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  1. Yesterday, I removed 3 contacts from my Skype because I never talked to them anymore. Never regretted it.

  2. When people (especially anime fans) constantly use tildes, emoticons, quotation marks, and italics. In combination, it is worse. Something like this angers me. "Hai guys~~~~ I am soooo Kawaii desu~~~~!! ^//3//^" Yeah, I see that sometimes.
  3. I am curious about Futurama.

    1. Sir Q of Q
    2. That Horse

      That Horse

      Well, I use Cox Cable, so it is playing right now on Channel 58.

  4. If anyone wants to talk to me for whatever reason there is, my username is scilight.paitanibu. My image is that of a human face. Edit: Also, my name is Müller.
  5. I am finally back, and am planning on leaving.

  6. Alright, so tell me something: Are death rays good or bad?

  7. I am finally back, and I have finished a request!

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    2. That Horse

      That Horse

      I can't tell if that is insulting or literal...



    3. Sir Q of Q

      Sir Q of Q

      You shall never know.

    4. That Horse
  8. Crimony Atheism... I have been off for awhile, havign a break from my projects, and I have 42 notifications

  9. I'm making a new RP forum!

  10. Are you edible?

    1. Chocolate Dream

      Chocolate Dream

      Nuuuuuu. That's a common misunderstanding about chocolate horses here o.o

    2. That Horse

      That Horse

      Okay, good. That prevented me from eating you.

  11. I just find it slightly interesting that the Besse hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Pittsburg, KS.