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  1. This is what I think happens with this song/musical scene. The thing about gay pride is that, it ultimately is about pride on being who you are. That is the general message of the song, it can also work on people who feel trapped in a safe job and decide to follow their dream (artists, entrepeneurs, social workers) or with teens/young adults who feel pushed by their families into a future chosen for them and decide to make their own way in life. If this wasn't MLP or a RD song, I would agree that the rainbows tried to sent a more specific message. But the show is colorful from the start and RD is a show off with her rainbows, I don't see any hidden message beyond the general "pride in yourself" theme.
  2. The ones that come to my mind are: - This Day Aria - Find a Pet - Art of the Dress - Light of Your Cutie Mark - The Flim Flam Cider Song
  3. I understand that G4 would involve MLP:FiM, Equestria Girls, The Movie (2017) and any other spin off that may come from them so, I don't think Hasbro would jump to a new gen without having drained the full potential of this one. The world and the rich characters built for this generation still have lots of potential when looking at them from different angles, even if Friendship is Magic or Equestria Girls end their cycles they already have an off target audience willing to keep consuming gen 4. Aiming for a whole new generation would be an unnecessary move in my opinion. I think this gen have at least another 5 years worth of content and that would be assuming any spin off, besides Equestria Girls, would fail to achieve its commercial objective in its medium term.
  4. "Open up your eyes" is also my favorite song from the movie, but it's definitely a step or two behind "Be prepared" for me.
  5. I chose the episodes which I believe to display better the mane 6's personalities (the same goes with bonus characters). Twilight Sparkle: Lesson Zero. Applejack: Bats! Rarity: Canterlot Boutique. Fluttershy: A Health of Information. Rainbow Dash: Read it and Weep. Pinkie Pie: A Friend in Deed. Bonus main characters: Spike: Power Ponies. CMC: Ponyville Confidential. (As individuals each CMC dream episode) Starlight Glimmer: Every Little Thing She Does.
  6. Nightmare Night? Also, you got Boast Busters right. The Ticket Master? Spike saves the CMC from attempting skydiving at a ridiculously low height.
  7. I think your list is pretty much what happened in the movie with the only debatable position of Applejack and Fluttershy, the rest of them are obvious choices. I believe Applejack had a slightly more important role being the one pony who: - Helped Rarity get into the Airship. - Helped Twilight and Pinkie Pie to hide in the airship. - She was the one who tied the pony chain to the rock when attempting to get the staff. All of this were small actions, but I don't recall Fluttershy having a single one.
  8. I don't think so, Fluttershy took a main role on escaping and exposing Starlight but her solo part didn't last long. On top of that, the resolution was done by a combination between the village's ponies and Twilight, single character's episodes focus the resolution on said characters.
  9. I think AJ could have tried to calm things when Twilight snapped at Pinkie, taking her role as 'voice of reason' on the group I can see her telling everyone "hey, Twilight made a huge mistake but we're still alone and far from Equestria, let's all try to breath a little while and search for a new solution after that." Then again, that would have taken away Spike's best scene and Twilight's ponynapping at her lowest point and without a fight.
  10. Spoiler

    This timeline seems to fit well, I would say that the Tirek/Scorpan entry could have also happened as soon as before Stygian formed the 6 pillars, but we cannot know for sure. I also think Tirek knowing about Discord doesn't mean he saw him ruling over Equestria. Discord's existence could be as old as we can imagine, and Tirek could've easily read/heard tales about the spirit of chaos anytime before trying to take over Equestria.
  11. Spoiler

    Hello everyone. I loved this episode! First of all, Sunburst grew a lot on me, his nerdiness is only matched by Twilight's and having them sharing it on screen was hugely funny. His years of hard study definitely paid off when meeting Trixie and Maud, they both are extremely specialized ponies and I can relate to them on meeting someone who knows the basics and shows real interest in your area of expertise. Now, about Starlight... Wow, she's one messed up pony and I love her for it. Her level of excitement on sharing with Sunburst their childhood friendship amazed me. This is the pony she shut herself off for, his friendship remained at pause for her and while he moved on from it, she didn't. She was willing to resume their friendship as she remembered it, but things don't work like that, both of them changed a lot and are different ponies now. The only way to resume an old/lost friendship is to build a new one on top of the first one, shared memories can help the new friendship grow stronger, but things won't be the same because people (ponies in this case) change as life goes on. I also liked how the episode shows clearly which ponies are Staright's closest friends. The episode had a few moments that made me grin wide, the most memorable ones for me were: - Trixie presenting herself to "Starlight's friend from her past" as "Starlight's current best friend". (Delimiting your territory Trixie?) - Sunburst: "And if we can't connect over, then maybe we're not even friends!" Maud: "Well, at least it's not serious... THAT was a joke." - Trixie pulling Maud into the group hug. (You're part of this group too Maud, don't fall behind!) Overall, this was a solid 9/10 episode for me, it started a bit slow but started to grow from the antique shop and went smoothly until the end. This left me fired up for the season finale!
  12. Rainbow falls. A group of friends try to sabotage a magic show.
  13. Swarm of the Century. Twilight gets an unexpected visitor and gets crazy about her visitor's looks.
  14. spoiler

    And if you know they're lying to you, don't play games and confront them about it.
  15. Magic Duel. The Mane Attraction. Scare Master? Mine: Fluttershy exhaust herself for 3 days and then faints for 3 days.