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  1. Banul

    Movies/TV The Dark Age of Cartoon Network

    Confirmation bias, my dude. People like to look at the new Teen Titans or Power Puff Girls and claim that it's all going down hill while seemingly ignoring all the other shows that are doing well with most folks. Regular Show, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and so on all seem to be performing well and staying popular. I hate TTG and the new PPG as much as the next guy, but Cartoon Network is doing fine.
  2. The original Tron It's such a dumb movie but I love it to death
  3. Banul

    How weird is the above video or pic?

    I give it 7 j-pops out of fever dream All of my favorite weird stuff probably isn't appropriate for this forum, but I do have this.
  4. Hey gang, I'm currently in a research methods in psychology course. Part of the requirements of that is that I need to conduct a survey and use the data to write a paper. Video games have always been an interest of mine, so the survey is gathering data about video game use and feelings of aggression. It's completely anonymous and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If you guys could do me a favor and take the survey, I'd appreciate it! Here is the link:
  5. Does MLP even qualify for a Hugo? I wouldn't exactly call it science fiction. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. Who cares if a bunch of dudes got it nominated as a joke. I certainly don't require their validation.
  6. Banul

    Gaming Zelda U Delayed + NX Port

    I get the feeling that Nintendo is abandoning ship on the WiiU and banking on the NX being a success. If the new Zelda is a launch title, that alone should move some units.
  7. Banul

    Will MLP persist or will it be as dead as disco?

    Disco will never die MLP has blown up enough that even when the current generation ends, it will stick around in some form or another for a very long time. I'm always reminded things like Star Trek, Star Wars and Harry Potter; fandoms that have persisted well after their object of interest had huge lapses of new content or just stopped completely. In the absence of officially sponsored stuff, the fandom will create it for itself. You can already see this at work in the massive amounts of fan fiction, fan art and all manner of fan created merchandise that the MLP fandom generates. This forum is still active, even in between seasons. MLP has managed to create a great deal of staying power and has carved out a nice hole for itself in nerd culture that wont be going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. April fools is over Letting fan fiction anywhere near the canon is a terrible idea of colossal proportions, regardless of how good it is perceived to be.
  9. Banul

    Warning: Porn!

    I faped
  10. Please keep the trolling to a minimum, this is an extremely serious thread
  11. We know that staff members have said multiple times at conventions that this masterpiece of a fanfiction is good enough to be official canon in the MLP universe. When the inevitable finally happens, what fic do you think is next? I personally would like to see Snip's and Snail's Excellent Adventure to get the recognition that it deserves by Hasbro.
  12. Revealing the joke... For shame!
  13. No. It would make me think of Spongebob every time I heard it. Doesn't really jive with MLP's more whimsical style either.
  14. Some might say that doing nothing and letting people walk all over you constitutes, "not having a spine". Context is key.
  15. Banul

    Movies/TV Zootopia

    Saw the movie yesterday. The messaging was a little on the nose, but I enjoyed it way more than I thought it was.