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  1. Early Bugs Bunny is one of the most annoying bullies in media. I'm not questioning its importance in animation or pop culture in general.
  2. AJ and Dash have the worst episode in 'Non-Compete Clause'. Rarity behaves the worst in 'Dragon Dropped'.
  3. While you are right on their intentions, the fact is that there's no confirmation as heavily hinted as it was. That's why this is not true, if we go by technicality, they are not a canon couple. Confirmation is everything for something to be canonical in any work. And it is also the main reason why the whole 'canon ships' discussion is completely absurd. Whether a ship is canon or not is clearly stated in its content. Now, the good discussions come when the question is whether a ship is better or worse for the involved characters.
  4. Dragon Dropped made it clear that she was.
  5. An episode of Rainbow Dash and Spike adventuring (post winged Spike). The dynamic they showed in Shadow Play was amazing, I definitely would have enjoyed a complete episode of that.
  6. That pink mare that keeps jumping everywhere and uses her mane as another appendage.
  7. I watched Magia Record S1 about a month ago, pretty entertaining. I also recently rewatched Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, I had already forgotten how much I liked that series. When I was a teenager I found Relena to be annoying but now I actually liked her much more.
  8. Because we're both idiots about the same topics and very respectful about the interests that we don't share.
  9. I really dislike her because of the way she yelled at Scootaloo.
  10. She's the best pony for several reasons, but the one I've always cherished is how determined she is to help others when she notices something wrong.
  11. Spike's broad shoulders are disturbing for a dragon.
  12. The only ones I can think of are: - Marble Pie. A rock could have played her part, and I'm not even talking about rocks with great personality such as Tom and Boulder. - Grogar. I actually like that Discord was impersonating the ridiculously hyped ram.