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  1. DonMaguz

    E02 - DIY with Applejack

    DIY with Applejack was great with AJ being such a perfectionist, Opal was funny and at this point there's not a second lost when Rarity interacts with AJ. At the end of the short I legitimately wanted a bit more, a minute? two minutes? five more minutes? I don't know, I'm incredibly biased towards my two favorite characters in MLP.
  2. DonMaguz

    Equestria Girls season 2

    The season keeps getting better. Edit: First impression of DIY with Applejack moved to its official thread.
  3. DonMaguz

    Cozy Glow's parents?

    Too cunning and great at strategy to be a real filly. Her ambitions are also out of the scope of a filly's. She must be either an adult in a child's body or a shape shifter different from Changelings.
  4. DonMaguz

    Spoiler E01 - Reboxing With Spike

    Nice little short... still not a fan of dog Spike but here's his most memorable EQG appearance to date. Definitely started S2 with the right foot!
  5. DonMaguz

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    I found her annoying from the start, and for me she's still as annoying and as cheerful as always.
  6. DonMaguz

    Equestria Girls season 2

    Tanned AJ looks great, here's hoping she doesn't get a sunburn.
  7. DonMaguz

    Movies/TV Least Favorite Tropes?

    Not sure if a trope, but the Harem setting is so overdone that it's an immediate repellent for me to watch a series (mainly anime).
  8. Not at all, since Legend of Everfree the Humane 5 have been slightly deviating from their pony counterparts. The shorts series has particularly been great exploring what the girls do in their human school/teenager environment, that alone gives the HM5 a different angle from pony RM5.
  9. DonMaguz

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    @Conred It would be better if you put the little warning outside of the spoiler tag.
  10. DonMaguz

    "Say Something Nice"

    I still don't get how a pair of timid ponies too embarrassed to even speak got all mistakenly believed to be attracted to each other in the first place, there's a reason Big Mac states that Sugar Belle is his first crush. Edit: To get into the dynamic... Dislike: Non-Compete Clause. The students had pretty nice moments and very funny lines.
  11. DonMaguz

    Favourite Supporting/Background MLP Character

    They surely aren't major characters...
  12. DonMaguz

    Misunderstood episode(s)?

    Agreed, I cannot stop laughing every time I watch 'What About Discord?' it is not intentionally unfunny, it's god tier funny to watch Twilight get jealous and making up all sorts of excuses to avoid letting go that she didn't bond with her friends during last weekend. Take it from someone who missed lots of parties and party moments during his youth to get up early the very next day. At least one monday a month I had no idea what my friends talked about, it's incredibly funny to watch someone as dedicated as Twilight to go through the same thing, and adding the mean spirited Discord to the mix just made the episode a whole more absurd and funny.
  13. DonMaguz

    Is Pinkie a better candidate?

    Pinkie goes all out to make others happy... as long as their way to have fun or be happy is what Pinkie believes it's happy and fun. A Friend in Deed, Rock Solid Friendship, Secrets and Pies, Yakity Sax... these episodes are proof that Pinkie is too dense to get that not everypony enjoys her way of having fun, or at least not all the time, yet she keeps going until things break. No sir, Pinkie is not a better candidate to be princess of friendship than Twilight.
  14. DonMaguz

    Movies/TV Best written episodes of television

    The Simpsons. S4E12 - Marge vs The Monorail.