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  1. The huge shoulders don't belong to what I acknowledge as a dragon. It is a nice design, just one I don't relate to what a dragon should be like.
  2. Only one I don't agree with you is 'The Cart Before the Ponies'. The rest of them are great IMO. Is it hated? I didn't know! That's exactly the best episode on S9!
  3. Gen 1. First time I chose Bulbasaur, but I've played with the three of them, I prefer to use Squirtle. Gen 2. Cyndaquil. I chose Chikorita once. Gen 3. I've chosen the three of them, but I prefer Torchic. Gen 4. Piplup, always. Gen 5. Oshawott once, Snivy another 3 times. Gen 6. Have played with the three of them, Froakie was my first. Gen 7. Rowlet! Gen 8. Have only played once, with Sobble.
  4. Starlight Glimmer / Applejack... I don't find a nice dynamic between them, they're both great separately, but seem to be too alpha and too different from each other to have good or entertaining interactions.
  5. Favorite: Backto back AJ. Rarity became a very close second since S4 and actually surpassed AJ for a bit there (S6-S7) but AJ is just the best and regained her place before the series ended. Least favorite: S1- Rainbow Dash: I don't like arrogant hotheads. Luckily for her, 'Sonic Rainboom' and 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' came, then 'Read it and Weep' sold her as a lovable character. S9 - Pinkie Pie: While Rainbow Dash might behave as a jerk from time to time out of egotistical reasons; Pinkie Pie can go full a****le without a reason other than 'Fun!', something that most of the time is her own concept of 'fun' and no other pony shares her concept of 'fun' when she's being such a moron. She's still adorable most of the time, though.
  6. I think that Cheerilee and Big Mac look cute together, but their interactions (outside the poisoning incident) show nothing more than friendly neighbors. The main thing that itched me about Cheerilee's status is how that first H&H day episode focused on her singleness and, while being an important pony for three secondary characters, never showed any progress on said matter. My guess is that she's simply a character without the writers/editors attention. She served her purpose on early episodes, then got shoved aside. At the end, Sugar Belle was definitely the best option for Big Mac, their S8 and S9 episodes prove it.
  7. There's no confirmation of a romantic relationship between them during the series, it's as simple as that. For that matter, neither one of them is confirmed to be in any romantic relationship, so I don't think that's a huge deal for SoarinDash shippers who want to headcanon that they're an item. Now, even when you may ship characters in another canon relationships, there's always AU's to wonder about. IMO shipping is about feeling good with the characters you like, so no one can tell you if a ship is wrong. Canon is not everything when you feel good about shipping a pair (or even a group) of characters.
  8. I think the whole series proves SoarinDash is not canon. But, who says you need your ship to be canon to enjoy it?
  9. I always thought that this was all about things shown on screen, that's why I didn't count those two.
  10. I'm still not sure about the one about Twilight's food joke, but I guess that's a no... Anyways, here's my bingo card:
  11. I started watching ponies at the end of 2016, all I can say is that I am very happy that I decided to start. I'm thankful for all of the work put in this beautiful show. I'm thankful for all of the people who liked to share and discuss their thoughts on the show and episodes, I've enjoyed reading and writing my own opinions about FiM a whole lot on this site. I'm extremely thankful for all the artists sharing their own perspective on the show and characters. What an amazingly creative fandom this is!
  12. Now that I have watched the last episodes of the series, I can happily say that 'Non Compete Clause' remains the only episode I found out to be a bad one.
  13. This epilogue to the series felt very nice, I think it was just a way to say thank you, goodbye and giving a glimpse of what happened after the series. I was shocked about how the episode's message is that friendships evolve, but they never really die if you take care of them; and at the same time they're showing that Twilight and Spike will outlive the rest of the mane 6. Other than that, I cannot say it was a top episode, the song was nostalgic but otherwise pretty average. Question: Am I the only one who didn't care at all about the whole coronation thing? Edit: One nitpick I have is how they gave those broad shoulders to Spike, he's a dragon, he should look more lizardly IMO.
  14. Just watched the two parter finale for the season and it delivered amazingly! I think this might have become my favorite two parter, it took advantage of having various episodes of the season as a premise, so this one was 80%-90% delivering a great climatic ending to the season. I absolutely loved how great the villains were portrayed, Chaotic Cozy Glow was a beautiful surprise, Twilight's doubting herself felt very real, the students 6 part was brilliant and Starlight's confidence on taking Chrysalis on and freeing the mane 6 were my favorite parts. 10/10 episode without a doubt.