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  1. Who should Rainbow Dash's soul mate be?

    Without involving anything romantic. I can see Dash opening up and giving her total and unjudgemental support to an older Scootaloo and/or Pinkie Pie, so having one of them as her platonic soulmate seems totally believable to me.
  2. Favorite non-mlp fandom to ponify

    Pokémon without a doubt. Actually Pokémon/MLP crossover fanart is what got me into FiM.
  3. Favorite Non pony character in the show.

    Spike, Discord and Iron Will would be my top 3, in that order.
  4. Do any of the Mane Six annoy you?

    Pinkie tends to annoy me when she's used as the random pony to bounce ideas and nothing more (see Green Isn't Your Color and Honest Apple). Rainbow Dash's cockiness is not particularly annoying to me, but it has become tiresome after so much character development. I started hating Rarity's drama because of my low tolerance to the stereotypical "dramatic **tch" character, luckyly Rarity quickly grew appart from the stereotype, or rather, was shown to never have been a dramatic **tch, and I actually started to enjoy and then love her dramatic moments.
  5. Some interesting info on the EQG timeline/continuity?

    But Sunset had won the Fall Formal Crown 3 times already in the first movie hadn't she? I'm just on trying to remember, so I could definitely be wrong. Edit: Sorry missed the part when you're trying to explain their "new" timeline.
  6. Definitely my favorite thing to come out the EqG franchise. I like how Sunset reacted on the beach and immediately started to look for answers, I also liked a lot how her forward personality turns to be aggressive when no one is by her side, better late than never a believable explanation to Rainbow Rocks' diametric personality shift. The villain was obvious and relatable. Celestia's magnanimity is amazing and with Luna's seriousness at her side and Twilight's adorkable antics, Sunset's return was not what I expected, it was better! (I expected more drama and less comedy). I'm highly biased towards Trixie nowadays, so everything with her on screen I enjoy like the fanboy I am. I hope the rest of the humane 5 get better development in the franchise too, the shorts are kind of good for them but if they keep getting shoved at the side in the movies/episodes they'll start to feel less and less important.
  7. Are Timber x Twilight and Flash x Sunset canon?

    Answering OP's wondering as far as the YouTube shorts go.
  8. Any Short Ideas for Dog Spike?

    I think dog Spike was a mistake in the long run. I'll just be crude and say "Let him fade out in the back". He could still be useful in a picnic setting or pet focused episode, but as a dog I see nothing else for him in a highschool environment.
  9. Who is your fav and least fav CMC?

    For me the three of them are close to each other but I'm a bit biased towards Sweetie Belle because among the CMC's solo episodes my favorite is "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils", on least favorite I would have to call a tie between AB and Scoots but still only one step behing Sweetie Belle. They're all great anyway.
  10. How strong are the princesses?

    They're too busy, smiling all day and giving ponies lovely dreams, to show their physical strength.
  11. Favorite Grand Galloping Gala

    Gotta go with The Best Night Ever, Discord's episode is really funny but the focus on the mane 6 and all the hype built up towards the GGG on season 1 is completely paid off in its finale.
  12. Why the Unfair Character Bashing?

    I think this summarizes the topic perfectly. I'm amazed at how much interest and favoritism in background characters exist in this fandom. That is something I hadn't experienced in other fandoms where people focus on main and secondary characters only. Now, I don't bash background characters but I couldn't care less about them either. I understand that many fans got involved in them because of all the fan theories and amazing fanart of them, but when talking about the show I have a hard time understanding when someone claims her favorite pony to be a background character. Having said that, I wouldn't tell anyone to choose another favorite character because theirs are "not developed and are just there to fill crowds". On the other hand, no one can tell me either that I'm wrong on thinking about them that way. We're just people with a different focus on the show, each one takes what we feel it's important and that's that.
  13. I figured that Pharynx's normal self is the one we're showed at the end. He's still direct and kind of sarcastic but not aggressive as he was at the beginning. I think that when things changed for the hive, Pharynx started to feel that his efforts to defend it were not only being unappreciated, but blatantly dismissed and pointed out as something wrong. At this point he knows that the hive still needs protection and tried to gather the changelings that thought like him, but when Thorax's assertiveness changes the rest of their mindset Pharynx is left alone with a task that he knows to be crucial. I think this is the point in which Pharynx started to be aggressive and kind of a moron to the other changelings.
  14. It doesn't make sense, some events from the show make me think it has been at least 5 years from the first episode, but the CMC and the baby cakes defy that conclusion. As some others have stated, the minimum time must be 3 - 3.5 years. Baby cakes need an older design ASAP, especially when one considers how Sweetie Belle looked like at 5yo.
  15. Mlp season 10?

    1. Yep. 2. The Magic Inside. 3. By the magic of self awareness. 4. Fun. Title: Season 10? I hope so, as long as they manage to keep interesting conflicts and development I think they can reach season 10 without degrading the show (Simpsons' style).