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  1. I like crop tops too, may I add you as a friend?

  2. Happy birthday! ^w^ Hope you have an awesome time~ B)https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/7/4/929319/medium.png

  3. Skull stops growing at 35, you start getting old at 30-35, middle age starts at 35-40, you start losing hair at 35. So? Why does the growing brain is the only one involved? I'm not in the same stage as a 50-year old! I can't be!
  4. I can't believe I didn't notice this before! Today I bought a Rarity figurine like this one: Since her mane is half-pink (I don't know why, Rarity has no pink) I thought that she looked a lot like G3 Sweetie Belle Is this some kind of intentional reference to G3?
  5. At least G3.5 have different designs, in G3 all ponies have the same mane, the same faces... Basically they looked like clones.
  6. The first question from new-school fandom would obviously be "Where's Fluttershy?" Well, if younger ones like it then Hasbro's goal is done! Also why wouldn't it happen? Why would a successful general-demographic targeted series as FiM be an obstacle? Transformers has it's Rescue Bots sub-franchise for younger audiences.
  7. Rarity has always sounded British to me Yes, at least in the Wikias, however she went to the Flight Camp with Rainbow Dash.
  8. Who would be who? IMO: Twilight - Belle Pinkie Pie - Anna Rarity - Aurora Rainbow Dash - Mulan Applejack - Pocahontas Fluttershy - Snow White
  9. That's not the point! The real point here is that if it RD was there then it may mean that Pinkie's home was closer to Cloudsdale than from Ponyville.
  10. In Family Appreciation day it seems to be further from Ponyville, also in the game you have to take a train to go from Ponyville to SAA (not canon, but you get the idea )
  11. Let's recap: - Twilight was born in Canterlot - Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were born in Cloudsdale - Applejack is from Sweet Apple Acres which has it's distance from Ponyville (unless she was born in Ponyville hospital) - Pinkie Pie was born in a farm (which apparently is closer to Cloudsdale since Pinkie saw Rainbow Dash doing the Sonic-Rainboom) So? Is Rarity the only one since she said she was born in Ponyville?
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