victory was hers to take.
  14. DonMaguz

    I want a Pet Adventure special!

    I guess that's fair for the little guy. Part of what I hate about him being a dog is precisely that he has little to no business doing a highschool environment, so a pet special is something he could be a part of without making the whole thing weird.